Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction

Chapter 24

Chapter 24: Queen Insect’s Ambition

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Peter picked up speed as large swaths of mutated creatures fell to the ground.

The effects of 50 times more rage were too exaggerated.

His power had instantly increased by 50 times. Originally, he only had 12,000kg of strength.

However, his power instantly increased to 600,000kg.

As time passed, the number of mutated creatures that escaped from the other caves decreased.

At this moment, a furious roar sounded from the cave.

A creature that was even larger than an Advanced-Leveled Mecha walked out of the cave with its thick limbs.

[A-Grade mutated wild boar king genes detected. Extracting…]

[Extraction failed…]

[Warning: A-Grade mutated wild boar king has a genetic lock function. Its genes cannot be extracted.]

Again, he could not extract the genes.

“Damn it!”

Peter simply swore.

If he couldn’t extract its genes, why did it appear?

How greedy…

Meanwhile, the wild boar king walked out of the cave without stopping.

It simply attacked Peter.

Its huge fangs stabbed at Peter, accompanied by a strong wind.

This wild boar king planned to pierce him with its sharp fangs.

“You’re asking for death!”

Peter exerted strength in his legs and disappeared.

In the next second, he suddenly appeared above the wild boar king’s head.

Then, clenching his fists tightly, he smashed the wild boar king’s head with all his might.


Peter punched the huge head of the wild boar king.

The sound of its skull cracking could be heard.

“Why is the head of the wild boar king so hard?”

Peter was very surprised.

His current power had reached 600,000 kg.

With this punch, even the Federation’s most powerful Advanced-Leveled Mecha…

…would be blown up with a single punch.

However, after the skull of the wild boar king took Peter’s punch, the part that received the attack only caved in.

This defensive power was truly terrifying.

“If one punch doesn’t work, then I’ll deliver two punches!”

Peter did not believe it. Once again, he displayed his speed and approached the wild boar king.

Then, he swung his fist at the skull of the wild boar king.

Bang bang bang!

After three consecutive punches, the last punch finally penetrated the skull of the wild boar king.

After dealing with the A-Grade mutated wild boar king, Peter looked at the A-Grade queen insect.

“What other tricks do you have? Use them all!”

He had activated 50 times more rage.

This made Peter’s confidence reach its peak.

The A-Grade queen insect looked at Locke, who was hiding at the side.

He didn’t see the queen insect speak, but Locke seemed to understand its intentions.

“No, no! Master, even if I operate my mecha, I can’t kill Peter.”

Locke received the queen insect’s brain waves. It had asked him to pilot his mecha and kill Peter.

However, after the scene where Peter killed the mutant creatures in a frenzy…

Peter was already traumatized.

At this moment, the queen insect saw that Locke actually dared to defy its orders.

Thus, it increased the intensity of its brain waves.

The unlucky Locke began to tremble as he uncontrollably walked towards the white mecha.

“That’s enough!”

Peter spoke up and interrupted Locke’s actions.

“You’re called the queen insect, right?”

Locke heard that Peter actually recognized his master and looked at Peter with even greater fear.

Why did he know about the queen insect?

He certainly didn’t know that Peter had learned the name of the queen insect through the system.

However, why exactly had the queen insect appeared?

Why was it able to control Locke?

Peter didn’t know these things. He also wanted to know what kind of creature the queen insect was.

There was no introduction of the queen insect in the materials he had read.

“Unlock your genetic lock! Otherwise, I’ll blow you up right now!”

Peter was well aware that his Genetic Extraction System had currently reached a bottleneck.

Thus, it was unable to extract the genes of A-Grade mutant creatures.

As for the reason, the system had already notified him about it.

A-Grade mutated creatures had the ability to lock their genes.

Without solving this problem, Peter could only extract the genes of mutant creatures below the A-Grade.

The A-Grade queen insect made a strange noise at Peter’s threat.

“Boohoo… Damn human… You actually know about the genetic lock…”

As expected!

This queen insect could control its genetic lock.

That made things easier.

All Peter had to do was keep attacking the huge body of the queen insect.

He simply had to force it to unlock its genetic lock.

Then, Peter rushed to the queen insect and punched the massive tissue of the queen insect.

Howl howl howl!

The queen insect cried out in pain.

Although the queen insect was huge, other than its ability to control other creatures, it basically had no offensive means.

Thus, the queen insect could only watch as Peter punched it.

“Unlock the genetic lock! That way, you won’t be tortured.”

Peter saw that the queen insect still did not want to unlock the genetic lock.

He increased the frequency of his punches.

As a result, the first half of the queen insect’s body had been smashed by Peter.

Blood and tissue flowed out of the wound. The queen insect was trembling from pain and fear.

“Boohoo… stop… stop…”


Peter heard the queen insect beg for mercy and stopped attacking.

“Why? Are you finally willing to unlock the genetic lock?”

“Boohoo… Despicable human…”

“Ao ao… Stop fighting…”

Peter heard that the queen insect actually dared to scold him and simply punched its wound again.

This time, the queen insect became completely obedient.

The queen insect had no choice but to unlock the genetic lock.

It had tried to control Peter through its brain waves before, but found that Peter’s brain waves were unusually strong.

Thus, it could not control Peter.

It couldn’t be helped. The queen insect was afraid Peter would torture it, and had to unwillingly unlock the genetic lock.

As the queen insect unlocked its genetic lock, Peter heard the system prompt again in his mind.

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