Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction

Chapter 14

Chapter 14: Is He Peter?

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More than ten heavy aircrafts flew at a lower altitude.

The propellers of the aircrafts created strong winds.

The students of Genetics College looked up into the sky.

However, the heavy aircrafts hovering in midair had no intention of landing.

At this moment, the hatch of the aircraft opened.

Then, the first Mecha Warrior jumped down from the hatch.


The mecha warrior landed on the ground with a loud thud after leaping from over ten meters in the air.

After that, a continuous stream of Mecha Warriors jumped down from the aircraft hatch.

Other than Peter, the other nine genetics students were very shocked.

Was this how Mecha Warriors made their appearance?

This was too flashy.

Meanwhile, Peter watched this scene indifferently.

After several enhancements, with Peter’s current physical fitness…

He wondered if he could make his appearance like how the mechas had done earlier.

He hadn’t tried it before, so he wasn’t sure.

Soon, all the Mecha Warriors landed on the ground.

It was not difficult to tell who the leading Mecha Warrior was from his appearance.

This was an Intermediate-Leveled Mecha Warrior.

Moreover, there was a red symbol engraved on the left side of the Intermediate-Leveled Mecha Warrior’s chest.

This was a symbol that only the Lieutenant Colonels in the Federation’s mecha army could wear.

Before coming, Peter learned the name of this mecha Lieutenant Colonel.

His name was Carter.

Peter was the representative of the genetics students.

He walked straight towards Carter.

“Hello, Lieutenant Colonel Carter. I’m Peter, representing the Genetics College.”

As Peter introduced himself.

The Mecha Warriors behind Carter did not say anything.

However, those mecha students were not unperturbed.

They used the voice system inside the mechas to discuss among themselves.

“Oh my God! Is he Peter, whose spot in the mecha course was stolen by Locke?”

“What a coincidence. Why would he participate in the combat test?”

“Haha, why isn’t Locke speaking? You stole his spot in the mecha course after all.”

As soon as the mecha student finished speaking…

An Elementary-Leveled Mecha painted white, who was standing among the team of mecha students, was staring intently at Peter.

The white paint was exceptionally prominent among all the entire mecha team.

That was because the other mechas were painted green.

Only Locke’s mecha was white.

It couldn’t be helped. After all, Locke’s family controlled the entire manufacturing process of the mechas in the Federation.

As the eldest grandson of the Locke family, he altered the coating of his mecha.

It was not a quick task.

Locke controlled his mecha and walked out of the team. He was not staring at Peter.

Instead, he looked at Lieutenant Colonel Carter, who was leading the mecha team.

“Lieutenant Colonel Carter, I think we can start searching for the remaining mutated creatures immediately.”


Lieutenant Colonel Carter looked at the white painted mecha and felt unhappy.

He was just a mere mecha student, but he dared to step forward and issue an order?

If not for the fact that he could not afford to offend the Locke family, as someone who had experienced many deadly situations on the battlefield, he would have knocked Locke down with a single punch.

However, he simply snorted.

Then, he looked at Peter, who was only half the height of a mecha, and turned on the external voice function of his mecha.

Immediately, Carter’s voice sounded outside the mecha.

“According to the rules of the Federation, on the battlefield, the Genetic Warriors will follow behind us mechas and be responsible for clearing the battlefield.”

Peter had known this rule all along.

Thus, he did not say anything and led the other nine genetics students to stand behind the mechas.

He still didn’t know that the operator in the white mecha was the one who had snatched away his spot in the mecha course.

However, Peter didn’t realize that there was another ordinarily painted mecha in the mecha team who had been watching him all along.

The operator of this mecha was Callie.

Callie had always liked Peter. Just now, when Locke had steered the white mecha out of the team, she had almost controlled her mecha to stop Locke.

Back then, Locke had been courting her, only to accidentally discover that Callie liked Peter.

Extremely angry, Locke asked someone to investigate Peter’s background.

The results of the investigation surprised Locke.

It turned out that he had discovered that Peter had been admitted into the mecha course as the top student in the mecha test.

Locke, who was jealous, simply used his family’s power.

Then, he took away Peter’s place in the mecha course.

Callie knew exactly what Locke was like. To keep Peter from getting hurt, she had restrained herself from coming out to greet Peter.

After all, to most people, no matter how strong the physique of the Genetic Warriors was, they were no match for mechas.

However, Callie could not imagine that Peter was no ordinary Genetic Warrior.

Currently, Peter, who had 100 times more power, had reached a terrifying power of 12,090kg.

It should be known that the defense of an Intermediate-Leveled Mecha in the Federation could only withstand attacks with a power of 10,000kg.

As long as Peter was willing to, he could punch the Elementary-Leveled Mecha that Locke was operating.

It was not a difficult task.

After that, Carter operated the Intermediate-Leveled Mecha and led the mecha students to search for the remaining mutated creatures.

The combat test had officially begun!

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