Almighty Sword Domain

Chapter 41 – The Little Fellow’s Charm

Chapter 41 – The Little Fellow’s Charm

On the enormous rock, Yang Ye concentrated his mind and stared at the empty talisman paper on the rock. At the same time, the fine talisman brush in his hand was gradually moving on the paper.

The little fellow and Bao’er stood at his side while they stared fixedly at the empty talisman paper. However, Bao’er wasn’t as serious as the little fellow and Yang Ye, and she alternated between watching Yang Ye craft the talisman and looking at the cute little fellow. Moreover, her eyeballs spun frequently, and she seemed to be coming up with some sort of plan.

After a long time, Yang Ye withdrew the brush and took a deep breath before he looked at Bao’er and said in a light voice, “How is it? I craft talismans just like that. There’s nothing wrong with it, right?”

As soon as she arrived today, Bao’er had said that she wanted to watch him craft a talisman, or it should be said that she said she intended to guide him. As a beginner, how could Yang Ye dare disobey his senior sister’s request? For the sake of pleasing his senior sister, Yang Ye had been unprecedentedly serious and careful this time, and it was all for the sake of pleasing this senior sister of his.

Bao’er moved her gaze away from the little fellow with great difficulty, and then she picked up Yang Ye’s Strength Talisman. When she noticed that the Strength Talisman was a high-grade talisman, Bao’er’s eyes blinked swiftly before she looked at Yang Ye for a short while. In the end, she said, “Mmm, it’s actually not bad. Of course, your speed is still a bit too slow, and it needs to be a bit quicker.” As soon as she finished speaking, Bao’er’s face flushed red.

Yang Ye nodded in agreement because even he felt that utilizing an hour to craft a Strength Talisman was slightly slow. However, he was clearly aware that he couldn’t be impatient, and he could only gradually improve his speed.

When she saw Yang Ye nod, Bao’er’s eyes narrowed while she revealed a brilliant smile on her little face. Actually, the speed Yang Ye crafted talismans at and the quality of his talismans was already very good, and at the very least, it was much better than when she was still a beginner. However, she refused to tell this to Yang Ye because her grandfather had once said that one couldn’t be proud because pride would cause one to fall behind.

When she recalled her grandfather’s words, Bao’er nodded with deep agreement, and she said in her heart, Yes, I can’t allow the Little Laborer to be proud, I have to strike a blow to his confidence!

“Bao’er, your grandfather… err, I mean Master. Has he returned?” asked Yang Ye. Yang Ye really wanted to meet this master that he’d obtained so easily. Because based on the attitude those outer court disciples had towards Bao’er this master of his was definitely an extremely formidable figure, and it would definitely be extremely beneficial if he was able to lean on this large mountain.

Bao’er’s smile vanished when her grandfather was mentioned, and she puckered her lips and said, “That geezer has already left for a month! Hmph! What sort of Talisman Master’s Conference would take so long? He has definitely snuck off to have fun by himself, and he didn’t even bring Bao’er along! Once he returns, I’ll definitely pull off his beard!”

“He still hasn’t returned huh!” Yang Ye was slightly disappointed. He didn’t really desire to rely on this huge mountain that was Bao’er’s grandfather, and he just wanted to learn talisman crafting techniques from him. Presently, his speed of improvement was truly too slow because he was fumbling about by himself, and if he had the guidance of a great Talisman Master, then he believed his improvement would definitely be extremely swift.

“Let’s not mention him anymore!” Bao’er spoke with slight anger. Suddenly, her eyeballs spun before she pointed at the violet mink by Yang Ye’s side and said, “Little Laborer, who’s that?” She’d desired to ask this question since a long time ago.

The violet mink blinked, and then it descended onto Yang Ye’s shoulder with a flash because this little girl’s gaze was too aggressive.

Yang Ye was stunned. When he noticed Bao’er’s eyes that flickered with the glow of excitement, a bad feeling instantly arose in his heart.

The little fellow is extremely cute, and this little she-devil definitely likes the little fellow.

When he thought up to here, Yang Ye organized his words before he said, “It’s my friend, and it has helped me greatly….”

“I’ll give you 10 high-grade talismans in exchange for it!” Bao’er interrupted Yang Ye and directly laid down her price. She’d taken a liking to this little fellow as soon as she’d laid eyes on it, and she felt that it was too cute just like her!

Yang Ye’s head ached slightly because the little fellow absolutely couldn’t be given to Bao’er. Moreover, even if he was willing to give the little fellow away, the little fellow would definitely be unwilling to go with Bao’er. He wasn’t confident in the little fellow, and he was confident in his tiny vortex instead.

“15 high-grade talismans!” Bao’er’s gaze moved from the little fellow and onto Yang Ye. However, when she gazed at Yang Ye, her gaze had become slightly hostile.

The little fellow understood Bao’er, and it was naturally unwilling to go with Bao’er. For the sake of preventing Yang Ye from giving it away, it held Yang Ye’s face with both its claws and ceaselessly rubbed its little head against Yang Ye’s face in order to display its intentions. However, it hadn’t realized that its actions had caused Bao’er to feel envious from the sight of it.

