Behind the Scenes in Naruto World

Chapter 456: Marinford’s New Generation Wise Admiral... Is Out!

Chapter 456: Marinford’s New Generation Wise Admiral… Is Out!

“Bastard, I will kill you now!”

Crocodile screamed. He waved the golden hook in his hand and was going to directly pierce Uehara’s body!

No matter who it was, if they knew that everything was under the control of others and knew that their lives were secretly rewritten, they would be furious!

Just when Crocodile was furious and wanted to directly stab Uehara with the golden hook. The eyes of the two admirals flashed!

The next moment, two tall figures attacked at the same time!

Crocodile’s body on the left was ice, and the body on the right was magma. He was immediately blocked by the two admirals!

This was the real admiral!

The two admirals were full of momentum. Their momentum was completely different from the last time he met one in Alabasta. Aokiji’s palm was a mass of cold air, and Akainu’s hand was a mass of magma, which instantly hit Crocodile!

The most terrible thing was…

Shukaku, who was in Crocodile’s body, was still suppressing his strength!

How should Crocodile fight?

Crocodile flew upside down, half of his body was frozen and the other half was burned. It caused Crocodile to be seriously injured by the combined attack of the two admirals in an instant!

At this moment, Crocodile really realized the power of an admiral, and he also realized Shukaku’s constrain against his body!

If there were no Shukaku, he would be able to resist; now, Shukaku was trying to occupy his body, so he had no power to resist the admiral’s attack!

“Captain Crocodile!”

Uehara walked to Crocodile and slowly said, “Do you remember what you said?”

Uehara squatted beside Crocodile and smiled, “Don’t be angry. Didn’t you use the people of our Baroque Works as tools?”

Uehara patted Crocodile on the shoulder and whispered, “You used me as a tool, but I wasn’t angry. I just did what you did and turned you into a tool. Why are you so angry?”

Uehara continued slowly, “I hate two kinds of people. One kind of person is a person with double standards in life and work; the other kind of person is a person who doesn’t allow me to have double standards.”


Aokiji and Akainu, who were standing behind Uehara, were speechless.

Crocodile’s eyes showed a trace of confusion. What was this bastard talking about?

However, this didn’t delay Crocodile’s anger!

After temporarily suppressing Shukaku, Crocodile’s palm suddenly turned into a blade made of sand and was about to cut off Uehara in front of him!

“Dez?to Sup?da(Desert Spada)!”


The blade made of sand in Crocodile’s hand was broken by Uehara!

Uehara’s palm stopped on Crocodile’s face, and a wave of water surged out of his palm, quickly turning into a water ball to wrap Crocodile’s body!

“This is…”

Crocodile panicked and looked at the water ball on his body!

In just a few seconds, the water ball quickly drowned Crocodile, making him quickly lose his devil fruit’s ability and slowly fall fainted.

After watching Crocodile faint, Uehara slowly release the water ball and whispered, “Send Crocodile to Impel Down! We still have a chance to meet again in the future!”


Akainu looked at Uehara and asked, “Why do you want to keep Crocodile? Isn’t he useless?”

“Who knows…”

Uehara smiled, looked at Crocodile on the ground, and whispered, “Maybe he is still useful… I need someone to reveal my identity at a critical moment?

I have been provoking this guy just now to make him hate me. Unknowingly with hatred, but continue to be my pawn. “

“I can’t understand.”

Akainu picked up Crocodile’s collar and shook his head, “Isn’t a person like Mr. Uehara supposed to hide his identity?”

Uehara smiled and spread out his palm, “If I do something bad and no one knows about it, how can I experience the happiness of being the mastermind?”

“… Oh… What a bad taste…”

Aokiji helplessly shook his head and sighed, “But in this case, aren’t you worried that Crocodile will leak the secret?”

Uehara waved his hand and smiled, “This guy still has Shukaku. How can he leak the secret?”


Akainu fell into silence.

This admiral thought of Yonbi inside his body.

Once he became Jinchuriki, would he be controlled by this person who can control the Bijuu? Uehara didn’t have time to care about Akainu’s thoughts. He was looking at all the rewards he got today.

[Side Mission: Defeat Admiral Akainu.] 

[Mission completed.]

[Reward: +200,000 Life Energy, +200,000 Busoshoku Haki(Armament Haki), and +200,000 Kenbunshoku Haki(Observation Haki).]

The reward for defeating Akainu…

It was even higher than the reward for defeating Aokiji!

He really didn’t expect that Akainu’s strength was higher than Aokiji’s.

Anyway, it was good news for Uehara. Now, two of the three Admiral have been obtained… Only one left…

[Side Mission: Subdue the Three Marine Admirals.] 

[Mission incomplete.] 

[Reward unknown.]

In addition to the mission to defeat Akainu…

The reward for Crocodile was not low!

[Side Mission: Destroy Crocodile’s conspiracy.] 

[Mission completed.] 

[Reward: Talent – Elemental Power.]

