Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction

Chapter 37

Chapter 37: Angry? Do You Have the Strength To Be Angry?

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Peter would help Anna get her citizenship in a day.

Peter really wasn’t bragging about this.

This was because Peter used the queen insect to control Professor Eugene. Thus, he simply had to leave this matter to Professor Eugene.

After all, the last time Peter obtained his citizenship, the entire process was completed in only half a day.

Furthermore, Professor Eugene was on good terms with Commander Gale of the Federal Genetic Command.

Peter was reassured to leave it to Professor Eugene.

It looked like Professor Eugene would have to run an errand tomorrow.

After saying goodbye to Anna, Peter trotted into the single room dormitory.

He was really afraid of starving Callie.

After passing the pupil scan, Peter opened the door to his room.

There was no sound inside except the sound of Peter walking.

Meanwhile, Callie lay on her side of the bed with her back to him.

She was completely naked without anything covering her.

Her graceful curves were presented to Peter.

Peter set the food on the table first, then tiptoed towards the bed.

A pair of long fingers crept over Callie’s smooth skin.

It made Callie tremble uncontrollably.

She tried her best to control her voice.

“Callie, do you want to eat first?”

“I’ve been busy the whole day and haven’t eaten anything…”

Peter realized that when he said he hadn’t eaten…

Callie’s body visibly moved.

However, she only moved slightly and did not continue.

Was she angry?!

Peter was slightly confused. He thought it was because he hadn’t delivered the food to Callie in time.

As a result, she was angry.

Was she ignoring him?!

Peter began to stroke Callie’s belly with his long fingers.

Then, he continued downwards.

After passing through the towering mountain mound, he entered a gorge-like gap.


Callie finally responded, her legs parting uncontrollably.

It was good as long as there was a reaction!

Peter was really worried that Callie was going to be stuck in a stalemate with him until the end.

His slender fingers touched a small bump.


Peter tightened his fingers, rubbing the already soaked area.

He could feel the boiling hot bodily liquid rush out and flow along his muscular arm.

“You’re so bad… Hmph…”

At this moment, her body started trembling uncontrollably.

Peter had already undressed and climbed into the bed.

Then, Callie suddenly felt a force lift her round thighs.

Her two pink lips had already opened up, and viscous bodily fluids were flowing out.

“No more…”

Despite saying no, Callie’s body was honest.

She kept swaying her hips…

Peter resisted pushing his fingers through the tempting gap.

Instead, he leaned forward and widened the gap in another way.

“Oh… Hurry up… I can’t take it anymore…”

Callie’s thighs were lifted up and her toes were pointing to the roof.

She was like a mast without a flag, swaying in a storm.

Peter grabbed Callie’s shaking thighs with both hands.

However, it was useless.

Her round thighs were still shaking and showing signs of trembling from time to time.

“Are you still angry?”

“Hmph… No… You’re so mean…”

An hour later, Callie snuggled against Peter.

She looked up, her wet hair blocking her view.

“Peter, I’m hungry…”

“Which mouth is hungry? The top one or the bottom one?”

Callie wrapped her fingers around the small bulge on Peter’s chest.

“Stop! Stop pinching me. Let’s go eat…”

Peter picked Callie up and carried her to the table.

Both of them were famished and started to clean up the sumptuous food on the table.

The next morning…

Peter had slept less than three hours last night.

It was said that once a person was full, they would be very obsessed with the exercise in bed.

Today was the second day of the competition.

The 607 students who had been promoted would challenge the speed test.

As long as their speed reached 50m/s, they would be able to successfully advance to the next round.

Peter first looked for Professor Eugene and asked him to take the aircraft to New York Base City.

He would help Anna handle her citizenship.

As soon as Professor Eugene left, the speed challenge officially began.

Only 607 students participated in the challenge. Thus, much less time was spent compared to the first day.

In the morning, the 607 students participating in the speed challenge had all completed their tests.

Unsurprisingly, Anna, whom Peter regarded highly, advanced successfully.

As for Beck, his result in the speed test was 50.5m/s.

He was almost eliminated again.

However, he was able to stand out among so many students.

It was enough to prove that Beck was quite talented.

On the second day, more than half of the students were eliminated.

Only 240 students advanced successfully.

In three days, they would follow Peter into the wilderness.

Then, they would undergo their final challenge.

It was the psychological endurance challenge.

Peter had chosen the location for the test in advance.

It was located on an island.

The students participating in the test not only had to face the mutated creatures on the island. They also had to be wary of the mutated sea monsters in the sea.

This was equivalent to increasing the difficulty of the test.

It had to be known that even the field tests that the Federation’s Mecha Warriors went though were not this strict.

Peter thought that with him around, there would be no problems with ensuring the lives of these students.

However, he would not be kind.

If their lives were in danger, he would make a move.

However, they were only physically injured, Peter wouldn’t care about them.

Before night fell, Peter saw that Professor Eugene’s aircraft had returned.

He wondered if this old fellow had settled Anna’s citizenship.

Peter walked toward the aircraft.

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