Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction

Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Gene Extraction System

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Peter was surprised to hear this voice in his head.

The Gene Extraction System!

He had never expected that after entering the unpopular genetics major, he would obtain the Gene Extraction System.

At this moment, an interface appeared in Peter’s mind.

[Host]: Peter

[Power]: 120kg (Ordinary Person: 100kg)

[Speed]: 9m/s (Ordinary Person: 7m/s)

[Physical Strength]: 10 (Ordinary Person: 8)

Peter’s current attributes were still within the range of that of ordinary people.

However, what was the function of the Gene Extraction System?

He couldn’t obtain points from this thing either…

Peter desperately needed points now.

Otherwise, his remaining points would not sustain him for more than a few days.

Just as Peter was wondering, the system interface changed again.

[No mutated genes detected. Extraction failed…]


It seemed that there were no mutated genes around.

Peter pondered for a moment and thought of a place that must have mutated genes.

There was no other reason.

After all, this was the Genetics College. Thus, it was not difficult to find mutated genes.

As for where mutated genes could be found…

They could be found in the laboratories of the Genetics College.

Coincidentally, Peter had passed the laboratory building when he went to settle the admission procedures.

It was a semicircular building.

Ten minutes later, Peter appeared in front of the semicircular building.

When entering the laboratories, Peter’s eyeballs had to be scanned to obtain information about his identity.

After a short wait, Peter passted the identity check and entered the laboratory.

The first floor was a spacious hall without any signs of mutated creatures.

Peter walked straight into the elevator and went to the second floor.

The moment the elevator door opened, the scene in front of him made Peter’s eyes widen.

Inside a row of giant glass walls stood a row of containers filled with liquid.

Each container contained a mutated creature.

There were huge ants.

There were venomous snakes with wings.

There were also humanoid creatures.

When Peter looked further in, he saw a thick metal door.

There was a warning sign above the metal door.

[No entry!]

Peter guessed that there might be more ferocious creatures inside.

After all, just the creatures Peter saw now were enough to shock him.

Seeing that there was no one else in the lab, Peter walked slowly towards the first container.

However, Peter didn’t realize that a hidden camera had found him.

Peter looked in from outside the container and saw that the giant ant inside was a meter long.

When Peter walked up to the giant ant, a system prompt sounded in his mind.

[Mutated ant genes detected. Extracting…]

[Extraction successful! Congratulations to the host for obtaining 100 times more power!]

One hundred times more power?

Suddenly, Peter felt his muscles change.

His muscles became tighter and firmer.

Peter waved his arms and could feel his power growing.

Then, Peter immediately opened the attribute interface.


[Power]: 12,090kg (Due to the limitations of the host’s physical strength, the host can only exert 30% of this strength.)

[Speed]: 10.5m/s (Ordinary Person: 7)

[Physical Strength]: 20 (Ordinary Person: 8)

Peter saw the attribute interface and instantly understood.

Although he had obtained a hundred times more power, due to his weak stamina, he could only exert 30% of his power.

The power of his punch was currently around 3,627kg.

Genetic Warriors who had undergone D-Grade enhancements in the Genetics College could land a punch with a power of around 3,000 kg.

This means that Peter’s current power had reached the standard of a D-Grade Genetic Warrior.

Furthermore, in the Genetics College, the number of D-Grade Genetic Warriors was the highest. Meanwhile, there were few C-Grade Genetic Warriors.

One had to know that Peter could only exert 30% of his power now.

After his physical strength increased and his power multiplied by 100 times, it would not be difficult for him to destroy a mecha.

After extracting the genes of the mutated ant…

Peter set his sights on the next container.

Inside the container was a venomous snake with wings.

He wondered what kind of improvement he would receive after extracting the genes of the mutated snake.

Peter was looking forward to it.

Just then, a female voice suddenly sounded behind Peter.

“That student, don’t go in. Come out quickly!”

Turning to face the direction of the voice, Peter saw that the speaker must be one of the laboratory staff.

He wanted to extract the genes of a mutant creature very badly.

However, he could not force his way in to extract the genes in front of the staff.

Just as Peter was about to leave, the staff said something that surprised Peter.

“Don’t go yet. Come with me. Professor Eugene wants to see you.”

Professor Eugene?

Peter had never heard of him!

Peter wondered why Professor Eugene was looking for him.

Feeling helpless, he could only go and take a look.

He followed the staff through a few doors and arrived at a spacious laboratory.

There were various experimental instruments on the table.

Then, Peter saw a stooped old man with his back to him.

The staff member who brought him in left after giving Peter some instructions.

Professor Eugene turned around. Instead of looking directly at Peter, he raised his left hand and motioned for him to find a place to sit.

At this point, Peter was somewhat surprised to see Professor Eugene.

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