This talent skill…

This was the ability that Uehara wanted the most!

In addition, there was also a reward for defeating Crocodile.

[Side Mission: Defeat Crocodile.] 

[Mission completed.] 

[Reward: +88,000 Life Energy, +88,000 Busoshoku Haki(Armament Haki), and +88,000 Kenbunshoku Haki(Observation Haki).]

This was a very auspicious number.

This was also Crocodile’s current bounty.

When Crocodile left Alabasta, his bounty was 830 million. In the middle of it, he made a scene in Water 7, so his bounty increased by 50 million…

“Let’s go!”

Uehara waved his hand and summoned a streak of yellow sand. It appeared under his feet and flew them up. He asked softly, “Go report to Sengoku! By the way, can you promote me?”



The two admirals rejected Uehara’s proposal in unison. Even Akainu explained in a deep voice, “This requires Fleet Admiral Sengoku’s approval…”

“This is easy to discuss…”

Uehara sighed and whispered, “When you reported it, you said that I was brave and resourceful, so we caught Crocodile… at least a Captain rank. My rank is lower than Kabuto!”

“Kabuto, that guy…”

Aokiji hesitated for a moment and whispered, “Kabuto has been promoted to Rear Admiral because of his successful negotiation with Shichibukai, Hoshigaki Kisame…”

This matter was simply outrageous.

Kisame and Kabuto negotiated with their own people. After the two of them finished talking, Kisame became a Shichibukai, and Kabuto was promoted to Rear Admiral…

This matter fooled the Marine and World Government like fools!

Unfortunately, Aokiji couldn’t tell the truth, so he turn blind to it.

When Akainu heard this, he couldn’t help but frown. His face was a bit ugly, “That Rear Admiral… is actually a member of Akatsuki Organization?”

Akainu’s expression was a bit ugly. He slowly reached out and covered his hat. He whispered, “That guy is temporarily following Zephyr and Vice Admiral Tsuru… learning how to be a qualified staff officer and a real marine!”

That young Rear Admiral!

If Akainu remembers correctly, Fleet Admiral Sengoku personally praised that Kabuto. He is a bit like him when he was young. At least he can take over Vice Admiral Tsuru’s position and become a headquarter adviser…

After all, Vice Admiral Tsuru was already 72 years old…

There was a great need for a new era successor…

Kabuto studied at the headquarter, Marineford. They wanted to see if he could awaken the two Haki. He was also an important talent for the marine in the future.


Akainu remembered that Fleet Admiral Sengoku once mentioned that Kabuto’s parents were from a remote branch. They died during a mission.

And that guy Kabuto grew up in the branch base where his parents lived, so he decided to become a marine.

Until that branch base was attacked by a pirate and completely destroyed. The marine of the entire branch gave their lives in order to protect Kabuto…

Kabuto wandered for many years and found another base to join. These things could indeed be found out. The marine base that Kabuto mentioned was indeed destroyed by a pirate many years ago.

The name of that pirate was Edward Weevil!

It was because of Kabuto’s miserable experiences…

A few years ago, the marine chief instructor, Zephyr, who was heartbroken after encountering a powerful enemy that caused most of the marine young generation to be killed, learned of Kabuto’s life experience.

Zephyr, the former admiral and the current marine chief instructor, was a little more tolerant toward Kabuto and even made an exception to accept Kabuto as the last student…

Because Zephyr’s family was also killed by the pirates…

And Edward Weevil, who destroyed Kabuto’s hometown, killed many of Zephyr’s students, and was also the culprit who injured Zephyr’s right arm!

The two of them had a similar life… They had the same hatred.

As a senior brother, Akainu also heard about this little junior brother. He even occasionally heard Kabuto talk about things in Marineford’s conference room.

Kabuto’s strategy and wisdom were indeed not low.

Even if Kabuto’s strength could not keep up, his wisdom was enough to make him a Vice Admiral sooner or later!

But this was simply a scam!

Now, in the entire Marineford. The higher-ups who thought that Kabuto was very likely to become the new generation wise admiral, was actually Uehara’s subordinate!

Wasn’t this kind of thing a bit too nonsensical?

This kind of thing was actually not nonsense at all.

If Akainu can make up such a perfect story like Kabuto, even adding a little emotional appeal in his words, and finally adding the righteous path that people accept. He can also become Marineford’s new pet.

Marine Headquarters, Marineford.

Kabuto stopped his training and walked to the side of a beautiful girl with long blue hair standing next to the training ground. He then said with a serious face, “Ain, why are you here? Is there something wrong with Sensei?”


Ain nodded and said, “Kabuto… Zephyr-sensei… call for an important matter! Please… don’t be absent!”

“I got it.”

Kabuto nodded and put on his marine cloak. He then pushed up his glasses and then looked at Ain.

“Let’s go, don’t let Sensei wait too long.”

During this period of time, Kabuto had completely integrated himself into his role in Marineford, and it seemed that there was no sense of strangeness at all.

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