Alternate World: I Started With Two SSS Templates

Chapter 560 - 560 Dust of Concealed Light

560 Dust of Concealed Light

Lin Xuan’s body was rock hard, how was she going to do it?

In just a few minutes, the servant was already sweating and panting. Her hands were sore, and she kept stretching them before continuing.

“Forget it, you don’t need to massage me. Just rest at the side.”

Lin Xuan twisted his neck. It was still quite comfortable.

The servant had no choice but to give up on the massage plan. However, she didn’t rest. She moved a small stool to Lin Xuan’s left and peeled the fruit on the table. Then, she fed it to Lin Xuan and even asked if he wanted imported fruit.

Lin Xuan was speechless.

After rejecting her good intentions, he was naturally interested in the imported fruits. However, when he thought about how many imported fruits had been delivered to this person who produced them, Lin Xuan immediately lost interest.

Furthermore, there was someone else beside him. He did not know which expert this Star Moon was. Perhaps it was his wife. What if… No… He still had to be careful.

The auction had already started when Lin Xuan and the rest entered. However, it had only started for a short while, and there were still many items waiting to be auctioned!

Even though there were many items up for auction, there was not a single one that Lin Xuan could use.

Among the auction items, mystic-rank items were the most abundant. Yellow-rank items were generally not available for auction. Of course, the more precious yellow-rank items were qualified to be auctioned. Finally, there were earth-rank items. Earth-rank items were usually the last items that would appear. A large number of masters would fight to bid for them when the time came.

Lin Xuan took a look at the earth-rank sword that was being fought for. It was of average quality, had average additional effects, and was not very practical. There was no value in buying it.

He could only shake his head helplessly. It seemed like this auction was of no use to him.

Just as he was about to head out to other places to look around, he did not expect that a mystic-rank item after the earth-rank sword would attract Lin Xuan’s attention.

It was an empty bottle. No, there was a bit of stardust in the bottle. It was emitting a soft light and floating inside of it. It was beautiful.

Lin Xuan, who had just stood up and was about to leave, sat down immediately. For some reason, his body began to throb, as if this item had a great relationship with him.

“Respected guests, this is our twenty-seventh item. A mystic-rank light and earth element resource, the Dust of Concealed Light. Even though it’s only a mystic-rank resource, it’s very rare. It’s a dual element resource of light and earth. Now, the starting price for concealed light dust is one million fallen coins. Let the auction begin!”

For a moment, the entire auction hall was silent. A dual element of light and earth was extremely rare, but it was also rare to see a dual element user of light and earth. After all, light and earth were not compatible, and it was not a popular element combination.

It was not popular, but it did not mean that it did not exist. Fallen Paradise Mountain had ability users from all over the world, and naturally, there would be people with light and earth elements. They had never heard of a resource like the Dust of Concealed Light before, but since the attributes were right, it must be usable.

“One million and a hundred thousand!”

An ability user who was sitting below stood up and shouted. He was just the atmosphere group, the ice-breaker arranged by the auction house in order to reduce the number of unsold goods and at the same time, to hype up the auction.

“One million two hundred thousand!”

Hearing someone bid, some of the mystic-rank ability users could no longer sit still and immediately began to bid, shouting loudly.

In the end, the bid went up to 1.5 million, but it stopped. The participants here basically knew what materials were suitable for them and how much the materials were worth. They came to the Fallen Paradise Mountain to enjoy themselves, not to cultivate.

It was good as long as the resources were similar.

Everyone thought that the dust had settled. They were just waiting for the auctioneer to knock the hammer, confirm the deal, and invite the next item to be auctioned. Right then, a low voice resounded throughout the auction hall.

“Two million!”

The price of two million was not high, but the origin of the voice surprised everyone. The experienced auctioneer was stunned for a moment. He had no idea that this mystic-rank item could catch the eyes of a distinguished VIP.

The title of VIP customer of the Fallen Paradise Mountain was not something that could be given casually. In many countries, this title was enough to deter one side, because this title alone represented a lot of things.

The VIP customers of the Fallen Paradise Mountain generally had two conditions. First, strength, and only earth-rank powerhouses could become VIP customers of the Fallen Paradise Mountain. Second, capital. Of course, earth-rank powerhouses didn’t lack money, but it was extremely rare to have around one billion fallen coins. Only people like them could become VIP customers of the Fallen Paradise Mountain.

Naturally, Lin Xuan did not have one billion fallen coins, but the item that he was using to exchange for fallen coins was an earth-rank Demon King. What did this mean? This meant that Lin Xuan was a ferocious person who could tear an earth-rank apart with his bare hands. He was definitely not a weakling among the earth-rank!

Compared to money, the Fallen Paradise Mountain valued strength more!

That was how Lin Xuan got the title of VIP customer of the fallen paradise.

Now, it seemed that an earth-rank was fighting over a mystic-rank resource. There was no other explanation, it had to be because this item was special!

Because of Lin Xuan’s voice, the other VIP guests in the VIP rooms were all interested in it, and they looked at the item a few more times.

Some people pondered for a moment and finally shook their heads and gave up. Some people revealed a smile and prepared to bid for it to explore the hidden secrets. Some people were ready to watch the show.

“Three million!”

A frivolous voice came from another VIP room, as if he didn’t care about the three million fallen coins.

“Ten million!”

Lin Xuan shouted directly. His voice was calm and steady, as if ten million was just a piece of underworld currency that he could burn easily.

“12 million!”

The other VIP rooms that had been ready to make a move stopped at this moment. More than 10 million fallen coins were used to buy the Dust of Concealed Light, whose use was unknown!

Even so, they were still willing to part ways with that amount. With this money, wouldn’t it be comfortable to enjoy it?

Another frivolous voice had already made the bid, but it was a bit serious. After all, for an earth-rank powerhouse, 10 million was just a number, and it could be easily earned back.

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