After Transmigrating, The Fat Wife Made A Comeback!

Chapter 999 - 999 One Person Doing the Work of Eight

999 One Person Doing the Work of Eight

“Isn’t there an empty room in this house? Why can’t I stay here?” Qiao Yu said unhappily.

Xia He shouted angrily, “Why do you have so many requests! Why don’t I just send you to the police station to sleep! It’s easier for you and we’ll also have some peace!”

Qiao Yu silently shut her mouth. She realized that although Qiao Mei had a ruthless way of doing things, Qiao Mei still had a good temper and did not go around scolding people. Xia He was different. Her feelings were all over her face. Whoever made her unhappy would not have an easy time.

Xia He followed behind Qiao Yu silently and gave her instructions on where to go. Xia Zhe was the one who taught her this method. Xia He did this to ensure that Qiao Yu did not escape when she was not paying attention. In this manner, Qiao Yu would be right under Xia He’s nose and she would not be able to escape even if she wanted to.

They did not go through the back door of the courtyard. Instead, they made a long detour to reach Li Gui’s house. This was to prevent Qiao Yu from figuring out the shortcuts around Qiao Mei’s house.

“You can go in. Don’t touch anything inside. If you break anything, you won’t be able to afford it,” Xia He said.

Actually, there were not many valuable items left in the house. It would not matter even if there was a fire. When Xia Wen renovated the house, he had changed all the bricks and tiles to new ones. Moreover, the new materials were resistant to high temperatures and would not be easily destroyed or burned.

Qiao Yu did not even hear what Xia He was saying at all. She only had eyes for Li Gui’s house, which was far superior to the place she used to live in. This was not just a place for humans to live. This was clearly a place where one could live like an immortal.

Xia He wanted to ignore Qiao Yu as well. She found it disgusting to have to talk to such a person. Earlier, Xia He had already made a phone call back home to the Xia family and asked for more people to come over to protect Qiao Mei’s safety. At the same time, it would also make it easier for Qiao Mei to handle this matter.

Li Gui lowered her head and sat on the chair in a daze. She was still a little soft-hearted when it came to Qiao Yu. In the past, when Qiao Yue was still alive, Qiao Yu often went to their house to play. She was obedient and cute and very likable. After Qiao Yu grew up, Qiao Zhuang always asked her to do all kinds of tiring and heavy work. Qiao Yue did not agree with Qiao Zhuang’s actions and often helped Qiao Yu out in secret.

Qiao Yu was not an ungrateful child. When she went to the mountains to chop firewood, she would always bring a portion for Qiao Yue’s family. When she went to the river to catch fish, she would also give them the largest one.

Qiao Yu seemed to have become a different person by now. She still looked the same as when she was young, but her heart had changed too much.

“Qiao Mei… are we really going to ignore Qiao Yu?” Li Gui asked softly.

“Am I supposed to care about her? Mom, have you forgotten how she came to the capital? Have you forgotten how she bullied me when I was young?” Qiao Mei questioned.

Li Gui came to her senses with a start. It was best if she did not interfere in this matter. Qiao Mei would take care of everything. As for Qiao Yue… His spirit in heaven would probably understand her actions. Things had changed and Qiao Yu was no longer the kind child from back then.

“Mei Mei, it’s all settled at Qiao Yu’s end and she’s locked up in the house. There are two people guarding the door and there won’t be any problems,” Xia He said as she walked in with a yawn.

Qiao Mei called over two guards and asked them to immediately go to both the Su family’s house and the place where Qiao Yu lived to look for Su Liang and then bring him somewhere for a secret interrogation. She still did not believe what Qiao Yu said. If Su Liang had coerced her into doing something, there was no way she could have traveled so far to reach their house.

Perhaps Qiao Yu was only putting up a show in order to cheat her of her house, or perhaps it was a new trick which the Su family came up with to take revenge on her family.

“Elder sister, is there any news from the prison? Did Officer Zou tell us about any new developments?” Qiao Mei asked.

It seemed that he had not contacted them… There had been too many things happening recently and Xia He could not remember if anyone had given her any information. Every day, she had to take care of the family’s daily needs, protect Qiao Mei’s safety and help Qiao Mei to send letters and messages. She was one person handling the work of eight people and she could barely cope.

“Oh right! Zou Ming didn’t tell us anything about the case, but he sent someone to say that Su Yang and Old Madam Fan would be released in around three days’ time,” Xia He said agitatedly.

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