Yang Ye rubbed his head against the little fellow’s head and then laughed bitterly as he said, “Bao’er, the little fellow isn’t an object, it’s my friend, and it’s following me out of its own free will. We haven’t formed any contract between us. So, I don’t have the authority to give it away.”

When he noticed Bao’er seemed to be on the verge of flaring up, Yang Ye hurriedly said, “Of course, if it’s willing to go with you, then I’ll absolutely not object to it. This… this will completely depend on Bao’er’s own ability!”

When she heard those last few sentences from Yang Ye, Bao’er expression eased up as she said, “Little Laborer, you’re not allowed to go back on your word. If the little fellow is willing to go with me, then it’s mine from then on!”

“I’ll absolutely not object to it!” Yang Ye hurriedly guaranteed.

Bao’er nodded with satisfaction when she heard Yang Ye, and then she looked at the little fellow and grinned as she said, “Little mink, come with Bao’er! Bao’er has a huge number of nice things. I have medicinal pills, talismans, and numerous high-grade spirit herbs. In short, if you come with Bao’er, then everything Bao’er has is yours, alright?”

What a rich little girl! Yang Ye’s eyelids twitched when he heard her because Bao’er was truly and utterly a rich little girl.

The little fellow shook its head in an extremely decisive manner. At the same time, its little claws grabbed tightly onto Yang Ye’s hair.

Bao’er didn’t become dispirited from this, and she continued to tempt it. “If you don’t like Bao’er’s things, then Bao’er has a grandfather, and grandfather has a huge number of extremely nice things. For example, the inner cores of Spirit Rank Darkbeasts, spirit fruits, and numerous Earth Rank and Profound Rank spirit herbs. If you agree to come with Bao’er, then Bao’er will steal them for you. What do you think?”

When he heard her, Yang Ye really wanted to say. “Allow me to follow by your side!”

The little fellow still shook its head. It didn’t take a liking to any of those things because it wasn’t an ordinary mink.

Bao’er was extremely patient, and she continuously tempted the little fellow for around two hours, and the conditions she raised caused Yang Ye to wish for nothing more than to become a violet mink. However, the little fellow shook its head from the beginning until the end. Moreover, in the end, it seemed to be unable to endure Bao’er’s fervor, and it directly entered into Yang Ye’s Dantian, causing Bao’er to be angered to the point being on the verge of crying.

Yang Ye was extremely pleased by the little fellow’s attitude. Since it was able to endure such temptation, it would seem like the tiny vortex is extremely tempting to the little fellow, and it’s even to the extent that such tempting conditions were unable to sway the little fellow at all.

When she saw the little fellow vanish into Yang Ye’s belly, Bao’er instantly vented the anger she suffered from the little fellow onto Yang Ye. She cried and bawled, and she seemed as if she’d continue crying until Yang Ye gave the little fellow to her.

When she utilized this move against her grandfather, it had always worked like a charm!

Yang Ye instantly had a headache when he saw Bao’er wailing like this. This little she-devil before me is around the same age as Little Yao, yet why is there such a large gap in their dispositions? Even though Little Yao is slightly mischievous, she’s extremely gentle. This little she-devil has really been spoiled by that master of mine!

Yang Ye stretched out his hand to wipe the tears on Bao’er’s face and said, “Don’t cry, I have a way to allow you to get close to the little fellow!”

Bao’er’s eyes blinked when she heard this, and she really stopped crying and said, “What method? You’re not allowed to lie to Bao’er.”

Yang Ye rubbed Bao’er’s little head in a slightly doting manner and said, “Just think about it, the little fellow and you’ve just met for the first time, and there’s no relationship between the two of you. So, how could it possibly leave with you? You have to establish a relationship with it, allow it to get close to you and become friends with you. Once you’ve accomplished that, then perhaps it would stop refusing your request for it to go with you. What do you think?”

Bao’er blinked and thought for a moment, and then she suddenly clapped and said, “Right, Bao’er was too impatient. But, how do I make the little fellow have a good impression of me?”

Yang Ye’s gaze flickered when he heard this, and then he said, “I frequently gave the little fellow some tasty things like spirit fruits and spirit herbs, and as time went by, it just started following by my side. Cough….”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye’s face turned red, and a strand of guilt surged out from his heart. He asked himself, is it really good to trick Bao’er like this?

However, when he thought of how Bao’er seemed to refuse to give up until she obtained the little fellow, that bit of guilt in Yang Ye’s heart was instantly relieved because if he didn’t utilize this strategy, then the little fellow and him would definitely never have a day of peace again.

Bao’er nodded in agreement and said, “Little Laborer, you’re right. I’ll return home right now to get some treasures!” As soon as she finished speaking, she turned around and ran off swiftly.

Yang Ye heaved a sigh of relief when he watched Bao’er’s figure vanish at the entrance to the gorge, and then he raised his head to look at the sky while he said in a low voice, “There are only three days left before the Outer Court Exam. I presume that all the geniuses in the nearby cities that satisfy the requirements are already on their way to the Sword Sect. I have to double up on my efforts as well!”

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