Becoming Invincible in the Game-Invaded World

Chapter 408 - Chapter 408: Demonic Sense Resonance

Chapter 408: Demonic Sense Resonance

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The gods and demons had just exchanged blows.

In the next moment, those weak gods also attacked one after another to suppress the weak gods of the Demon Race.

A strong god made a move to suppress a strong god.

Below, Lin Chen’s sword had killed countless Lei Yin Beasts. When the sword beam was still 300 meters away, he shouted and slashed at the five Semi-Divinity beasts!

This time, the sword beam was completely slashed out by Lin Chen, hitting a Lei Yin Beast in the air.


In the sky, dark clouds descended divine lightning, intending to shatter the sword light.


The sword beam was struck by lightning, but it only shrank to a hundred meters tall. It still struck the Lei Yin beast.


The Semi-Divinity Lei Yin roared into the sky.

Then, it slowly collapsed.

At the same time, Lin Chen stretched out his hand and grabbed another Semi-Divinity Lei Yin Beast.

In Lin Chen’s eyes, Semi-Divinity realm was no longer on the same level as him.

It was directly crushed!

Then, another slash…

Demon Saber God Slayer!

Immediately after, the Divine Demon—Immemorial Heavenly Dao transformed into a sword, and the demonic intent instantly converged.

However, a weak demonic thought had already pierced through the sky and was fighting with True God Borneo. Li Guang exclaimed in surprise, “Eh?”

“Li Guang, do you still dare to be distracted when fighting me?”

Taking this opportunity, True God Borneo directly released his soul sea.

His self-world was instantly formed!

Then, True God Borneo’s body became ten thousand feet tall.

From Li Guang’s angle, he could not see the top at a glance.


Li Guang was decisive and thorough. At the same time, he shouted, “Retreat, everyone retreat!”

The Nine Li Demon Race retreated decisively.

Below, Lin Chen’s demonic saber had killed another Lei Yin Beast.

There were two!

There were still three left.

Then, Myriad Returning Swords!

With Lin Chen’s current attack power, even if the Myriad Returning Swords reached Level 20, each sword qi only dealt 8% damage. That was more than 600,000 damage. Moreover, the sword qi of the Myriad Returning Swords also had the effect of penetrating and ignoring defense.

The damage was equivalent to true damage.

Even a Semi-Divinity Lei Yin Beast with a strong physique could only be exhausted from facing so many sword qi attacks. It kept summoning thunder to block the sword qi from midair and even joined forces to attack Lin Chen’s extremely powerful Level 1 lightning dragon!

Using lightning as a dragon!

The huge lightning dragon roared and charged at Lin Chen.

If it was an ordinary Semi-Divinity realm expert, such as the Queen of the Night or the Willow Heart, they would definitely not dare to take this lightning dragon head-on.

However, Lin Chen was not afraid at all. Sword qi continued to pour out. After the sword qi collided with the lightning dragon, it was continuously offset by damage. However, the lightning dragon’s body seemed to have been cut off by the sword qi and became smaller and smaller.

However, Lin Chen’s sword qi seemed to be endless…

In the end, the sword qi pierced through the body of the first Semi-Divinity Lei Yin Beast.

Then there was the second one…

The last Semi-Divinity Lei Yin Beast was instantly enveloped by a huge hand. The huge hand even ignored Lin Chen’s sword qi attack. No matter how sharp Lin Chen’s sword qi was, it could not penetrate the huge hand.

“Lei Yin Beast can’t be exterminated. Farewell!”

It was Li Guang!

He had actually returned.

It was even to the extent that the last Semi-Divinity Lei Yin Beast and many Rank Three Lei Yin Beasts escaped under the noses of a powerhouse from the Divine Hall.

However, this time, the demons could be said to have suffered heavy losses.

In Soaring Wind City, Dragon Yandao and the others had already returned with the armies of the three races.

The Purple Flame Rat Clan was destroyed!

More than half of Lei Yin’s beasts were either dead or injured.

“Human Emperor Lin Chen replied to the Divine Hall. Tonight, the human race attacked and destroyed the Purple Flame Rat Clan. Moreover, they successfully defeated the attack of the Lei Yin Beast Clan.”

Lin Chen flew into the void and arrived in front of True God Borneo.

“Haha, well done, Lin Chen!”

True God Borneo laughed.

There was a hint of praise in his gaze as he looked at Lin Chen, but he even had four eyes. Lin Chen did not know how many schemes he had, but True God Borneo did not go back on his word. He immediately announced that the human race had completed the punishment mission and would not be exterminated.

Moreover, the humans could retreat to the Second sage Pass. They only needed to be in charge of guarding the Second sage Pass.

Towering Wind City was temporarily handed over to the Nine-Headed Lion Race to guard.

Eastern Battlefield of Gods and Demons, Demon Palace.

At this moment, Li Guang was sitting on the main seat with two Demon Generals sitting beside him.

Li Gang, Li Hong!

These two were both Demon Generals and leaders of a region. However, they had heard about the defeat of the Demon Race tonight and came over to ask.

“Second Brother, what’s going on?”

“Why did you lose so much? This… How do you want me to answer to the Demon Emperor?!”

“It wasn’t easy for our big brother to get to the position of the Demon Lord. We brothers had agreed before that we definitely wouldn’t embarrass our big brother. You…”

Li Gang and Li Hong spoke one after another.

Li Guang said in a muffled voice, “Hmph, don’t think that I don’t know what you’re thinking. Do you really think that the position of the commander of the Lost World is a great spot? If you want it, feel free to let Big Brother sit in my seat, but… are you worthy? I’ll naturally explain this to Big Brother. There’s no need for you to say anything!”

Then, Li Guang disappeared on the spot.

Li Hong asked, “He’s…”

“Let’s go find Big Brother! Hmph, let’s see what he has to say this time!”

Li Gang’s voice was muffled.

Nine Li Demon Monarch.

Li Greed.

At this moment, he was about to rest.

However, the sky moved.

Li Greed immediately stood up and looked outside the door. “What’s the matter? Why are you here so late?”

“Big Brother.”

Li Guang’s voice sounded. “Tonight, I listened to Lei Hong of the Heavenly Dao Alliance and sent Lei Yin Beast to launch a sneak attack on the Second sage Pass. 1 didn’t expect to fall into the trajectory of the Divine Hall and the human race and suffer heavy losses. Out of five Semi-Divinity realm beasts, only one is left.”


Li Greed opened the door angrily. He had two huge horns on his head and looked especially terrifying at this moment. Li Greed grabbed Li Guang’s clothes and pulled him up. He shouted angrily, “Lei Yin Beasts are our Demon Race’s siege weapons. Are you going to waste them like this? As the commander, you…”

“Brother, calm down!”

Li Guang hurriedly said, “Tonight’s defeat is not because our plan is not thorough enough. It’s just that the new Human Sovereign of the human race is too strange… This person is indeed smart, but what’s even stranger is that 1 sense an extremely powerful demonic intent from him!”

“What did you say?”

Li Greed calmed down and changed the form that seemed to want to eat people after his anger. Instead, he asked very calmly, “You’re saying that this Human Emperor might be related to our Demon Race?”

“I can’t be sure, but… although the demonic will on this person’s body was only revealed for a moment, it made me feel very strong… 1 feel that the demonic will on his body has an extremely strong resonance with the Heaven Slaying Demon Saber left behind by our ancestor!”

Li Guang did not look very sure.

However, Li Greed’s eyes lit up when he heard that!

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