Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction

Chapter 4

Chapter 4: A Special Genetic Potion

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Peter saw that Professor Eugene’s right sleeve was hollow.

This was because Professor Eugene had only one left arm.

Professor Eugene also found Peter staring at the hollow sleeve on his right.

He raised his hollow right sleeve with his left hand and said with a smile, “When I was young, I wasn’t afraid of death. An A-Grade mutant lizard bit off my right arm.”

Peter’s pupils contracted. It was then that he remembered.

Professor Eugene was once a Genetic Warrior, but he unfortunately encountered a powerful A-Grade mutant lizard.

If Professor Eugene had had a mecha then, his right arm wouldn’t have been bitten off.

“Professor Eugene—”

Professor Eugene knew what Peter wanted to say.

“Did you want to say, why didn’t you install a mechanical prosthetic? When people get old, they become very stubborn. Machinery will always be external objects. If we humans want to become stronger, we still need to improve our physique.”

Then, Professor Eugene handed Peter a cup of coffee.

“If I’m not mistaken, your name is Peter.”


How did he know Peter’s name?

Professor Eugene saw Peter’s puzzled expression and said with a smile, “Not only do I know your name, but I also know that you got first place in the mecha course. You were supposed to go to the mecha course, but your place was taken, right…”

Peter already knew that his spot in the mecha course had been taken by someone else.

However, after getting the confirmation from Professor Eugene, he still felt a little uncomfortable.

At this moment, Professor Eugene lit up a cigar.

It also attracted Peter’s attention.

“Peter, you are the only student who has gotten full marks since the establishment of the mecha course. Don’t you want to be number one in the genetics course?”


What did this old man mean?

The number one in the genetics course!

What use could it be?

He ridiculed this idea in his heart, but did not say anything.

He looked at Professor Eugene, waiting for him to continue.

“As long as you get first place in the genetics course, I can give you a special gene-strengthening potion.”

Professor Eugene saw Peter’s puzzled expression.

“I’m sure you’re thinking that the genetics course specializes in strengthening genes, right? However, you have to know that most Genetic Warriors use E-Grade strengthening potions. The higher the level of the strengthening potion, the harder it is to synthesize them.”


Peter heard this and instantly understood.

The reason why the Federation did not think highly of the genetic course was that most Genetic Warriors could only obtain E-Grade gene-strengthening potions.

The higher the level of the gene-strengthening potions, the harder it was to synthesize them. For example, there were definitely very few A-Grade gene-strengthening potions.

As a result, even though the number of Genetic Warriors was huge, they were still weak compared to mechas.

It should be known that the number of Locke II mechas, the model with the highest number of mechas currently serving in the Federation, had reached an astonishing 50,000 a year.

The main material of each mecha was the extremely hard metal chromium, which could withstand the attack of a B-Grade mutant.

When equipped with powerful firearms, it was not difficult for them to kill a B-Grade mutated creature.

However, the Genetic Warriors were much weaker, not to mention the large number of E-Grade Genetic Warriors.

Even a B-Grade Genetic Warrior would have to flee if they encountered a B-Grade mutant creature alone.

It couldn’t be helped. No matter how strong a human’s body was, its defense couldn’t compare to that of hard metal.

As a result, although Genetic Warriors were far stronger than ordinary people, they were still unable to surpass mechas.

They could only follow behind the mecha army and clean up the battlefield.

Their title of “Battlefield Cleaner” was not for nothing.

Only by relying on mechas would the Human Federation be able to maintain a balance of offense and defense against the mutated creatures.

Once an S-Grade leader was born from among the mutated creatures, one or two base cities in the human camp would fall.

Under such circumstances, the Federation’s final decision to choose the mechas would be the correct one.

At this moment, Peter thought for a moment and looked up at Professor Eugene.

“Professor Eugene, about the special gene-strengthening potion you mentioned earlier, is it an A-Grade strengthening potion?”

After hearing Peter’s question, Professor Eugene became unusually angry.

“Hmph! Only around 100 doses of the A-Grade strengthening potions can be synthesized in a year, but it’s not even enough for those parasites of the Federation!”

Could it be?

Peter could guess by now that most of the 100 A-Grade strengthening potions had been stolen by the upper echelons of the Federation.

There was probably very little left for the genetics majors.

Since it was not an A-Grade strengthening potion…

Then what grade of strengthening potion would it be?

Peter didn’t bother to guess. Instead, he looked directly at Professor Eugene.

After Professor Eugene calmed down, his expression became serious.

“Peter, I hope that you will stay in the genetics course. With your learning ability, you don’t have to go to the mecha course to be able to unleash your abilities. The genetics course can do the same.”

Then, Professor Eugene took a strengthening potion from the safe.

“This is a sample of a special gene-strengthening potion. You can use it now and see how the effects are like.”

Professor Eugene saw Peter’s puzzled expression.

“Don’t worry, there won’t be any danger. This is just a sample. The actual special potion won’t be given to you now.”

Peter stopped hesitating and opened the packaging of the potion in front of Professor Eugene.

This was a simple syringe that could be shot directly under the skin.

The light blue serum slowly entered Peter’s subcutaneous tissue.

As the potion was injected, a cold voice sounded in Peter’s mind.

[Thunder God genes detected. Extracting…]

[You have extracted 0.001% of Thunder God genes.. Congratulations to the host for obtaining a tenfold physical enhancement.]

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