Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction

Chapter 39

Chapter 39: An Island Devastated By Mutated Creatures

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Three days later, in the morning.

Ten transport planes were parked at the parking lot of the Genetics College.

The roar of the engines reverberated in the ears of the participating students.

At the same time, their emotions fluctuated.

After all, not every student had experienced a bloody war.

Meanwhile, Peter stood in front of the students.

Standing opposite him were 190 young faces.

That’s right!

During the last round of Thunder God gene extraction, the concentration of the Thunder God genes this time was slightly higher.

As a result, 50 students were unable to resist the effects of the Thunder God genes after extracting them.

Four students exploded and died, while the remaining 46 students suffered varying degrees of injury.

However, this was much better than Peter had expected.

At the very least, 190 students who had successfully extracted the Thunder God gene remained.

Half an hour later, Peter boarded the transport plane with all the students.

The flight was a little long this time. After all, Peter’s chosen island was a little far from the Genetics College.

Thus, the journey required more than six hours of uninterrupted flight.

On the transport plane, Peter was talking to Callie via his smart device.

Peter was still a little worried.

If that S-Grade queen insect really attacked the base city after he left…

It would definitely conquer the Genetics College first.

Thus, before he left, Peter suggested that Callie return to New York Base City.

Peter had currently obtained confirmation from Callie over the phone.

She had returned to New York Base City in an aircraft.

Furthermore, Professor Eugene and the other teachers went back as well.

Peter had also been paying attention to the reaction of the Federation.

However, to his disappointment, after Professor Eugene warned the Federation, they received no response from the Federation.

It seemed like the Federation didn’t want to believe the information gathered by the Genetics College.

If the mecha army had reported this to the higher-ups, the Federation might have already begun preparations for war.

At this time, Peter was not in the mood to feel jealous over the status of the mecha army.

If the mecha army could believe him, Peter would be willing to give this credit to the mecha army.

However, he did not know the higher-ups of the mecha army.

Furthermore, although Callie was the granddaughter of the President of the Federation, she wasn’t very useful.

However, Peter wanted to try it out and asked Callie to return to the base city.

Then, he asked her to look for her grandfather and try to convince the President of the Federation.

At this time, the sunlight began to weaken in the cabin where Peter was.

He knew that they were about to reach their destination.

The ten transport planes flew for six hours.

It would take less than ten minutes to reach the island by plane.

Peter picked up the receiver and activated communication with the other transport planes.

“Attention everyone! We are about to arrive at the island for the assessment.”

“Attention, everyone! The transport plane will not land. We need to jump from a dozen meters above the ground.”

Peter repeated this three times.

He specifically did not allow the transport planes to land on the island. This way, he could train the ability of the students to enter the emergency area.

Buzz buzz buzz!

The roar of the engines could be heard from the transport planes above the deserted island.

A huge snake with wings on its back raised its triangular head.

The image of the transport planes appeared in its vertical pupils.

The noise grew louder and louder.

Then, ant-like humans jumped off the transport planes.

The two-winged snake twisted its thick snake body and accelerated towards its target.

Before the first few students who had jumped to the ground could recover from their shock, they saw a giant snake appear before them.

“Oh my god! Is that a snake?”

“Big Boss Peter! I— we have a big snake here…”

The two-winged snake twisted its thick tail and swung it at the students who had just landed.

In an instant, more than ten students were sent flying by the snake’s tail.

“Big Boss Peter! Help!”

When Peter jumped to the ground, he also discovered the giant snake with wings on its back.

His eyes lit up.

This was good stuff.

This was the first time he had seen such a massive snake creature.

He estimated that the snake was dozens of meters long, and its triangular head suggested that it might be venomous.

This was not something that the students could handle.

After Peter landed on the ground, he exerted strength in his feet and charged towards the giant snake.

Even without activating 50 times more rage, Peter’s power had reached 120,000kg.

Few mutant creatures could withstand Peter’s attack.


Peter rushed in front of the giant snake. Then, with the momentum of the impact, his legs suddenly exerted strength.

He jumped to the height of the snake’s head and quickly swung his fist at it.

Exerting strength in midair greatly weakened Peter’s power.

However, his power was still not something that the giant snake could bear.

This punch simply blasted the snake’s head apart.

[A-Grade mutant giant snake genes detected. Extracting…]

[Extraction successful. Congratulations to the host for obtaining venom.]

Peter immediately opened the system interface.


[Power]: 12,090kg

[Speed]: 47.2m/s

[Physical Strength]: 1350

[Rage]: 50 times (Instantly increases physical fitness by 50 times for a duration of eight minutes. There is a cooldown of 24 hours before it can be used again.)

[Regeneration]: 100 times (Tissue regeneration time is shortened to ten seconds.)

[Venom]: Ignores the target’s defense.

The venom he had just extracted only had a brief introduction.


Peter was still pleasantly surprised.

After all, its ability to ignore the target’s defense was too awesome.

It had to be known that some mutated creatures had unusually strong skin.

Thus, it would take a long time to break through their defense.

However, a venom that could ignore the target’s defense was different. It could directly corrode abnormally strong skin.

Then, the venom would kill its target.

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