Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction

Chapter 36

Chapter 36: Successfully Advanced Students

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The students present widened their eyes. They were even more nervous than Anna, who was standing in front of the Power Testing Machine.

Everyone yearned for power.

When they could not reach it yet…

Admiration was the only thing they could do.

“Ahhh! It’s going to start. I’m so nervous!”

“Do you think Big Boss Peter will accept Anna as his disciple?”

“Maybe. Didn’t you see Peter calling Anna over and talking to her for a long time?”

“I also want to be Big Boss Peter’s disciple!”

Meanwhile, Anna moved.

After being enhanced by the Thunder God genes.

She could clearly sense that the sealed power in her body was beginning to recover.

This power came from her father.

Her father was Robin.

When she was 10 years old, her father suddenly disappeared. There was no news of him, even until now.

As a result, she lived with her mother in the slums and relied on her mother to support her.

Anna was also very hardworking and successfully entered the genetics course.

She would continue to walk on the path of the Genetic Warriors on behalf of her father.

Anna recalled the first time her father had taught her how to punch.

She gathered her strength.

Then, she leaned sideways.

All of her strength was concentrated at her waist.

She felt it.

The thing in front of her was simply a watermelon.

Her power shifted to her arm.

Destroy it!


Anna threw a punch that stunned everyone present.

Beep beep beep.

The Power Testing Machine displayed the final value.

“How much power was that?”

“Ahhh, I’m standing too far away. I can’t see.”

“That’s a power of 10,150kg! Anna displayed a power of 10,150kg.”

The students standing at the front immediately shouted the final power value.

Then, all the students were in an uproar.

Peter also didn’t expect Anna to have a power of more than 10,000kg after extracting the Thunder God genes.

This had already surpassed the strength of a B-Grade Genetic General.

Furthermore, it even exceeded the standard of a B-Grade Genetic General by 3,000kg.

As long as Anna had enough time, it would not be difficult for her to become an A-Grade Genetic General.

Anna blushed as well.

This was a display of her happiness.

After all, after she had joined the Genetics College, she could feel a power sealed within her body.

However, she was unable to unleash it.

This was until today’s competition began, where she first threw a punch that had a power of 6,388kg.

This succeeded in drawing Peter’s attention.

Otherwise, she didn’t know when she would be able to release the power sealed within her body.

Just then, Anna looked in Peter’s direction.

She knew that if Peter hadn’t discovered her talent, she might have stayed that way.

She would not be able to fulfill her father’s wish or provide her mother with a good material life.

Then, Peter raised his hand and motioned for Anna to return to the formation of students.

He wanted to talk to Anna after the competition.

Anna’s power of more than 10,000 kg had indeed shocked Peter.

It was not that Peter was jealous of Anna’s talent. Instead, he felt that something was wrong here.

Peter would naturally associate this with her father, Robin.

After all, the increase in her father Robin’s strength was terrifying.

Then, he also remembered that Professor Eugene had said that the body of the Thunder God was in the basement of the Genetics College.

Could it be because of the Thunder God genes?

Peter couldn’t arrive at a precise answer yet.

This could only be solved slowly in the future.

The following competition was also very exciting.

When the last genetics student challenged the power test.

The final ranking list for advancement to the next stage was immediately tabulated by the other teachers.

Of the 3,000 students participating in this competition, 607 students successfully advanced to the next challenge.

In other words, there were 607 students in the Genetics College who had the strength of a C-Grade Genetic Warrior.

This was far beyond Peter’s expectations.

This was not including the Genetic Warriors who had already graduated and were currently serving in the Federal Gene Command.

It would take Peter some effort to gather them.

Of course, he was also in a hurry. At the very least, he had to nurture the students in the Genetics College who had reached his standards.

The first day of the competition ended perfectly.

After nightfall, Peter first ran to the canteen to buy Callie dinner.

After a busy day, only then did Peter remember that Callie hadn’t eaten all day.

Ten minutes later, Peter walked to the single room dormitory area with more than ten boxes of food.

Then, Peter made a turn and saw the figure of a girl ahead.

“Anna! Why are you here?”

It was Anna, who had shocked the whole school during the day.

“Can I ask you for a favor?”

Peter didn’t hesitate to let Anna speak.

“My power has reached the level of a B-Grade Genetic General. Thus, I want to obtain my citizenship as soon as possible…”

Peter instantly understood.

It turned out that Anna wanted to obtain her citizenship first.

According to the normal procedures of the Federation, it would take at least a week for a newly promoted B-Grade Genetic General to be awarded their citizenship.

If they encountered an inefficient employee, it was possible that their citizenship would take over a month.

After all, Genetic Warriors were dispensable in the eyes of many officials in the Federation.

Meanwhile, if a Mecha Warrior were to advance, it would take less than a day to complete the necessary processes for advancement.

Peter clearly remembered that Professor Eugene had said something about Anna before.

Her family had always lived in the slums.

Thus, her citizenship was even more urgent for her.

Peter turned to Anna with a smile.

“No problem. Leave it to me. You should be able to obtain your citizenship by tomorrow at the latest.”


Anna looked incredulous.

She knew that if she asked Peter for help, she would get her citizenship in advance.

However, to her surprise, Peter could help her get her citizenship in less than a day.

The excitement came too suddenly.

If she hadn’t just met Peter half a day ago.

Anna might have run over and hugged Peter.

However, Peter did not know that…

Callie was squinting at this scene from the overhead window behind Peter.

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