Almighty Sword Domain

Chapter 24 – Mysterious Little Fellow

Chapter 24 – Mysterious Little Fellow

As he gazed at this woman before him that possessed a hot and sexy figure, Yang Ye said in a light voice, “Big Sister Qing Hong, you seem to have been intentionally maintaining your distance from me since last night?”

Since last night, Qing Hong’s attitude towards him had changed, and she seemed to be intentionally maintaining her distance from him. He knew that perhaps it was because of his strength. But no matter what, he’d taken Qing Hong to be his friend, and he didn’t wish for this friendship to vanish just like this.

When she heard Yang Ye, Qing Hong’s lips moved, and she wanted to deny it. However, when she noticed Yang Ye’s serious expression, she didn’t give an excuse in the end and just sighed lightly.

It was undeniable that she had a good impression of Yang Ye, and she hoped to take Yang Ye as her friend. However, Yang Ye was a disciple of a sect and a very promising one at that. Moreover, it was very difficult for there to be any friendship between mercenaries and disciples of sects, and it was none other than because they were people of different status.

If it was any other mercenary, that person would definitely feel extremely excited from being able to become friends with a disciple of a sect. However, she didn’t think like this because this sort of friendship was mostly done out of pity.

When he saw Qing Hong remain silent, Yang Ye continued. “Big Sister Qing Hong, I don’t know why you’ve been intentionally keeping your distance from me. However, I want to tell you that I’ve really taken you to be my friend!”

“Why?” asked Qing Hong. “I’m only an ordinary mercenary.”

Yang Ye said with a smile, “I treat others how they treat me. When we entered Snake Forest and while I was hiding my strength, you didn’t look down upon me or keep your distance from me as the others had. Conversely, you protected and cared for me at all times. From that moment onwards, I’d taken you to be my friend.”

“If I knew you were so strong, then I wouldn’t have poked my nose into your business.” Qing Hong rolled her eyes at Yang Ye while she revealed a smile because she was able to sense that Yang Ye had spoken sincerely.

Yang Ye smiled and said with a serious expression, “Big Sister Qing Hong, I think that that friendship isn’t something that requires strength, money, or other things. So, some of your thoughts are really bad.”

Qing Hong wanted to refute him, yet her face suddenly turned red. Because when she heard Yang Ye say ‘some of your thoughts’, it made her think of something. She’d intentionally kept her distance from Yang Ye not because she was unable to become friends with him, but because…. When she thought of some things, her face turned even redder.

When he noticed Qing Hong’s face suddenly become red, Yang Ye was slightly baffled. I didn’t say anything that exceeded what was proper! Why has this bold and straightforward woman’s face turned red?

When she noticed Yang Ye staring at her, Qing Hong suppressed the embarrassing thoughts in her heart before glaring fiercely at Yang Ye, and she said, “What’re you looking at!?”

Wow. Yang Ye was completely speechless. He really wanted to say that she was incomprehensible, yet he restrained himself in the end. Presently, Qing Hong seemed to have stopped intentionally keeping her distance from him. So, if he were to say that to her, then he would probably be unable to avoid being cursed at.

With a flip of his wrist, a Strength Talisman appeared in Yang Ye’s hand, and he passed it to Qing Hong before he said, “Big Sister Qing Hong, this is for you. I’ll see you next time.” As soon as he finished speaking, he didn’t stay here any longer and flashed towards the distance.

As she watched Yang Ye’s figure vanish, Qing Hong said to herself, How embarrassing! He’s only 16 or 17 years old, how could I possibly have had such thoughts?

When she noticed the talisman with a golden flame on it, Qing Hong’s figure instantly froze, and her hands couldn’t help but tremble.

After a long time, Qing Hong hurriedly placed that talisman behind the clothes at her chest, and then she raised her head to gaze at where Yang Ye had vanished into the distance. She seemed to be dazed as she muttered in a low voice. “A high-grade Strength Talisman…. How… how could this be possible?”


Yang Ye dash madly all along the way, and he ceaselessly flashed amidst the thick forest like a nimble monkey. During this period of time, he’d encountered some unknown Darkbeasts. However, he didn’t make a move against them because the grades of those Darkbeasts were too low, and he intended to head to Nether Wolf Gorge to search for those formidable Nether Wolves.

After dashing madly for a few hours, Yang Ye finally stopped, and then he leaped up a large tree at the side before staring towards the distance.

In the distance, the mountain range towered into the clouds and continued without end. It was impossible for him to see the end of it.

As he gazed at the boundless mountain range, Yang Ye’s expression was heavy as he said in a low voice, “According to legend, there’s an enormous Darkbeast Empire at the central area of the Grand Myriad Mountains. I wonder if it’s true. If I have the chance in the future, I definitely must have a look.”

When he spoke up to here, he shook his head and said with self-ridicule, “If I’m unable to become an outer court disciple 20 plus days from now, and if I’m unable to defeat Liu Qingyu three months from now, then I wouldn’t even have my life, let alone being able to have a look at the Darkbeast Empire.”

Yang Ye restrained his thoughts and withdrew a worn-out map from his pocket. Man’zi’s group had given him this map last night, and it was a map of some areas at the border of the Grand Myriad Mountains. Moreover, some dangerous areas had been indicated on the map by Man’zi and the others.

After sweeping the map with his gaze, Yang Ye’s gaze descended onto Nether Wolf Gorge in the end.

After he memorized the way to Nether Wolf Gorge, Yang Ye put the map away and was about to get down from the tree.

Right at this moment, Yang Ye’s figure that had already leaned forward instantly stiffened on the spot, and his gaze swiftly shot towards the distance.

