Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction

Chapter 199 - Can Anna Pull Herself Together?

Chapter 199 – Can Anna Pull Herself Together?

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Professor Eugene had used almost all the known methods to study genes. Among these methods, he had discovered a magical phenomenon. According to the Big Bang Theory of the Universe, compressing and decomposing genetic tissue in absolute space would dissolve genes to the greatest extent. Through his experiments, he had discovered that the dissolved genes would dissolve, but not completely perish. Instead, they would leave behind a residue.

At first, he didn’t know that genes could turn into gas. After repeatedly analyzing the genetic gas, he finally arrived at a shocking guess that this genetic gas had the ability to repair itself.

In his thesis, he explained the process of discovering the thought photon waves. He also explained that during the process of thinking, the human brain would produce an extremely weak photon fluctuation phenomenon outside the body. As for what this fluctuation represented and what it meant, he did not provide a clear explanation. However, he repeatedly emphasized that this fluctuation was real.

This mysterious discovery shocked all the known civilizations in the universe. This was because the discovery of the thought photon waves seemed to be able to verify the existence of the fourth cosmic velocity in the universe, which was thought speed.

Many people began to conduct research on this topic, but after a few years of research, progress was very slow. In fact, there was basically no progress. This kind of fluctuation was simply difficult to control, let alone use.

The final form of genes could produce weak thought waves. What did this mean? It meant that it had a mind. At the very least, it had a certain state of mind.

However, why would genes have thoughts?

This was unless they had memories!

Could this be the so-called genetic memories?

After all, he and the God of War Peter had previously studied genetic memory.

Now, the genetic gas that the God of War Peter had brought back actually had the ability to repair itself. This proved that genes had memories.

Professor Eugene made a bold guess. However, the way to prove his guess was very simple. He would connect it to the thought imaging system.

The thought imaging system was a device that could read thoughts. It could transform thoughts into images.

This device had been developed by a scientific team in the Dragon Empire a hundred years ago. They had originally wanted to study an operating system controlled by human thoughts and use it to operate large virtual games. However, during their research, they accidentally discovered that human thoughts could be read and displayed in the form of images.

This was the technology that Professor Eugene wanted to obtain. However, he had gone through countless experiments, but they all ended in failure. For this reason, even after racking his brains, he was still unable to connect the residual form of the genes with the thought imaging system.

Just as Professor Eugene was testing out his ideas in his laboratory, Anna arrived outside his office and knocked on the door.

Knock knock knock!

“Professor Eugene, it’s Anna!”

After Anna said her name, the door was opened and Professor Eugene appeared in front of Anna. After thinking for a long time, both of them sighed.

In the past, Professor Eugene had hated Anna’s actions. After all, he would not like someone who had betrayed the God of War Peter.

However, after Anna returned to the Genetics College, she experienced the pain of the insect breaking through her body. Anna used the pain she experienced to stop General David’s plan of controlling the God of War Peter.

Anna’s actions undoubtedly made everyone in the Genetics College feel that they had forgiven her. Professor Eugene, in particular, felt sorry for Anna.

“It’s Anna. Come in. I happen to need your help.”

Before leaving, the God of War Peter had left him a mission to concoct the improved Thunder God gene potion in a short period of time.

Thus, Professor Eugene urgently needed help from others to complete the God of War Peter’s request.

“What can I do, Professor Eugene?”

Anna entered the room and sat across from Professor Eugene’s desk. Her body had now recovered to the level of a Genetic God of War. It should be known that the genes of a Genetic God of War allowed her to repair the damage inflicted on her body. Even if this damage was severe, it could be completely repaired as long as there was enough time.

Of course, some very special organs could not be repaired if the damage inflicted was too severe.

However, Anna had only suffered damage to her backbone and abdomen. This kind of repair could occur very quickly. Thus, her body was almost fully recovered even before Peter left the Genetics College.

This was also one of the reasons Professor Eugene could invite Anna. He stood up from his seat and looked at Anna, who was sitting opposite him. He realized that she still looked good, but the trauma in her heart could not be healed in a short period of time.

“Anna, the God of War Peter has brought back a new genetic method this time. You definitely can’t guess it.”

After Professor Eugene finished speaking, Anna knew that Professor Eugene was teasing her. However, when she heard the name of the God of War Peter, she couldn’t help but want to escape from here.

Professor Eugene didn’t notice the slight change in Anna’s expression as he spoke to her with a mischievous smile.

“A brand new gene actually exists in the form of a gas. You might not believe it even if I said that. This genetic gas can fuse with the Thunder God genes and accelerate the extraction of the Thunder God genes.”

Upon hearing this, Anna finally understood why Professor Eugene was so excited. This meant that the Genetic Warriors in the Genetics College would experience an explosive increase in their levels.

This had completely overturned everything. In the past 100 years, the human Federation had focused on mechas. In the future, when fighting mutated creatures and other forces, Genetic Warriors would dominate the entire battlefield.

The only thing that Anna felt pity for was the fate of those mechas. Would they be kept in the warehouses and turned into a pile of rotten metal?

Anna knew that this was not something she should consider. However, as long as it was something related to the God of War Peter, she could not help but want to participate. Despite this, after hearing the name of the God of War Peter, she would be afraid to see him.

This very contradictory feeling was a very serious psychological problem that she had after the insect incident.

“Anna, come with me to the underground laboratory. I want to show you something that will surprise you.”

Professor Eugene planned to let Anna see the body of the Thunder God. This was also the intention of the God of War Peter. After all, after the previous insect incident, Anna had the strongest sense of belonging to the Genetics College. Furthermore, with the strength Peter currently had, he was not worried that Anna would betray the Genetics College again..

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