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Chapter 546: Ace’s Guests; Secretly Imprisoned in Enies Lobby

Chapter 546: Ace’s Guests; Secretly Imprisoned in Enies Lobby


In the Marine’s Fleet Admiral Office.

After the news from the World Government arresting Ace came out, Vice Admiral Garp learned about the secret arrest of Portgas D. Ace. He also learned about the marine’s plan.

Garp stood in front of Sengoku’s desk while clenching his fists in anger. He looked at his old friend and said, “Sengoku, if I hadn’t seen the news, I wouldn’t even know that my grandson is going to be executed…”


Sengoku buried his head in silence.

Kabuto sat on the chair next to him, pushed his glasses, and said softly, “Vice Admiral Garp, Portgas D. Ace is imprisoned in Enies Lobby.

As for why we kept secret Portgas D. Ace’s arrest was because we had not decided whether to start this war or not.

Now the execution is inevitable. If Vice Admiral Garp wants to visit him, you can go there now. If Ace is willing to surrender to the marine… I believe that the son of the Pirate King joining the marine will be more profitable than executing him.”

What Kabuto said was very reasonable.

If the son of the Pirate King chooses to surrender and join the marine, it was indeed far more profitable than executing him. Even the Five Elder Stars will not want to execute Ace and will even waste manpower to protect Ace.


Everyone knew that it was impossible.

Even Garp knew that according to Ace’s stubborn character. Since childhood, Garp hoped that Ace could join the marine and become an Admiral. Even if he were Roger’s son, he would definitely be able to live his life safely…

But Ace chose to go out to sea…

He would rather die than join the marine.

“I want to see Ace…”

After Garp finished speaking, he didn’t wait for Sengoku and Tsuru to answer and immediately left the office.

Garp already got the information he wanted to know and immediately took the warship to go to Enies Lobby from Marineford.

Kabuto didn’t open his mouth to stop him. He just looked at Garp’s back and slowly pushed up his glasses while smiling.

It was really just right…

When Grap visited his grandson in Enies Lobby, maybe he could see another grandson who came to walk into the trap. Kabuto wonder if he will make a move.

At Marineford’s port.

Garp stood on the bow of his warship; he looked at Marineford’s busy port and also looked at the marine soldier who saluted him…

The old man’s expression gradually became complicated.


He was a marine…

He even dedicated most of his life to justice.

“Let’s go to Enies Lobby!”

Garp clenched his fist and whispered to his adjutant. The dog-headed warship then slowly left Marineford.

After Garp’s warship left, Marineford marine warships still came and went.

Marine warships docked at Marineford’s port, and teams of marine soldiers lined up to disembark and entered Marineford’s barracks under the leadership of non-commissioned officers.

Because the goal of this war was Whitebeard Pirates and the Revolutionary Army, and it might even include Red Hair Pirates, which was larger than any previous war!

Even the battle in God Valley more than 30 years ago was far inferior to the scale of this war!

According to Kabuto’s plan, they would mobilize more than 100,000 elite marine soldiers, and almost all the elite marine of the four seas and Grand Line would be emptied.

Most of the headquarters’ vice-admiral were also transferred back to Marineford.

In addition…

There was also the CP department under Kabuto.

Most of the members of the CP0 near Mary Geoise were transferred to Enies Lobby and Marineford in batches, and the defense of the Holy Land seemed extremely empty.

Fortunately, Mary Geoise was not too far away from Marineford.

Because the World Government wanted to rely on the victory of this battle to let the World Government completely occupy the advantage position and gradually end the Great Pirate Era from this battle!

According to Kabuto’s calculation…

Beast Pirates-Akatsuki Organization Alliance declared war on Big Mom Pirates, and the war between them must be prolonged for a long time. In this case, these forces have no time to participate in the war, and the Marine and World Government have almost a 100 chance of winning.


Not long ago, when Kabuto reported this plan to the Five Elder Stars, he also mentioned with great interest the first pirate war that broke out.

If the Big Mom Pirates and Beast Pirates were both greatly weakened, the marine might even sweep the entire sea with their momentum and eliminate all the big pirates in one fell swoop…

I have to say…

The picture that Kabuto depicted was very attractive.

And all the momentum was indeed developing in the direction of Kabuto’s plan.

According to the intelligence sent by the CP0, the headquarters of Akatsuki and Beast Pirates had been empty. The entire Beast Pirates went all out to attack Big Mom Pirates.

