Arcane Academy: The Divine Extraction Legacy

Chapter 715 Against the Time

Chapter 715 Against the Time

Vale wasn’t even bothered how they recognized him as a young Immortal instead of an ancient one and just simply maintained a young appearance.

Instead, he was really worried that he’d get killed at this point!

He struggled against the temporal distortion, each second stretching into an eternity.

His allies were frozen in place, helpless to assist.

There was simply no way these normal Mystic Arts Practitioners were capable of fending off the two Time Manipulators! 𝘪𝑎.𝒸𝘰

‘Not good…’ Vale’s mind raced as he tried thinking what Spells he could use against the Time Manipulators.

It was unfortunate that the Charms, Talismans, Amulets, and various Magic Artifacts that he had prepared weren’t activating in front of these Time Manipulators.

He has the Black Grimoire that he could use to summon powerful Undead Creatures, but he doesn’t have the time to call them.

His Doombringer Ring was also incapable of turning these figures into undead. His Devil Mask, Stormbringer, his Arcane Energy Scrolls, and other trinkets weren’t useful in this situation as well.

Then, he also considered using the Rift Blade he had just looted from the Dimensional Creature. After all, it might be the variable he needed in order to win.

‘No… There’s still another item.’ Vale thought.

Aside from these items, there was one of them that he could use to fight against the Time Manipulators!

It was none other than his Temporal Timepiece!

However, although he kept it in his body, it wasn’t being triggered even after being attacked by the Time Manipulators.

It doesn’t have any passive ability that could protect him!

In the end, Vale had to do his best to trigger its activation and help him in his current predicament!

‘No… It’s too late!’ Vale thought as he realized that the two Time Manipulators had increased the intensity of their abilities!

If this continued he will certainly die!

He had to try to activate his Divine Extraction System and hope that it would extract the mysterious temporal force that was pressing on him!

But that would require some concentration to make it work!

However, just as despair began to take hold, the young Dimensional Creature, branded by Vale’s Slave Mark Spell, let out a resonant cry.


It was a sound that transcended the bounds of time, a pure note that pierced the veil of the Time Manipulators’ magic!

The temporal field they had created fractured, shards of frozen moments shattering around them.

Suddenly, Vale found his strength returning, his speed restored. Vale was also shocked at this as he failed to react in time!

“Impossible!” one of the Time Manipulators exclaimed. They already noticed the existence of the Dimensional Creature a while ago. They weren’t too bothered by that creature since they’d already killed plenty of them before.

They knew that it wouldn’t be that difficult to kill another one.

“How can this small creature break our control?!” The other Time Manipulator was also confused as he squinted his eyes and stared at the young Dimensional Creature.

“It seems we have underestimated this one… I think we should capture it first…” The other conceded, their composure slipping.

“No… Let’s just kill it. I have no interest in learning its secrets. Once it dies, the problem will be solved.”

The two Time Manipulators agreed as they looked at the young Dimensional Creature.

However, as Vale’s power returned, and realized what had happened, he wasted no time.

He triggered one of the Temporal Timepiece’s it was the Temporal Bubble that covered himself. With this defensive ability, he hoped that it would be enough to stop the Time Manipulators from making him helpless.

As for its other ability, he was unfortunately not skilled enough to operate two abilities of the Timepiece at the same time. With that in consideration, he decided to use its defensive ability instead.

With a roar, Vale charged, his Stormbringer Sword alight with divine energy.

The Time Manipulators raised their hands, weaving spells of reversal, but the Dimensional Creature was faster.

It darted between Vale and the manipulators, its body glowing with an inner light. As it moved, the spells unraveled, their magic dissipating into the air.

‘Nice job!’ Vale thought as he used his Presence Shift!

Vale seized the moment, his blade singing through the air as he struck at the figures.

They dodged, their cloaks billowing, but they were clearly shaken.

Just now, they also failed to use their Time Magic against Vale! They stealthily used a total of four other Temporal Magic, and for some reason, Vale was being protected by something they couldn’t see!

