Almighty Sword Domain

Chapter 50 – The First Heaven Realm!

Chapter 50 – The First Heaven Realm!

Seven Refinement Peak, Gravity Cavern.

The Gravity Cavern was a comparatively abnormal place of cultivation on Seven Refinement Peak. An invisible force would suppress anyone within this cavern. For example, if one was able to stab 10 times with the sword within a breath of time in the outside, then if one entered this cavern and based on the lowest standard of two times gravity in the Gravity Cavern, then that person would at most be able to stab five times with the sword!

At this moment, a woman that wore a tight red colored leather dress was ceaselessly swinging the sword in her hand within the Gravity Cavern. The woman was extremely beautiful, and she could even be called drop deal gorgeous.

Yes, the woman had a drop dead gorgeous appearance and features that were charming like a fox. Even though she was training with the sword, her eyes seemed to hold pools of spring water, and it caused her to reveal natural charm as her eyes moved about. Perhaps it was because of the gravity, but her charming face seemed to be covered in a very thin blush that was slightly red, causing her to seem extremely beautiful like a bloomed plum blossom.

The woman’s red leather dress was extremely revealing, and it fully revealed her graceful curves that were sexy and charming. The leather dress was just barely able to cover the woman’s posterior, and it was very short, truly very short. If the woman pulled the leather dress up a little bit, then even if it was only a little or perhaps if someone squatted down and looked up at the woman, the scene beneath her dress would definitely be exposed.

With such a charming and gorgeous appearance coupled with a hot and sexy figure, the woman’s entirety emanated charm and temptation that would drive men mad.

Of course, all of this wasn’t important, the most important was the multiplication in the Gravity Cavern was at its highest at this moment, 20 times! Moreover, under this gravity that was 20 times the gravity outside, the woman’s sword technique didn’t show any traces of being affected, and it seemed as if the gravity didn’t exist at all!

“Senior Sister Murong, Feng Lin has something to report!” Right at this moment, a voice resounded from outside the cavern.

When she heard this voice, the woman’s ink black brows knit slightly together. She hesitated briefly before she gave up on continuing her training. She knew that if it wasn’t something extremely important, then these outer court disciples wouldn’t dare disturb her.

She moved gracefully towards the clothes rack at the side, and with a swing of her hand, she’d worn a scarlet red robe that covered her sexy and enchanting figure.

The door to the cavern opened, and the woman appeared at the entrance. Even though she was drop dead gorgeous, the body of that man called Feng Lin was slightly bent instead while his eyes were lowered, and he didn’t raise his head to look at the woman.

He naturally didn’t dare look at her. Some time ago, an outer court disciple that felt confident in his own extraordinary natural talent had glanced at this woman in a lustful manner, and then that outer court disciple’s ‘little brother’ was stomped apart by this demonic woman that stood before him. Moreover, not only had the elders not punished her, they even warned all the outer court disciples that they shouldn’t offend this woman.

From that day onward, besides a few disciples on the Outer Court Rankings, when the other outer court disciples saw her, they would either go around her or walk with lowered heads while acting as if she didn’t exist.

The woman took a deep breath, and then she glanced at the Feng Lin and said, “Speak. If it isn’t something that interests me, then I’ll skin you alive!”

Feng Lin immediately broke out in cold sweat because he didn’t think this woman before him was joking. He hurriedly said, “Senior Sister Murong, a genius, an extraordinary genius had appeared in the Outer Court Exam this time. That person ascended to the 17th level of the Sword Servant Pagoda with a cultivation at the ninth rank of the Mortal Realm. Moreover, he has advanced to the First Heaven Realm at the 18th level. Most importantly, he’s only 16 years old.”

The woman’s expression was extremely calm. She greedily took a deep breath of the fresh air in the surroundings, and then she said, “Ascending to the 17th level while at the ninth rank of the Mortal Realm and attaining the First Heaven Realm at the age of 16. This natural talent isn’t bad.”

When she spoke up to here, the corners of the woman’s mouth rose slightly to form a strange smile as she said, “However, in my opinion, someone that hasn’t defeated the 19th level isn’t even a genius. Moreover, I’m only interested in experts at the King Realm now. Don’t disturb me with such trivial matters in the future. I’ll forgive you this time!” As soon as she finished speaking, the woman turned around and entered the cavern.

As he gazed at the closed door to the cavern, Feng Lin shook his head and laughed bitterly. Such natural talent is actually only alright to her.

Even though it was slightly dispiriting, he knew that the woman was telling the truth. Moreover, based on what the woman said earlier, he knew that she didn’t take anyone at the First Heaven Realm seriously.

