Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction

Chapter 33

Chapter 33: Callie Joins the Genetics Course

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Peter’s eyes lit up when he saw that it was Callie who opened the door and walked out.

Why was she here?

Could it be that her friend was a student of the genetics course?

Did that friend also happen to be staying in a single dormitory?

“Hi! Peter, you didn’t expect me to be here, did you?”

Callie tilted her head and looked at Peter with a mischievous expression.

Previously, Callie had been injured during the combat test to protect Peter.

“That’s right, why are you here? Have you recovered so quickly?”

Peter asked Callie about her injuries after the combat test.

“It wasn’t that severe anyway. I’ll be fine after resting for a few days.”

“Oh right, I dropped out of the mecha course.”


Peter suspected that he had heard Callie wrongly.

Callie had actually dropped out of the mecha course.

Her grandfather was the President of the Federation. How could he agree to her withdrawal?

After all, the mecha course was still the most popular in the Federation.

“Hehe, you couldn’t guess that, right? I persuaded my grandfather to not only allow me to drop out of the mecha course, but also to join your genetics course.”


What was this Callie up to?

She had joined the genetics course…

Peter had the image of Callie becoming a Genetic Warrior in his mind.

Below her delicate face was a sturdy body.

Just the thought of it was enough to create a scene.

Meanwhile, Callie smiled, as if she had guessed Peter’s thoughts.

“Peter! It’s not what you think. I joined the genetics laboratory.”

Peter patted his firm chest. It turned out that it was a false alarm.

Callie joined the genetics laboratory, mainly to study the genes of various creatures.

This way, she did not have to train to become a lolita with muscles all over her body.

Peter had come back intending to get a good night’s sleep.

However, this was no longer the case.

Since Callie had joined the genetics laboratory, Peter would have to treat her to a good meal.

The canteen in the Genetics College was open 24 hours a day.

Peter led Callie into the canteen.

Right now, Peter had more points than he could spend. Furthermore, he now controlled Professor Eugene.

Thus, to Peter, his current points were really just a row of numbers.

Peter ordered the most expensive organic vegetables.

He even ordered real beef. How could he order synthetic beef when he was treating Callie to a meal?

The two of them ate for more than an hour.

They talked about their experiences from the start of university to before the combat test.

“By the way, Peter, Locke hasn’t looked for me since he returned with the mecha students.”


Peter did not say anything. After all, Locke was controlled by the queen insect.

Furthermore Peter was also Locke’s owner. Thus, this guy definitely wouldn’t look for Callie again.

“Callie, don’t worry about him. Oh, do you want some more refreshments?”

It was 10pm.

It was only then that Peter and Callie returned to the single dormitory area.

They walked side by side toward their rooms. Then, Peter sighed inwardly.

Too many things had happened to him recently.

He really hadn’t expected Callie to come to the Genetics College.

Meanwhile, Callie was blushing at that moment.

The closer she got to their rooms, the deeper the blush on her face.

Would anything happen next?

Callie fantasized.

However, Peter walked to the door of his room and did not invite Callie inside.

This disappointed Callie. She didn’t know what Peter was thinking.

A breeze blew in the hallway, carrying Callie’s scent.

The pleasant smell entered Peter’s nostrils.

“That’s Callie’s scent.”

Peter froze when he opened the door.

Meanwhile, Callie leaned her whole body against the wall and looked at Peter with an intense, glazed look.


A sense of excitement that was unlike gene extraction instantly took over Peter’s body.


Peter stopped hesitating and took Callie in his strong arms.


Then, Peter carried Callie into his room.

The two restless souls embraced each other as their clothes fell to the ground one by one.

Their entangled bodies slowly moved to the bed.


The bed creaked in protest. It would not allow the weight of more than one person to press against it.

Callie squeezed her eyes shut as she felt Peter’s warm lips suck on her sensitive clitoris.

“Peter, don’t kiss there… Oh… it tickles…”

A pair of slender hands grabbed Callie’s trembling breasts.

“Mmm… how comfortable…”

Callie wanted to open her eyes, but she realized she couldn’t.

Her long eyelashes fluttered quickly, and the numb feeling never stopped. Instead, it actually started to surge between her legs.

She couldn’t take it anymore.

Callie’s white fingers moved over her high, soft breasts, sliding over her heaving stomach until she found her clitoris that had long since been erect.

The moist bodily fluids spread quickly. Meanwhile, her two “pink petals” were stuck together.

What was he doing?

Why hadn’t he put it in yet!

Her fair fingers gave up on stroking her clitoris and continued moving downwards.

Damn it. It turned out that it refused to open up.

How could that be!

Callie reached over to help with her other hand.

Then, her two “pink petals” were separated by a thread, revealing a deep cave.

Then, a humid wave of heat gushed out.

“Peter… I can’t take it anymore…”

Suddenly, Callie’s tightly shut eyes opened.

She felt a rhythmic pain between her legs.

One after another…

Then, the pain was gone. It was replaced by spasms of pleasure.

Callie realized that her knees could actually touch her shoulders.

The room smelled of love and desire.

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