It definitely did not come from the young Dimensional Creature!

‘How did he suddenly get immune to our Spells?’

‘Not good… This guy is only baiting us! He had the power to stop Time Magic in the first place!’

“Retreat!” One of them hissed. “We must regroup!”

In a flash of light, the Time Manipulators vanished, leaving behind only the echo of their departure.

Vale could probably have stopped them in time if he used Temporal Distortion instead of the Temporal Bubble. However, as he thought of this, he also knew that he would die if he didn’t use the Temporal Bubble just now.

“Whew~ It’s finally done.” Vale sighed as he still felt glad that he survived this unexpected battle.

He really didn’t expect to have a battle against Time Manipulators in this dimension.

Anyway, Vale turned his attention to the Dimensional Creature, a newfound respect in his eyes.

“Thank you, little one…” He said softly.

“You have saved us all.”

The creature chirped, its eyes gleaming with intelligence. It couldn’t speak, but Vale knew that the creature could understand what he was saying.

With the immediate threat gone, the group approached the altar.

The Golden Key lay before them, and its seals were intact since the attempts of the Time Manipulators were thwarted. These seals were even regenerating at an incredible speed.

“Sir Immortal, alright?” Steins said as his group finally gained the courage to move. They also thought that they were about to die just now.

Although they weren’t assaulted by the Time Manipulators spells, they were still caught within the Temporal Field they had created, albeit at the edge of it.

The pressure they felt wasn’t as terrifying as what Vale experienced, but it was still very dangerous for them.

“Yes… I’m fine… You have to thank that Dimensional Creature as well. We should name him…” Vale replied.

“Y-you’re right… We’re not going to… Uhm… Kill it to get its parts and sell them?” Steins asked to confirm.

“Of course, not. I will keep it as my pet.” Vale answered.

“Right.. Right… Of course, that’s the best decision we should make.” Steins replied as he agreed to Vale’s decision to keep the Dimensional Creature’s life. In any case, the ownership of that creature belongs to the Immortal.

“I’ll think of the name later. In any case, do you think there’s still any danger when we approach the Golden Key?” Vale asked while also using all his scanning abilities to see any dangers ahead.

“I don’t think so, Sir Immortal. I believe that the dangers were already destroyed by the two Time Manipulators.” Steins replied.

“That makes sense…” Vale said.

However, he was also worried that the two Time Manipulators would suddenly decide to appear.

After all, Vale felt that they had left too quickly.

They had barely shown their powers, and Vale knew that they were certainly stronger than they had shown.

‘They’re probably exhausted after trying to destroy the seal of the Golden Key. If they’re just recuperating somewhere while observing the situation here, they might attack again once they notice that the Golden Key is about to be taken.’ Vale mused as he certainly had to think of various situations.

He wouldn’t allow himself to get backstabbed now that they had gotten closer to obtaining them.

Determined not to be caught off guard, Vale reached for his Black Grimoire. The ancient tome fell open with a whisper, its pages fluttering as if alive.

Steins and the others watched, eyes wide with a mix of awe and trepidation.

‘So that was the rumored grimoire…’ Steins thought as he saw it with his own eyes.

Soon, with a voice that resonated with the power of the ancients, Vale summoned the Undead Beings…

From the swirling mists of necromancy, three formidable figures emerged, taking their positions around the still-sealed Golden Key.

The Mummy Lord stood tall, its form wrapped in enchanted bandages inscribed with eldritch runes. Its eyes, two glowing embers, pierced the gloom, and its presence exuded an aura of timeless authority.

The Doom Knight was an imposing sight, clad in blackened armor that absorbed the light. Its helm, adorned with horns, obscured any trace of humanity that might have once existed. In its gauntleted hand, it gripped a sword that hummed with dark energy.

The Ghoul King, on the other hand, was a terrifying masterpiece, its flesh a patchwork of decay and malice. Crowned with a jagged crown, it leered at the living with a hunger that had transcended death itself.


Steins and the rest could only take a deep breath at their sight.


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