In the illusory realm on the 18th level, Yang Ye opened his eyes, and then he glanced at his chest. At this moment, the injury on his chest had already been completely healed by the gold Profound Energy.

When he noticed his injury was healed, Yang Ye immediately stepped onto the stairs that led to the 19th level.

Just like before, there was only a single Sword Servant on the 19th level as well. However, when Yang Ye saw this Sword Servant, his expression became unprecedentedly heavy. Because the aura emanated from this Sword Servant had already surpassed the scope of the ninth rank of the Mortal Realm. In other words, this Sword Servant was at the First Heaven Realm!

“There really always is someone stronger!”

Yang Ye spoke in a low voice as he gazed at this Sword Servant.

He recalled what Elder Cao Huo had said earlier about someone having passed through the 20th level during the last Outer Court Exam. In other words, that person had defeated the Sword Servant on the 20th level and had stopped at the 21st level. The Sword Servant at the 19th level was already a First Heaven Realm expert whose strength wasn’t overstated at all, then how formidable would the expert at the 20th level be? Most importantly, that person who passed through these levels was only at the Mortal Realm!

At the moment he saw the Sword Servant, that bit of pride and complacency in Yang Ye’s heart from passing through the previous 18 levels had instantly vanished completely. However, this didn’t make him feel dispirited, and it aroused unprecedented battle intent within him instead.

Since others are able to accomplish it, then why can’t I? The First Heaven Realm? Allow me to test exactly how formidable a First Heaven Realm expert whose strength isn’t overstated at all is! Yang Ye circulated his Profound Energy. At this moment, the Profound Energy within his body surged madly like a storm, and the golden sword in his hand instantly transformed into a golden sword that was suffused with a light golden glow.

At this moment, Yang Ye didn’t hold back at all. At this moment, Yang Ye was truly fighting with all his might!

Yang Ye walked forward as he held the golden sword in hand. He’d just taken a single step when a sword suffused with a cold glow had already arrived at his throat. This speed was swift to the point Yang Ye wasn’t able to catch it clearly. He could only rely on his own instinct and senses towards danger to dodge to the side.

Yang Ye had just dodged to the side, yet the sword followed him like glue. In the short period of an instant, it had stabbed a few tens of times, and every single attack was lethal.

Yang Ye’s expression changed rapidly because this Sword Servant at the First Heaven Realm was very much stronger than he’d expected! Yang Ye didn’t dare be careless or slack off at all, and he retreated while warding off the attacks.

Clang! Clang!

Numerous sounds of metal colliding instantly resounded in the surroundings, and it was like a beautiful song.

At merely the beginning of their collision, Yang Ye was already at a position of absolute disadvantage.

The sword technique of this Sword Servant before him had simply surpassed his own by too much. It didn’t carry any extra movements, and it was like the Basic Sword Technique and merely consisted of simple stabbing attacks. However, it was precisely these simple stabbing attacks that caused Yang Ye’s scalp to go numb. Because it was too swift, so besides retreating while he warded off these attacks, he didn’t even have the ability to counterattack!

At this moment, Yang Ye was completely suppressed.

However, fortunately, even though he was in a position of absolute disadvantage, his mind was still extremely calm, and he didn’t become impatient as he had at the 18th level.

One could think with a calm mind, and Yang Ye was thinking deeply at this moment. He knew that if this continued, then he would have absolutely no chance of winning.

When he thought up to here, a wisp of a resolute expression flashed on Yang Ye’s face. At the same time, the sword in his hand stopped warding off the blows, and he directly stabbed it towards the Sword Servant. He’d attacked in a way that would cause both of them to perish together!

Sure enough, at the exact same moment that Yang Ye utilized such an attack, the Sword Servant before him had suddenly changed its sword move. The Sword Servant raised its sword slightly to block Yang Ye’s sword, and then its sword didn’t lose any momentum as it stabbed directly towards Yang Ye’s chest.

As he gazed at the sword that struck towards him, Yang Ye revealed a savage expression. He clenched his left hand into a fist before directly smashing his fist towards the sword. At the same time, his wrist spun to stab once more at the Sword Servant’s chest.


The Sword Servant’s sword pierced through Yang Ye’s left hand. Yang Ye paid no attention to his left hand, and he felt delighted instead. Because his sword was on the verge of piercing the Sword Servant’s chest. However, right when Yang Ye’s sword was about to pierce the Sword Servant’s chest, the Sword Servant’s figure suddenly moved back and avoided his attack instead.

Moreover, during the process that it retreated, the Sword Servant aimed its sword at Yang Ye and slashed through the air. A white colored strand of sword qi instantly arrived before Yang Ye’s chest, and it was swift like a bolt of lightning!

This strand of sword qi that appeared abruptly caused Yang Ye’s expression to change once more!

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