Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction

Chapter 22

Chapter 22: Humanoid Mecha, Peter!

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Carter was stunned by the power Peter had unleashed.

In his panic, he found the button to turn on the lights.

Pa! Pa! Pa!

Carter operated his mecha to turn on the lights.

The other Mecha Warriors also turned on their dazzling lights.

As a result, the dim canyon was instantly lit up.

At the same time, it also attracted the attention of the vultures.

They began to lean over and fly to the bottom of the canyon where Peter was.

Peter’s eyes blazed.

“Mecha Warriors, don’t open fire. You guys just need to be responsible for lighting up the area…”

At this moment, the first batch of mutated vultures flew down.

They were a few meters ahead of Peter.

Peter moved like a ghost and ran through the mutated vultures.

Everywhere he went, the head of a mutated vulture would explode.

It couldn’t be helped.

After activating his rage, Peter was like a humanoid mecha.

However, mechas were not as shockingly fast as him.

They didn’t have his terrifying attack power either.

A moment later, the heads of the first batch of mutated vultures had been blown up.

The canyon reeked of blood.

Meanwhile, the blood of the mutated vultures dyed the ground red.

This scene was like a sea of corpses in hell.

Meanwhile, the Mecha Warriors hid in their cockpits and started shivering.

“Is… is he still human?”

“He’s a monster! Peter is a monster…”

“Oh my god! The second batch of mutated vultures is flying down…”

Unlike the fear that these mecha warriors felt…

Callie saw Peter’s back that was facing her.

It showed Peter’s absolute confidence in his human strength.

Didn’t they think that only mechas could defeat mutated creatures?

They thought that Genetic Warriors could only follow behind Mecha Warriors.

They were only Battlefield Cleaners.

However, from today onwards, the image of the Genetic Warriors would change.

However, Peter had no idea that behind him, Callie’s eyes were locked on him.

Then, the second batch of mutated vultures appeared.

Peter glanced at the time.

It took about one minute to clear the first batch of mutated vultures.

Most importantly, the mutated vultures were in midair.

This delayed the coherent nature of Peter’s attacks.

This time, Peter was clever.

He was not in a hurry to rush out. Instead, he retreated a little.

As expected…

This move was actually effective.

The mutated vultures had been tricked. They had been in a rather scattered formation.

However, they began to gather in Peter’s direction.

This time, more mutated vultures flew down.

Peter estimated that there were almost twice as many vultures as in the first batch.

He had enough time to use his rage.

Thus, he activated his crazy “pile driver mode” again.

Then, the heads of the mutated vultures exploded one after another.

This was the most direct method of attack.

It was also the most effective. After all, no matter how strong the body of a mutated creature was, it would still be a mutated creature.

The head was always the most fatal part.

This time, Peter displayed his abilities as a humanoid mecha. Meanwhile, the Mecha Warriors who were hiding behind him had recovered from their fear.

At the very least, they started to coordinate with the direction that Peter was travelling in.

The timely adjustment of the light from the mechas also increased Peter’s efficiency in harvesting the mutant creatures.

As the last mutated vulture had its head blown off by Peter…

The second group of vultures that flew down to attack them had all been killed.

The mist of blood mist that filled the canyon made it seem as if Peter had been drenched in blood.

His handsome face was drenched in blood.

He actually seemed like a supernatural being.

Peter didn’t wipe the blood off his face. Instead, he checked how much time he had left to use his rage.

He had killed two groups of vultures.

He had used up four minutes of his rage usage time.

There was still 6 minutes left to use his rage.

He wondered how many more of the mutated vultures there were above the canyon.

Peter feared that there were too many mutated vultures above.

However, he only had six minutes of usage time left.

Peter wasn’t sure if he could hold out until the end.

Meanwhile, the mutated vultures above the canyon no longer flew down to attack them.

This made the Mecha Warriors rejoice, but at the same time, they mysteriously felt a sense of loss.

Actually, they wanted to see Peter show his prowess.

This was a kind of power that depended on the toughness of one’s physical body, allowing one to smash the head of a mutated vulture in one punch.

This was not something the Mecha Warriors could do.

After all, the firearms equipped on mechas could only cause damage to mutated creatures at the very most.

Only high-leveled mechas were able to achieve the effects that Peter had displayed.

However, not everyone could control high-level mechas.

During the short break, everyone quickly replenished their food and water supplies.

Previously, the transport mechas controlled by the logistics students had been abandoned outside the canyon.

As a result, their food and drinking water had been abandoned as well.

Right, they could only eat the small amount of food that had been brought by the mechas.

Callie received a compressed energy bar and a 500ml water bag from Carter.

Seeing Peter coming over, she quickly handed him food and water.

Peter had been hungry since he activated his rage.

It consumed a lot of stamina.

A few minutes later, he finished replenishing his food and water.

Peter told Callie to stay here and wait for help from the Federation.

Meanwhile, he planned to enter the depths of the canyon.

For some reason, when he was fighting the mutated vultures earlier…

He felt a pair of eyes staring at him from the darkness.

This reminded Peter of Locke, who had escaped.

That damned bastard would never let them off so easily.


Peter walked deeper into the canyon for a while and suddenly saw the figure of a white mecha ahead.

However, the white mecha flashed and disappeared around the corner.

“What is this fellow up to again!?”

Peter sped over.

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