Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction

Chapter 47 - Base City Without Help

Chapter 47: Base City Without Help

Meanwhile, the mutated creatures that had been hiding in the underground tunnels began to rush to the streets.

They attacked ordinary people.

Callie had only joined the Genetics College for a short period of time.

However, all the Genetic Warriors in the Federation knew her.

It was not because Callie was the granddaughter of the President of the Federation, but because she was Peter’s girlfriend.

Even the Genetic Warriors who had left the Genetics College and were serving in the Federation knew Peter.

It couldn’t be helped. After all, they had all seen the recent video of Peter killing mutated vultures.

These Genetic Warriors were proud of Peter.

After all, they had been suppressed by the Mecha Warriors for too long.

Finally, Peter, who had surpassed the God of War, appeared.

How could they not be happy?

Callie didn’t idle around after the base city was attacked by mutated creatures.

Instead, she left the relatively safe Federal building.

Then, she ran to contact the other Genetic Warriors and formed a guerrilla team.

They were mainly searching for mutated creatures in the city.

Just now, when Callie led the Genetic Warriors here, she heard someone shouting for help.

Then, she immediately came to the rescue.

Luckily, the mutated creatures that attacked the people were not very high-leveled.

They were simply low-level mutated creatures that had previously infiltrated the base city.

Callie led the Genetic Warriors to kill these mutated creatures.

However, just as Callie and the others were about to leave, they suddenly heard a strange sound from the underground tunnel.

An ear-piercing buzz sounded from the underground tunnel and entered Callie and the others’ ears.

“What the hell is that noise?”

Callie turned to the Genetic Warrior beside her.

“I don’t know. I’ve never heard such a sound either. It seems to be from some mutated creature.”

“Should we go in and take a look?”

“The situation inside this underground tunnel is very complicated. I think it’s better not to go in for safety reasons.”

“If only Big Boss Peter was here. He could kill any mutant creature with one punch.”

“Shh! Lower your voice…”

A Genetic Warrior glared at his companion.

He was afraid Callie would hear Peter’s name and worry about him.

After the communication in the base city had been disrupted, Callie had been unable to contact Peter.

Thus, she didn’t know Peter’s current situation.

Could Peter have learned that the mutated creatures had attacked the base city in advance?

Was he already on the way back?

These were all Callie’s guesses.

If the mutated creatures broke through the city wall of the base city, everyone, including them, would die.

No one would survive.

Even if they escaped into the basement, it was only a matter of time before the mutated creatures found them.

There was no point in hiding like this.

Since that was the case, they might as well kill a few more mutated creatures.

Just then, Callie did something that surprised the other Genetic Warriors.

She led the way into the underground tunnel.

The Genetic Warriors behind her were frightened, but quickly followed.

After all, Callie was Big Boss Peter’s girlfriend.

If any accidents happened, regardless of whether Big Boss Peter could come back in time, they would still feel very guilty.

Meanwhile, the buzzing in the tunnel grew louder.

As a result, the Genetic Warriors who had entered this place began to feel dizzy.

Callie showed the most obvious effects as her body was not as strong as that of the other Genetic Warriors.

This kind of dizziness was an indication that they had come into contact with high radiation.

This was not right.

Callie and the Genetic Warriors behind her immediately noticed the problem.

Those who had undergone some training in the Federation could guess what was going on.

The buzzing thing in the underground tunnel must be the source of the interference signal.

At this moment, everyone was pleasantly surprised.

They had accidentally discovered an unexpected surprise.

As long as they killed the creature that produced the interference signal, the Federation would be able to recover the signal that had been interrupted.

Then, they would be able to contact the mecha army in the wilderness in time.

This was the only way to resolve the crisis in New York Base City.

Callie and the other Genetic Warriors didn’t hesitate.

They sped up along the underground tunnel.

At this moment, staff members were running in and out of the Federal combat unit.

It couldn’t be helped. After all, communication had been interrupted.

Many messages could only be delivered by people running back and forth.

Meanwhile, their communication receivers were kept in the office.

They had now become decorations with a flashing red warning light.

This was an indication that they could not connect to communication channels.

At this moment, a female staff member walked in. She was not here to repair the communication terminal.

Instead, she was here to get a spare power cable.

When she reached the door with the power cable, a beeping sound suddenly sounded behind her.

Then, the communication terminal buzzed.

The originally flashing red light instantly turned green.

Communications in New York Base City had been restored.

The female staff, who was the first to discover that the communication system had been restored, immediately ran out to report this information.

The Federation reacted quickly. They immediately contacted the mecha army that was fighting in the wilderness.

“Hey, hey, hey! This is the Federal combat unit!”

“If you have received this message, please answer!”

After a short wait, there was a worrying roar from inside.

“Hey, hey, hey! Is that the Federation…? We’re under siege by beasts…”

“… Save me…”

Desperate cries of help could be heard from the communicator.

Then, the entire Federal combat unit was silent.

This was the Federation’s last hope.

However, it had been destroyed.

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