Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction

Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Genetic Warrior Grade

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Six mechas flew over from New York Base City to pick them up.

Peter’s aircraft was escorted by 12 flying mechas.

More than twenty minutes later, they arrived safely at New York Base City.

Peter and Professor Eugene had just disembarked from the aircraft when…

Professor Eugene’s smart device received a call request.

“Professor Eugene, please come directly to Genetic Warrior Command.”

“Commandant Gale wants to see the two of you personally!”

Commandant Gale?

Professor Eugene was shocked.

He had never thought that Commandant Gale wanted to personally see Peter.

After all, Gale was one of the few A-Grade Genetic Generals in the entire human Federation.

Professor Eugene and Peter took the commuter car into the gates of the Genetic Warrior Command.

All they could see were tall and muscular men.

These were the Genetic Warriors who were stationed at the Genetic Command.

Then, Professor Eugene pointed to the Genetic Warriors and introduced them to Peter.

“Peter, these are all Genetic Warriors trained by our Genetics College.”

“Look at the two officers over there. They’re B-Grade Genetic Generals.”

B-Grade Genetic Generals!

It was the first time Peter had heard this title.

He had always wanted to go to the mecha course in the past, so he didn’t know much about the grades of Genetic Warriors.

“Professor Eugene, how does the Federation classify the Genetic Warriors?”

Professor Eugenes simply turned on the smart device on his arm.

A more detailed introduction of the Genetic Warrior grade classification was projected.

The introduction was simple and direct. Peter took a few glances and memorized it.

Genetic Warriors were divided into five grades.

They were…

E-Grade Genetic Warriors with a power of 2,000kg.

D-Grade Genetic Warriors with a power of 3,500kg.

C-Grade Genetic Warriors with a power of 5,000kg.

These were the three grades of Genetic Warriors.

Next were the grades of the Genetic Generals.

B-Grade Genetic Generals had a power of 7,000kg.

Meanwhile, A-Grade Genetic Generals had a power of 12,000kg.

This was the classification of Genetic Warriors as determined by the Federation.

Meanwhile, after Peter extracted the mutated ant genes…

Although he had gained 100 times more power…

Due to his poor physical strength, he could only exert 30% of his power.

This meant that he could only exert a power of over 3,000kg.

Later on, he met Professor Eugene and extracted 0.001% of the Thunder God genes.

As a result, his physical fitness had increased tenfold.

After his physical strength was enhanced…

He could now exert 60% of the power from the mutated ant gene.

He could now reach a power of 7,524kg!

According to the classification determined by the Federation…

Peter’s current power had reached that of a B-Grade Genetic General.

A 19-year-old Genetic General.

How terrifying!

The commuter car stopped in front of the Genetic Command Building.

After Peter alighted, he looked at Professor Eugene.

“Professor Eugene, is there anything above the title of the Genetic General?”

Professor Eugene had just stepped out of the car when he was surprised by Peter’s question.

“Sigh… There is still a God of War above the Genetic General. However, our human faction has only produced one Genetic God of War.”

“Oh? Who is it? Where is the Genetic God of War now?”

At that moment, Professor Eugene’s eyes turned pale.

Peter’s question reminded him of something that had happened in the past.

“Why do you need to know so much now? We should go to see the Commandant first. Let’s go.”

Peter saw that Professor Eugene was reluctant to answer the question.

Thus, he didn’t ask further and entered the building with Professor Eugene.

Meanwhile, Professor Eugene had not expected this.

The power that Peter now displayed was a result of extracting the mutated ant genes.

As for the Thunder God genes he had extracted, he had only extracted 0.001% of the genes.

If Peter extracted more Thunder God genes later on…

Would he become an A-Grade Genetic General, or even a Genetic God of War?

All of this could only be known in the future.

Next, Professor Eugene took Peter to the Genetic Command Office.

According to normal testing procedures, Peter was tested once again.

The data in the various attributes was similar to what Professor Eugene had reported.

This was basically confirmed.

Peter was…

A rare genius that had appeared in the Genetics College after 100 years.

The rewards from the Federation would arrive later.

Meanwhile, his citizenship was the first thing to be issued.

This was because Peter’s power had reached the level of a B-Grade Genetic General.

Thus, the Federation treated him like a B-Grade Genetic General.

They simply gave Peter a three-story villa.

The villa that Peter was assigned to was located in a district with better security and environment.

The Genetic Command sent personnel to help Peter move.

Meanwhile, Peter stayed in Genetic Command for enhancement practice.

On the other hand, Professor Eugene did not return to the Genetics College immediately.

After all, besides sending Peter here, he had an unspeakable secret for coming here.

He wanted to have a secret discussion with the Federal Genetic Commandant.

In the basement of Professor Eugene’s laboratory, there was a specimen that was suspected to be a god.

He had extracted a bit of golden blood from the body of the suspected god.

Then, the blood was used by Professor Eugene to make a special gene-strengthening potion.

However, those who had been strengthened by the special gene-strengthening potion…

… either immediately died…

… or experienced a rapid increase in strength.

Professor Eugene realized that for someone who had not been genetically enhanced…

After using the special gene potion, if they did not die immediately, their strength would instantly be doubled.

However, the duration was very short. The power obtained would suddenly disappear after a day.

They would become an ordinary human again.

Those who knew about this secret were no longer alive due to the passage of time.

Right now, Professor Eugene was the only one who knew about this.

As a result of Peter’s appearance, Professor Eugene’s plan, which he had kept hidden in his heart…

… was awakened again.

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