Beastmaster of the Ages

Chapter 1994

Chapter 1994

Ye Lingfeng! Everything depended on him. Tianming used his Plundering Eye to look at the Flameyellow Coffin. It was the crux of the whole situation. The sun emperor’s expression wouldn’t tell the whole story.

Scraping sounds leaked out from the coffin that was shrouded in resentment. If there was a corpse inside, it felt like it would come to life at any moment. The ancient divine item had limitless power, yet it was being suppressed by the horde of souls, which was an indication of how powerful a Primordial Demon was.

The space inside the coffin was actually boundless and without end. There were countless sculptures of giant beasts inside. All of their heads were lifted as they faced the center in worship, where a giant gold and red sun was burning. A human figure was faintly discernible within. It was the sun emperor’s current vita. It was no longer any ordinary fourth imperial soul. Ordinary people’s vitae couldn’t leave their bodies.

Just looking at that soul made it clear that Grand Emperor Starvore was never the sun emperor’s match to begin with. A skypiercer-class world’s sovereign would never have such fortune. This solar soul could resonate with the Flameyellow Imperial Star; it was matchless in the field of souls.

However, hundreds of billions of baleful souls had made their way in and become a sea of darkness that gnawed on that very sun.


“Here he is!”

“Die, die, die!”

“Eat him, eat him!”

The countless baleful souls all shrieked as they rushed to be in front. With no one holding them back anymore, they all madly rushed toward the sun. They filled up the coffin world and countless distorted faces bared their fangs.

The sun’s radiance specialized in dispelling evil and purifying such baleful souls. Thus, the scene was like moths throwing themselves into a fire. However, there were simply too many moths. When hundreds of billions of moths threw themselves forward like this, they would be able to extinguish the fire by sacrificing those in the front!

They were burnt away to nothingness as soon as they came into contact with the sun, clearly having met their bane. However, their bane was useless in the face of absolute numbers.

The burning continued. The sun displayed terrifying spiritual power as each of its pulses exterminated a million baleful souls. However, it was clear that the sun would be extinguished at this rate.

While the baleful souls in front screamed as they combusted, those behind shrieked madly as they continued forth. It was a never-ending flood. They only had resentment and didn’t care if they died. According to the legends of reincarnation, they could no longer reincarnate now that they had become baleful souls. Their only fate left was to disperse into nothingness.

The sun shrunk at a visible rate, and the figure inside began solidifying. Now, there were two people inside.

A pair of red eyes watched from above. Lingfeng could tell that one was Qingyu’s father. “It’s as I said. No other vita could be perfectly compatible with another, except for me. The sovereign and Qingyu’s father's merger was just something forced together with the coffin as an outer shell. It isn’t perfect, so it can come apart.” Everything had become clear to him after he’d entered the coffin.

When the solar soul shone brightly, the two souls were naturally one. However, when the coffin weakened, everything would return to its rightful place!

Lingfeng continued staring, unblinking. He didn’t even need to do anything and the baleful souls would get revenge themselves.

“Ye Lingfeng! Some things aren’t for children like you to grasp. A word of advice: quit while you’re ahead. This is your last chance for Qingyu’s sake! Else, I won’t be polite. If you force me into a corner, you’ll have to bear the responsibility.” A golden figure inside the sun looked at the red eyes.

“Are you trying to bluff?” Lingfeng looked back coldly. The killing intent in his eyes didn’t weaken.

“Hah. Perhaps, I did bluff before, but I’m serious this time.…” The sun emperor’s soul began wildly laughing.

“What’s so funny? Is this your last bout of madness before you die?”

“Wrong, wrong! Absolutely wrong. Every action you children took seemed to be correct and righteous, but it was actually a comedy of errors. Every step ended up helping me. You two have utterly incredible luck, but I was able to step on it and ascend to the heavens. How wonderful and joyous!” His laughter became happier and happier, and the tint of madness within grew.

Lingfeng could clearly see that the smile had no fear hidden in it, even though the sun was still weakening. “Looks like you won’t learn your lesson until you’re one foot in the grave.”

“Well, I’m in a coffin already, so I guess I won’t be learning my lesson!” The sun emperor was still laughing.

“Then die,” Lingfeng said. As he spoke, the baleful souls launched another grand offensive.

“Such a shame.” The sun emperor shook his head and looked at Lingfeng with pity. “Li Tianming and you are universal-tier geniuses, so why do you insist on going against me? One wants a godfather and the other wants a father-in-law. I don’t mind being those, so why stubbornly cling to the other me?” the sun emperor sighed.

“That’s not another you!” Lingfeng said.

“Haha, it’s not up to you, child.”

How was he still so arrogant when he was about to die? What was its basis?

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“Your death is up to me!”

Countless fangs and claws reached out toward the sun, darkness swallowing up the entire world. Everything had been thrown into complete chaos. “You decide? Did you really think this was enough? I actually really appreciate that youthful courage of yours. It’s naive, sure, but it’s also pure. It reminds me of my hot-blooded younger years. Unfortunately… the oldest ginger is the spiciest ginger!”

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