Absolute Resonance

Chapter 0956: Surrender

Chapter 0956: Surrender

In the center district of the mountain.

The people from the Dragon's Blood Lineage were trapped between the Guardian Spirits and Zhao Yan's forces. Zhao Yan's group was being really crafty with their offensive, launching long range attacks while staying just far enough to keep the Guardian Spirits from turning on them. This proved to be extremely problematic for the Dragon's Blood Lineage, and they struggled embarrassingly.

With a sly smirk, Zhao Yan watched Li Wuyuan and his team arduously defend as he commented, "Why bother with these pointless struggles, Li Wuyuan? Just hand over your Spirit Resonance Golden Dew and your team can still leave here intact. This is just the beginning of the Spiritual Resonance Cave, you'll still have plenty of opportunities to earn more later on. Going down here is an irrational choice."

He had planned to persuade Li Wuyuan and his team into giving up. After all, these folks from the Dragon's Blood Lineage were not ordinary people. If they really decided to fight to the bitter end, it could result in heavy casualties for Zhao Yan's side too.

And this was an undesirable result. Ultimately, it was just like what he had said. The Spiritual Resonance Cave was just beginning, and it was essential for them to conserve their strength.

Hearing these words, Li Wuyuan's face darkened and his eyes flared up in rage. He was the one who had led the rest here, and if he were to give up now, his standing and reputation among the five lineages would be tarnished for sure.

Moreover, he would have to cough up all the Spirit Resonance Golden Dew that he had collected thus far. He was extremely unwilling to do so.

Li Qingfeng leaned over and told him with a complicated look on his face, "Cousin Wuyuan, our situation doesn't look good. If we drag this on any longer, we'll suffer heavy casualties."

Although Zhao Yan had an ulterior motive, what he had suggested was indeed the rational choice.

Li Wuyuan gritted his teeth with a gloomy gaze.

"Li Wuyuan, the other four lineages have fallen into the same predicament. If they decide to retreat before you, the Dragon's Blood Lineage will be the only one left. If that happens, there'll be no chance for you to surrender anymore," Zhao Yan continued calmly with a cold, murderous intent hidden within his words.

When he heard this, Li Wuyuan's expression finally changed.

Zhao Yan gave him another deadly stare, and resonant power surged within his body. Eight blindingly bright Heavenly Pearls shone behind him as he took a stance and prepared to attack Li Wuyuan, increasing the pressure on him.

As long as he could convince Li Wuyuan and his team to retreat here, the other four lineages would surely follow suit. In that case, he would be able to obtain all the Spirit Resonance Golden Dew easily.

However, just as Zhao Yan attempted to persuade Li Wuyuan into surrendering, a bright flare shot up into the sky from the forest in the distance. This was the distress signal from the Bloodline of Heavenly Emperor Zhao.

Zhao Yan was completely taken aback by the sudden development. Everyone else was also dumbfounded when they saw the signal in the sky.

The distress signal required the blood essence of someone from the Bloodline of Heavenly Emperor Zhao. As such, there was no chance that it was a false alarm.

In other words, had one of their teams fallen into such grave danger that they were forced to ask for help?

"How's that possible?!" At this moment, even Zhao Yan spoke out in disbelief.

Zhao Shenjiang and Zhao Fengxu's group had gone in that direction. That was the location of the Dragon's Fang Lineage. Based on their strength, they would not require any help even if the Dragon's Fang Lineage had not been trapped by the Guardian Spirits’ slaughter. There was no reason whatsoever for them to send out a distress call.

What exactly was happening over there?

“What's that useless bastard Zhao Fengxu doing over there?!" Zhao Yan shouted with ferocious eyes. He had nearly convinced the Dragon's Blood Lineage to retreat and gained control over the situation before this sudden development.

Just as Zhao Yan flared up over it, the other members of the Dragon's Blood Lineage stared in that direction in disbelief too.

"Is that… where the Dragon's Fang Lineage is? They actually forced the Bloodline of Heavenly Emperor Zhao to send out a call for help?" Li Qingfeng asked in surprise.

