Almighty Sword Domain

Chapter 3 – Vortex Dantian

Chapter 3 – Vortex Dantian

At the side of a pool in Cool Breeze Gorge, Yang Ye sat cross-legged on the ground with his eyes closed slightly, and he’d immersed his mind into his body.

After the excitement he felt earlier, Yang Ye felt that it was slightly strange. Because no matter how he thought about it, it didn’t seem right to have two Dantians. So, he decided to figure out the tiny vortex at the depths of his Dantian.

This time, he saw the tiny vortex Dantian clearly. It was only the size of a palm, and it ceaselessly emanated suction force. It was precisely this suction force that instantly absorbed the Profound Energy he absorbed into his body after his training.

This tiny vortex had completely absorbed all the Profound Energy within his Dantian, causing him to be utterly unable to become a Profounder. No, it should be said that he’d already become a Profounder a very long time ago. Because becoming a Profounder depended on one’s natural talent. If one was able to absorb Profound Energy through tempering the body, then one was a Profounder.

However, his Profound Energy had been absorbed by the tiny vortex as soon as it entered his body, causing him to have the mistaken view that he wasn’t a Profounder. Based on the standards of being a Profounder, he was already a Profounder since a long time ago.

Yang Ye tried to control this tiny vortex. In his opinion, since this tiny vortex was within his body, then it ought to belong to him and be controlled by him. However, to his disappointment, every time he intended to draw Profound Energy out from within the tiny vortex, the tiny vortex would seem as if it had been provoked by something and speed up its revolutions, causing him to be utterly unable to drag out even a trace of Profound Energy.

That Profound Energy is mine! After trying hard for a long time, Yang Ye was slightly annoyed when he noticed the tiny vortex was still unwilling to release the Profound Energy within it, and he cursed in his heart. If he was unable to control this tiny vortex, then didn’t it mean that he would be working for that tiny vortex for his entire lifetime?

Most importantly, if he didn’t possess Profound Energy, then how would he improve the intensity of his training? After all, the current intensity of his training had already reached his limits. Under the situation that he didn’t possess any cultivation resources and didn’t possess the support and recovery provided by Profound Energy, raising the intensity of his training might cause irreparable harm to his body.

Give me a bit, just a bit. You must realize that you’ll be unable to absorb Profound Energy without me. Give me a little bit, and I’ll be able to absorb even more Profound Energy. Isn’t all the Profound Energy I absorb yours in the end? What do you think? It’s advantageous for both of us to work together, and it’ll be disadvantageous for both of us if we don’t!

Since doing things by force didn’t work, Yang Ye decided to try negotiating. Even though it was slightly aggrieving because the Profound Energy were the fruits of his laborious training, it couldn’t be helped, the Profound Energy was the key to whether he would be able to become a true Profounder, and it was related to whether he would be able to become an Outer Court Disciple. So, he had no choice but to swallow his pride.

After a short while, the tiny vortex showed no reaction. Yet just when Yang Ye was prepared to curse furiously, a string of light golden Profound Energy suddenly flowed out from within the tiny cortex. When he saw this, Yang Ye almost leaped up with excitement. After another short period of time, another string flowed out. Gradually, string after string of light golden Profound Energy flowed out without end, and the tiny vortex only stopped after around 20 strings of light golden Profound Energy had flowed out.

The light golden Profound Energy flowed into his normal Dantian, and Yang Ye was just about to shout when the light golden Profound Energy suddenly flowed towards the meridians within his entire body. After that, these strings of light golden Profound Energy slowly entered his muscles. At this moment, Yang Ye felt as if he could hear the cheers of countless cells within his muscles, and then the sore and exhausted feeling he had vanished silently before it was replaced with more and more abundant energy.

Right when Yang Ye was bewildered, he suddenly felt as if something was wriggling on his body. He hurriedly removed his clothes and lowered his head to take a look, and then Yang Ye’s eyes instantly opened wide. He saw that the skin on his body was falling off at a visible speed!

His skin was being replaced!

This was a sign of attaining the fourth level of the Body Refinement Technique! Attaining the fourth level of the Body Refinement Technique meant that he was a fourth rank Profounder now!

“Haha!!” When he thought up to here, Yang Ye leaped up from the ground and started to roar with laughter. After laughing for a while, he seemed to feel that something was off, and he hurriedly stopped his laughter and lowered his head to look at his body.

As he gazed at his body that was ceaselessly shedding its skin, Yang Ye hurriedly removed all the clothes he wore, and then he leaped into the pool. After all his skin had shed off, he flipped around in the pool before leaping out of it. He lightly rubbed the skin before his chest, and everywhere his palm passed, it was like touching a smooth rock, and it sent an unusually firm feeling to the center of his palm.

Pop! Pop! Pop!

Yang Ye suppressed the excitement in his heart and picked up a tree branch from the ground, and then he immediately executed the Basic Sword Technique. As he executed it, the sound of wind thumped while it actually caused some of the dirt on the ground to rise up into the air. Its impetus was something that couldn’t be compared to the past at all.

