Awakening The Weakest Talent: Only I Level Up

Chapter 926 Instant Kill

926 Chapter 926 Instant Kill

Chapter 926 Instant Kill

It was a mess in the middle of the battlefield. There were flames, poisonous fog, and human corpses everywhere. It was a mountain of corpses and a sea of blood.

Lu Yu stood among them and instantly became the center of attention.

"There's a person standing there. When did he go over?"

"Is this person crazy? He's going to die!"

"So be it. In any case, tens of thousands of people have already died."

"It's over. Let's escape! There's no hope of us winning this battle!"

"Hold on a little longer. What if there's a chance to overturn this?"

"Stop dreaming. How many of us have died? How many of the trolls have died? None!"

"How can we make up for such a huge gap? We can't win this!"

"So many people have escaped, and they are the wiser ones. We should escape like them!"

The army's morale was in disarray as they all thought of escaping. Of course, this was not their fault, as anyone in this scenario would run away.

They couldn't win, and there was no hope. It was impossible. It was impossible to win this battle!

Only in a dream would there be a miracle to save them. Otherwise, it was nothing but death for them!

But even so, many of them still did not want to leave. This was the home that they relied on for generations, so how could they bear to give it up?

Helen, the Empress, and Shirley came to the crowd. When they saw Lu Yu, they were relieved.

Lu Yu stood facing the troll army and looked at it.

"Roar! Human, you're courting death! I'll tear you into pieces!"

A giant troll charged at Lu Yu with a battle axe bigger than Lu Yu's entire body. Almost everyone assumed Lu Yu would be smashed into meat paste soon.

But in the next moment,


Lu Yu's Void Evil Blade shot out, and the troll's body froze.


The troll warrior in front of him split into two.

The split was smooth, as if a laser had sliced it in half.


The five-meter-tall troll fell to the ground, jerking and spasming.

For a moment, the entire place fell into silence. Both sides had a huge change in expression.

The trolls looked at Lu Yu with murderous intent. They wanted nothing more than to rush toward Lu Yu!

As for the humans, when they saw the troll warrior fall to the ground, they were all dumbfounded.

"What... What happened?"

"I didn't see anything. What's going on?"

"This is strange. He killed it just like that?"

"A troll that we couldn't kill even after tens of thousands of us died is dead in the blink of an eye."

"Who is that person? What kind of heaven-defying strength is this?"

"Could it be that Green Sea City has always been hiding someone this strong?"

"Terrifying! I can't see his movements!"

The soldiers exclaimed in surprise, as they could not understand what had happened.

"There's... There's still hope!"

"We haven't reached the final juncture yet! He's our hope!"

"That's great; we're saved! There's hope for us!"

"There's no need to leave Green Sea City! Our savior is here!"

The despair and pain from before were all swept away.

Everyone looked at Lu Yu in disbelief, as if they were looking at a savior.

Herbert looked at Lu Y. Although he knew that Lu Yu was capable of such power, he was still shocked.

Lu Yu was so strong that he could instantly cut through a powerful troll. Truly ridiculous.

At this moment, a tall and mighty figure slowly walked out of the troll army toward Lu Yu.

His body was almost seven meters tall. He held a huge spear and stomped at Lu Yu with heavy steps.

"Human, I didn't want to make a move, but you forced me out. It seems that there is still someone strong within you humans. I can use you as my target practice!"

He was about to stab his spear at Lu Yu as he spoke!

"It's the Troll King! He's making a move!"

"We're finished. The main boss is here. If we can't kill the Troll King, we'll still all perish."

"Can this person face the Troll King?"

"It's hard to say, but I hope he can turn the tide. Otherwise, we are finished."

"It's not possible. Fighting the Troll King alone is a complete fantasy!"

"Let's hope that he can win. If he can't win, at least he can buy time for us to escape..."

The human soldiers were pessimistic and did not know Lu Yu's true strength. In their eyes, the Troll King was too powerful and had always been a shadow looming over them.

At this moment, Lu Yu gripped his Star Piercing Demonic Sword and stabbed forward!


A sharp sword aura suddenly shot out. Its swift and violent power sent a fierce force breaking through the air as it rushed toward the Troll King.



The next moment, the Troll King's grip on his spear froze.

A huge bloody hole appeared in his chest!

Blood flowed down like a small river.

Lu Yu's attack was aimed at the Troll King's heart and completely decimated it!

In fact, the Troll King's heart had already turned into a bloody mist of nothing.


The Troll King let out a painful wail before it died. Its cry was filled with unwillingness and anger.

The colossal body fell to the ground with a loud crash, causing the surrounding ground to tremble twice like an earthquake.

The fall of the Troll King was beyond everyone's expectations, including the trolls.

Lu Yu's being able to kill the Troll King was an extremely shocking matter in itself.

What was even more ridiculous was that Lu Yu had done it so effortlessly. With just a stab, he had completed his kill cleanly and crisply.

Lu Yu remained standing in his original position, maintaining a relaxed state.

The massive difference in strength made everyone look at Lu Yu with fanaticism and admiration.

"He... He's definitely our savior!"

"He must have been sent by the heavens to save us!"

"I never expected this person to be so powerful! At first, I thought he was here to commit suicide!"

"He's crazy strong! One of him is equivalent to tens of thousands of us. What kind of cultivator is he?"

Everyone exclaimed in shock.

On the other hand, Shirley was stunned when she saw Lu Yu's power, and her mind went blank.

She knew Lu Yu was strong, but she did not expect him to be this strong.

"The three of you are this strong?"

Shirley sighed in admiration.

The Empress smiled and replied, "Not really. He's the one who's way stronger, while the two of us are slightly weaker. However, we're still much stronger when compared to you people."

"Who is he? Also, the weapon in his hand doesn't look ordinary."

"I don't even know who he is." Helen sighed. She had known Lu Yu for some time, but he was still a mysterious man to her.

It was the same for the Empress.

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