Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction

Chapter 13

Chapter 13: The First Combat Test

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Peter opened his eyes and looked across at Professor Eugene.

“Peter, do you feel a change in power?”

He was really worried that something bad would happen after Peter extracted the special potion this time.

In that case, his old self would never see the birth of a god in his lifetime.

“Professor Eugene, I feel fine. Other than the increase in power, there’s nothing unusual.”

“That’s good, that’s good. In a week, the Federation will organize a combat test targeted at the newcomers.”

“I want you to represent the Genetics College.”

“Of course, this combat test will not be held at the center of the battlefield. Instead, you will move around in the relatively safe periphery of the battlefield.”

“The Federation also hopes that you newcomers will have a direct understanding of mutated creatures.

“These are the detailed materials about the combat test.”

Peter reached for the materials and opened them to read.

The materials were written in great detail.

There would be points awarded for participating in the combat test.

The combat test would consider the number of mutant creatures they killed.

Then, this number would be used to differentiate the rankings.

The student ranked first would receive a reward of 10,000 points.

There were also introductions to various mechas on the materials.

This was mainly for the students in the genetic course to refer to.

Peter knew all about the various models of mechas.

After all, he had previously obtained first place in the mecha course.

Currently, the mechas serving in the Federation were divided into several categories.

Beginner-Leveled Mechas were three meters tall and equipped with two repeating firearms. Its defense could resist the attacks of E-Grade mutant creatures.

Elementary-Leveled Mechas were 3.5 meters tall and equipped with four repeating firearms. Its defense could resist the attacks of D-Grade mutant creatures.

Intermediate-Leveled Mechas were 4.7 meters tall and equipped with eight repeating firearms. Its defense could resist the attacks of C-Grade mutant creatures.

Advanced-Leveled Mechas were 6.8 meters tall and equipped with two high-energy laser cannons. Its defense could withstand the attacks of B-Grade mutant creatures.

Finally, God-Leveled Mechas were ten meters tall and equipped with four high-energy laser cannons. Its defense could withstand the attacks of A-Grade mutant creatures.

This time, the Federation had sent ten Intermediate-Leveled Mechas.

They were in charge of protecting the 20 students from the mecha course.

This showed the difference between courses.

As for the ten genetics majors, including Peter…

Not only did they have to arrive at the battlefield half an hour earlier, they also did not have the protection of the mechas.

Meanwhile, those mecha majors would enjoy the protection of 10 Intermediate-Leveled Mechas.

Although it was called a combat test, it was actually the Genetic Warriors following behind the Mecha Warriors.

They would clean up the battlefield.

It was not life-threatening anyway.

Peter didn’t disagree with this idea.

Professor Eugene saw Peter get up to leave and quickly added.

“By the way, after you’ve completed the combat test, I’ll bring you to meet a God of War.”


When Peter heard the words “God of War”, he couldn’t help but look back at Professor Eugene.

This Professor Eugene truly did not commit himself until success was certain.

Who knew what he was thinking about?

Then, Peter went back to the dormitory to rest.

There was still a week before the combat test.

Peter would enter the training room starting tomorrow.

He would go through combat simulation training there.

The intelligent testing machine could not only assess combat power.

It could also simulate the attacks of mutated creatures.

However, the usage process required points.

Peter learned about this when he challenged the Newcomer Combat Power Rankings.

Using the intelligent testing machine cost ten points per hour.

This was equivalent to the cost of a Genetic Warrior’s daily meals.

Therefore, students who often used the intelligent testing machine for combat simulation training made up only a small portion of the student population.

However, after Peter challenged the Newcomer Combat Power Rankings previously, he had obtained quite a number of points.

After excluding his daily expenses.

It was enough for him to use the intelligent testing machine.

One week later…

There was still an hour before the actual combat test started.

For this combat test organized by the Federation…

Most of them were Mecha Warriors.

Meanwhile, the Genetic Warriors acted as support.

Of course, students from other courses would also participate.

For example, the aviation majors and the logistics transport majors would participate as well.

This time, the Genetics College sent ten students, who were led by Peter.

At this moment, the hatch of the giant aircraft opened.

Peter led the other nine genetics majors up the stairs into the interior of the aircraft.

The location of the combat test was a battlefield more than 300 kilometers away from New York Base City.

The Federation’s mecha army had made a painful comeback a few days ago.

As a result, the mutated creatures in this area had finally been eliminated.

However, on the battlefield, there were many small groups of beasts lurking nearby.

As long as there was a female mutated creature in the group…

They would reproduce extremely quickly.

In a few months, these new beasts would pose a threat to the Federal base city.

Therefore, the mission of this combat test was to eliminate the remaining mutated creatures.

An hour later…

The ten students sent by Genetics College were on a giant aircraft.

They were the first to arrive at the target area.

There were no Federation Mecha Warriors here to receive them.

Thus, they could only wait for the students from the mecha course to arrive.

It couldn’t be helped. After all, the Mecha Warriors were the main force of the Federation.

Peter led the other genetics students out of the aircraft.

Then, he immediately arranged for two Genetic Warriors to guard the perimeter.

More than twenty minutes later, the roar of an aircraft engine could be heard.

The students from the mecha course had finally arrived.

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