After he finished, Yang Ye hurriedly immersed his mind into his body once more. After a short moment, an overjoyed expression surged onto his face. Yes, he wasn’t mistaken, he’d really attained the fourth rank of the Mortal Realm!

From someone that wasn’t even a Profounder, he’d instantly attained the fourth rank of the Mortal Realm. Yang Ye felt dazed as if he was dreaming, but in next to no time, he came to an understanding. Since the moment he’d arrived at the Sword Sect, he’d started to cultivate bitterly in the Body Refinement Technique. At that time, even though he couldn’t be said to be the most diligent amongst the Outer Court Disciples, he was absolutely able to be ranked in the top three.

Since that moment until now, he’d been cultivating in the Body Refinement Technique for two years now. So, his body had already attained an extremely strong state. Now that Profound Energy had entered his body, it was like he’d suddenly obtained the pin to his bank account. With the pin, he was naturally able to withdraw his money.

Simply speaking, his abundant accumulations had finally surged out!

Yang Ye’s brows suddenly knit together because he’d suddenly thought of a problem, and the problem was that his Profound Energy was light gold in color! Light gold Profound Energy? Is it unique to me, or is the Profound Energy within the bodies of others light gold as well? Yang Ye was slightly bewildered.

Forget it! When I enter the Outer Court in the future, I’ll definitely be able to know if I’m the same as others after I come into contact with more Profounders! Yang Ye wasn’t someone that liked to wrack his head over a problem, and he only thought about it for a moment before putting it aside.

Yang Ye set cross-legged on the ground before his mind descended once more into his body. At this moment, the golden Profound Energy from before had already vanished from within his normal Dantian, and it was completely empty.

“Brother, I presume you understand me. How about we do this? Let’s equally split the Profound Energy I absorb in the future. I’ll give you all the Profound Energy I absorb, and in return, you have to give me that type of light golden Profound Energy. I’m not taking advantage of you because you ought to be aware that I’ll only be able to absorb more Profound Energy by becoming stronger. Conversely, if I don’t become stronger, then the amount of Profound Energy I absorb will definitely be extremely scarce. So, I should be prioritized now, and once I’ve become strong, you’ll be able to obtain even more Profound Energy. What do you think?”

Yang Ye had an absurd feeling that the tiny vortex was able to understand him. There was no reason for this, and it was just a feeling of his. So, he’d decided to discuss the matter with the tiny vortex. Otherwise, if the tiny vortex monopolized all the Profound Energy in the future, then he would definitely be filled with anguish.

After a short moment and right when Yang Ye felt slightly impatient, the tiny vortex suddenly started revolving, and it revolved for a moment before it stopped.

Yang Ye started smiling when he sensed the actions of the tiny vortex, his intuition told him that the tiny vortex had agreed. Obviously, the tiny vortex wasn’t satisfied with the speed he absorbed Profound Energy at now, so it had decided to allow him to become strong first. This was an investment!

After he wore his clothes, Yang Ye walked over to the place where the iron pieces were hidden, and he wore them. At this moment, Yang Ye wasn’t able to feel a shred of weight coming from them.

He didn’t have a cultivation technique now, so he could only utilize the Body Refinement Technique to absorb Profound Energy. The more ruthlessly he trained, the more Profound Energy he would be able to absorb, and that meant that the amount of light golden Profound Energy he obtained would be even more. With even more light golden Profound Energy, he would be able to utilize it to strengthen his body and improve his cultivation.

“Ah!!! Help me!! Stop chasing after Bao’er!! Grandpa! Save me!!” Right when Yang Ye intended to train until his limits, a sharp cry suddenly sounded from the distant forest. The voice was slightly immature, and it was obviously a little girl.

Yang Ye stopped moving when he heard this, and he looked towards the forest in the distance. Suddenly, a little girl wearing a white dress with floral patterns ran out of the forest in panic. The little girl was only around 13 or 14 years old, and she had an extremely long braided ponytail behind her head. Her countenance was ghastly pale while she bit tightly on her tiny lips, and she was dashing desperately while using both her hands and feet to run.

The little girl ran out of the forest. When she saw Yang Ye, her originally pale countenance instantly grew paler, and she shouted as she ran. “That little laborer over there! Quickly run away! The little snake has gone mad….”


Right when Yang Ye was dazed, the ground suddenly started to shake, and then an enormous creature rampaged through the forest behind the little girl and charged out.

A Colossal Python King!

When he saw this enormous creature, Yang Ye’s countenance instantly became as pale as the little girl. That’s a little snake? That’s a Colossal Python King!

The Colossal Python King was a fifth rank Darkbeast. Its body was like the size of three adults and around 10m in length, and its eyes were like the size of fists. Most importantly, its scales and the defense it provided was something that might not be possible to be slashed apart even with a sword skill!

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