"How's that possible? Is it a mistake?" Li Hongli shook her head in disbelief. Although this was good news, it was still unbelievable. After all, the Dragon's Fang Lineage should have been under a pincer attack from both the Guardian Spirits and the Bloodline of Heavenly Emperor Zhao as well. As such, they should barely be able to protect themselves. How had they forced the enemy into a difficult predicament instead?

Li Wuyuan was also caught by surprise for a moment before he regained his composure. His lips twitched slightly as he replied, "That is not a distress call that one would send out accidentally. You need to utilize your blood essence to activate it, so the chance of accidentally sending it out is really low. It seems like the situation over at the Dragon's Fang Lineage has taken an unexpected turn..."

Nonetheless, Li Wuyuan had no idea how the Dragon's Fang Lineage had pulled it off. Even though Li Lingjing was comparable to himself in strength, the forces from the Bloodline of Heavenly Emperor Zhao were not that weak. There was no way the Dragon's Fang Lineage could have forced their enemies into such a difficult predicament within such a short span of time. It would be impossible even if Li Wuyuan had led his own group over there to assist.

However, this was good news for them ultimately. With Zhao Fengxu and his group in danger, Zhao Yan would have to send aid over. In that case, the pincer attack he was facing on his side would weaken. He could finish off the Guardian Spirits first, and the end result would be anyone's guess now.

At the same time, the Dragon's Scales Lineage, the Dragon's Bone Lineage, and the Dragon's Horn Lineage were shocked to see the distress signal in the air too. The foes they were facing were surprised by it as well.

The four other groups were overwhelming the enemies completely, so why was one group surrendering and asking for help?!

What were they supposed to do now?

As they pondered over this, another flare shot up into the air from the center district. This was a signal from their leader, Zhao Yan.

It was a signal that told the other teams from the Bloodline of Heavenly Emperor Zhao to each send some men over to help out the distressed team in the east. This would ensure that their combat capabilities were not weakened too much.

However, this would also provide a chance for the teams from the Bloodline of Heavenly Emperor Li to catch their breath.

But there was little they could do about it. After all, they could not ignore Zhao Fengxu, Zhao Shenjiang, and their team. Zhao Shenjiang was the highly valued leader of the current generation. If they ignored it and things got out of hand, they would be severely punished upon their return.

As such, the three teams each sent two people over to their aid. Without any hesitation, these people flew towards the distress signal at their fastest speed.

Back at the center district, Zhao Yan looked over to Tian Miao from the Devil Fire Hall and told him, "Brother Tian, I'll leave this place to you for now. You just need to keep watch over the Dragon's Blood Lineage here. Once I've dealt with matters over there, I'll return immediately. We'll finish them off together!"

Tian Miao could only nod helplessly. "I can help you hold them back for a while. However, I'll not be able to handle Li Wuyuan once they finish clearing up the Guardian Spirits."

"Don't worry, I'll be back before then," Zhao Yan replied with a cold voice. His resonant power surged and he flew into the sky, rushing towards where the distress signal had come from.

At this moment, numerous figures were soaring towards the east.

The situation had changed completely.

The root cause of this was Li Luo. He stood over the valley and enjoyed the view as Zhao Fengxu, Zhao Shenjiang, and his team struggled pathetically against the waves of Guardian Spirits.

"Li Luo, they've sent out a distress call. Assistance from the Bloodline of Heavenly Emperor Zhao will arrive shortly. Should we strike at them now?" Li Fuling asked.

Li Luo simply shook his head and replied, "If we attack now, the Guardian Spirits will come after us too."

"When their help arrives, these Guardian Spirits won't be able to handle them," Li Fuling said with a frown.

Hearing this, a radiant smile appeared on Li Luo's handsome face.

"There's no need to hurry. Wait for their help to arrive first."

He glanced around the valley as he said this. There were still some flame catalysts that he had yet to trigger. He had kept them around specifically to deal with the reinforcements.

The wait did not last long. Soon, beams of light descended from the edge of the sky towards them, each with a terrifying murderous aura.

Amongst them, the resonant power from their leader was so domineering that Li Fuling's face changed completely.

"It's Zhao Yan. He's an eight-pearl!" Li Fuling reminded them immediately.

In fact, Zhao Yan's vicious voice had echoed loudly in the air before he even arrived here.

"Since all of you from the Dragon's Fang Lineage do not know your place, I'll bury all of you here today!"

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