After Transmigrating, The Fat Wife Made A Comeback!

Chapter 1346 - 1346 Two Abilities

1346 Two Abilities

After Qiao Mei’s repeated attempts, she was finally able to confirm the use of this butterfly mark. Not only did it give her x-ray vision, but it could also display all the items in her mind. Just like the VR technology which existed in her other life, she could use her mind to control the items she saw.

She just did not know if she could use this thing to design an item in her mind without touching anything, like making a 3D model. After Qiao Mei tried it out, she realized that it was not possible. Perhaps this was still an undeveloped competency. With her current ability, she still could not fully utilize the power of the butterfly mark.

By now, Qiao Mei had already uncovered two functions. The abilities hidden in this ring were definitely not so simple. When she first saw the ring, she had seen many types of gems on it. There were sapphires, pigeon blood rubies, topaz, emeralds, pink diamonds and some pave diamond inlays.

Now that she thought about it carefully, these gems might each represent an ability. Qiao Mei asked all the shop owners in Antique City to show her all their good-quality gems, no matter the price. In the space of an afternoon, Qiao Mei bought four of the six types of gems based on the size and purity so that she could use them for comparison.

The energy of plants and jade alone was not enough to improve the power of the butterfly mark significantly. It was only after she absorbed the energy of these gems that the butterfly mark felt slightly warm. Furthermore, the purer the gems were, the warmer the butterfly mark on her chest became. It seemed that only by absorbing the energy of corresponding gems could the butterfly mark unleash its maximum power.

“Sigh… why is this thing so fussy? It can’t do much, but it needs so many things. Just these gems alone will make me bankrupt!” Qiao Mei said as she looked aggrievedly at the dull gems in front of her.

The price of gemstones was much higher than jade. Furthermore, some gemstones could only be obtained through auctions. Qiao Mei needed more money. With the amount of money she had now, it was completely impossible for her to realize her dream of being able to retire comfortably in the future. If this continued, she would not even have enough money to buy gemstones!

However, if Qiao Mei thought about it from another perspective, this ability could be considered a blessing. She could use the butterfly mark’s x-ray vision to go to the jade shop in Antique City to buy raw jade stones!

As soon as she touched the stone, she would be able to know the kind of jade that could be found inside the stone. This would save Qiao Mei a lot of money! If she thought about it this way, then the butterfly mark could be considered to pay back for what she was spending on it.

It was almost spring and she needed to hurry up and get the factory in the suburbs built. Then, she needed to find a place to grow seeds in the capital. She must make full use of her time and earn a lot of money.

Qiao Mei leaned out of the study’s window and shouted, “Xia He!!! Come quickly! I have something to tell you!”

Xia He was carrying Xia Fan at the moment and the shout gave her a fright. Xia Fan did not react at all and continued to look up at Xia He smilingly. Xia Fan held one of Xia He’s fingers tightly with his small hand, looking extremely cute.

“Oh my… This loud voice really gave me a shock. Xiao Fan, are you already used to your mother being like this? Little darling~ You’re so cute~ I’m going to go and look for your mother. Be good and stay here with your sister and listen to Sister Feng.” Xia He handed Xia Fan to Feng Hua and went over to the study.

“You’re so impatient. Didn’t you chase me away just now? Why are you asking me to come back now?” Xia He entered and sat opposite Qiao Mei brusquely, crossing her arms and looking at Qiao Mei.

Qiao Mei laughed and said, “Did I chase you away just now? You were the one who was eavesdropping and then you left because you were embarrassed after getting caught in the act. It had nothing to do with me.”

“Tsk, just spit it out quickly. What do you want?” Xia He asked.

“Has Deng Fan done up the blueprint? I want him to go to the suburbs to start the construction work immediately and it has to be completed within half a month. I can give him a lot of money to hire as many people as he wants. I just want it to be completed within half a month and he can do it in whatever way he wants,” Qiao Mei said anxiously.

“I’ve never asked him about his design work. I think I’ll get him to come in later. The two of you can have a chat and set the timeline. He will be coming to pick me up tonight,” Xia He said.

Qiao Mei felt a little apologetic. She knew that Deng Fan had intended to renovate his own house, but she had cut in and completely disrupted his plans. There was an urgency to start work on the factory and she needed someone she trusted to design the place. It looked like Xia He would have to wait a little longer before she could get married.

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