A violet shadow suddenly flashed out from the dense forest 300m away. The violet shadow was extremely swift. No, it should be said to be strange. Because the violet shadow was flickering, and it moved around 100m in distance with every flicker.

As he gazed at this strange scene, Yang Ye’s scalp felt slightly numb, and he hurriedly held his breath and didn’t dare make any movements.

The violet shadow traversed a distance of 300m in the time of two breaths and arrive where Yang Ye was. Fortunately, the violet shadow didn’t stop, and it flashed past him.

Right when Yang Ye heaved a sigh of relief, the violet shadow that was already over 30m behind him had suddenly stopped moving, and then it flashed before directly appearing in front of Yang Ye.

Yang Ye’s body instantly froze. As he gazed at this… this little thing that appeared before him, Yang Ye didn’t dare move at all. He was deeply afraid of annoying this little thing and causing it to annihilate him.

It was a mink that had suddenly appeared in front of him, and it was extremely cute. It was completely violet in color, had a slender and long figure, short limbs, long ears, a round head, and its little tail swayed behind it. Moreover, a gorgeous blood red lotus mark resided on its forehead.

The violet mink stopped in midair while its lively eyes gazed at Yang Ye, and it blinked from time to time. It was extremely cute. However, under the gaze of its pair of lively and cute eyes, Yang Ye didn’t even dare breathe heavily. Because this violet mink’s strange speed had truly terrified Yang Ye, and it was a speed that even experts at the King Realm were unable to attain!

After a short moment, the violet mink’s brows knit together like a human, and then it took two steps closer to Yang Ye. Its tiny nose sniffed Yang Ye’s body, and then it seemed to have noticed something good, causing the little fellow’s large eyes to instantly light up. Even if Yang Ye didn’t know the language of beasts, he was able to sense that this little fellow before him was happy. Because the little fellow’s expression at this moment was exactly similar to his expression that day when he noticed he could become a Profounder.

The violet mink seemed to have noticed something good in Yang Ye’s possession, and its nose sniffed without end while its really round face revealed an intoxicated expression.

Right when Yang Ye was about to flee, the violet mink before him suddenly transformed into a wisp of violet light and entered his chest, and this sudden action of the violet mink caused Yang Ye’s mind to instantly go blank.

After a short while, Yang Ye hurriedly checked his body, and when he noticed the situation within his body, Yang Ye muttered as if he’d lost his soul. “How… how could this be possible? How could this be possible?”

Yes, that extremely cute little fellow had entered into his body, or more precisely, it had entered the tiny vortex Dantian within his body. Earlier, when he immersed his mind into his body, he noticed that the violet mink was sizing up the tiny vortex Dantian within his body, and its tiny face was first covered in excitement, then bewilderment before finally revealing excitement again after a short moment.

The violet mink seemed to be extremely excited, and it flickered endlessly within his vortex Dantian like a mercenary that had found buried treasure.

Right at this moment, Yang Ye suddenly opened his eyes before looking once more towards the distance. A black figure flashed out from the thick forest in the distance, and when he saw this black figure, Yang Ye gulped while his mind went blank. Because this black figure was flying in the air, and it was flying without relying on any external forces.

Yang Ye didn’t know what sort of cultivation realm was required in order to fly without relying on external forces. In any case, experts of the King Realm and the Spirit Realm which was above the King Realm were unable to accomplish this, whereas, experts above the Spirit Realm were at the Exalt Realm!

The black figure was extremely swift, and it instantly arrived by Yang Ye’s side. The black figure was completely pitch black, and his entire body was coiled with black energy. Moreover, the countless strands of black energy that roamed around him seemed like numerous venomous snakes that were prepared to swallow their enemies.

The black figure didn’t stop, and it flashed towards the distance.

On the other hand, Yang Ye’s countenance was ghastly pale at this moment. It was because the black figure had glanced at him, and it was precisely this glance that caused him to feel as if he’d fallen into hell. A feeling of terror instantly enveloped his entire body, and it caused him to be unable to arouse the slightest intention to resist.

No! Being unable to even bear a single glance from the black figure caused a feeling of humiliation to arise from the bottom of Yang Ye’s heart, and he roared in a low voice before forcefully raising his head to look at where the black figure vanished. He had a firm expression as he said, “I would rather die than fear. The sword of the disciples of the Sword Sect would rather break than bend, and the disciples of the sword sect would rather die than be humiliated!” These words were something the Founding Ancestor of the sword sect had said, and Yang Ye had committed it to memory!

As soon as he finished speaking, the feeling of terror at the bottom of Yang Ye’s heart instantly vanished.

At the same time, the sword in his hand started to tremble violently. It let out a clear and resounding sword howl before a clang resounded, and the sword transformed into countless pieces.

On the other hand, Yang Ye’s eyes were slightly closed at this moment. After he finished speaking those words just now, he’d entered into a strange and profound state.

Yang Ye didn’t know that when he entered into this state, it wasn’t just his sword that had shattered, even the trees in his surroundings rustled as if something invisible was moving.

If the seven Peak Masters of the Sword Sect or the Sword Sect’s Master were here, they would know what sort of state Yang Ye was in. This was a state that countless people within the Sword Sect dreamed of because this was a state of comprehension, and it would allow one to comprehend the Sword Intent that no one within the Sword Sect had comprehended for a few hundreds of years.


Right when Yang Ye entered into this state, the sound of wind being torn apart resounded. The black clothed figure that had originally vanished into the distance had suddenly turned around, and when he sensed that terrifying aura, Yang Ye immediately abandoned this state and returned to his senses.

Right when he returned to his senses, that black clothed figure from before had appeared in front of him like a ghost.

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