The CP agents who sneaked into the two pirate groups would keep monitoring the movements of Beast Pirates and Big Mom Pirates. This made the World Government reluctantly feel relieved and concentrate on dealing with Whitebeard Pirates and the Revolutionary Army.

The only problem was…

The red-haired thing in the sea

After Shanks learned that the war between Beast Pirates and Big Mom was about to start, he was no longer worried that Kaido might stir up trouble.

Shanks no longer went to Beast Pirate sea region but directly rode Red Force to the Holy Land Mary Geoise, hoping that the Five Elder Stars could release Portgas D. Ace.

This request was naturally rejected.

If they released Portgas D. Ace at this time, it meant that the World Government was afraid of Whitebeard Pirates and would make the entire World Government lose his dignity!

Moreover, the World Government had already made complete preparations and mobilized a large number of military forces in advance. In order to obtain victory in the war, they had already planned everything!

It was absolutely impossible to release Ace now!

The arrow has loaded and had to be released!


Out of consideration for the situation, the Five Elder Stars made another suggestion to Shanks. They promised to pass Enies Lobby’s trial in private quietly and directly sentence Crucos to be innocent, thus releasing the former ship doctor of the Roger Pirates.

This was a sign of goodwill to Shanks.


The red-haired Shanks wanted to save Crucos and Portgas D. Ace. This guy wanted everything!


Of course, they broke down.

After the red-haired Shanks left Mary Geoise, he planned to ride Red Force down to Fishman Island and then to the first half of the Grand Line.

While helping the shipwright to coat the boat, Benn Beckman frowned and said, “Shanks, it seems that your face is useless. This war is inevitable…”


A group of pirates couldn’t help but laugh.

Shanks scratched his hair and said with a smile, “But it doesn’t matter. I have found the place where Ace is imprisoned.”

“Then should we tell this news to Whitebeard?”

Benn Beckman put down the tools in his hand and lit a cigarette for himself, “Come to think of it, how could the Five Elder Stars tell you this secret? Before the public execution, the location of Portgas D. Ace’s imprisonment should be top secret…”

If Whitebeard Pirates secretly saved Ace before the World Government publicly executed him, it would cause the World Government’s plan to be in vain…

Of course…

It was also possible that the war would start early.

After all, the current marine paid special attention to Whitebeard Pirates’ movements and could not turn a blind eye when Whitebeard Pirates moved out.

“I won’t tell them.”

Shanks shook his head and said with a chuckle, “Although the World Government is strictly guarded against this news, it is not a secret in Mary Geoise’s Celestial Dragons residential area… Let’s go directly to Enies Lobby!”

After Red Hair Pirates finished coating Red Force, the pirate ship quietly sneaked into the sea. They would cross Fishman Island at the bottom of the sea, bypass the Red Line, and rush to the first half of the Grand Line.

Just after Shanks left Mary Geoise, a CP agent in charge of guarding Mary Geoise immediately handed the message to CP headquarters on Enies Lobby.

[The information has been sent out. Shanks has learned the location of Portgas D. Ace’s imprisonment. ]

On top of Enies Lobby.

This headquarter of the CP department has gathered many elite fighting forces.

Compared to Marineford, the security here was as tight as before. The CP agent Uchiha Madara codenamed Madara, the Second Mizukage Hozuki Gengetsu codenamed Water, the Third Raikage Ai codenamed Lightning, the Second Tsuchikage Mu codenamed Earth, and the Fourth Kazekage Rasa codenamed Wind.

In addition, there were also Anbu from various countries in the Ninja World who joined the CP department. There were more than 50 elite ninja teams. There were more than 200 people, all of which were made up of elite Jonins or special Jonins.

And the one in charge of assisting these Ambu in battle was Impure World Reincarnated ninjas army under Kabuto. Hundreds of thousands of undying Impure World Reincarnated ninjas were hidden in Enies Lobby’s prison!

Without any hesitation…

This was a force that could similarly destroy a country!

According to Kabuto’s plan for the CP department over the past few years, this special agent army must ensure that they could not fall to a disadvantage in terms of strength and numbers.

For this…

Kabuto completely cleared the CP department, and all the agent spots in the entire CP department were held by the ninjas so as to ensure that no secrets would be leaked without permission.

Now that Kabuto was in Marineford, this CP department would be led by Kakashi to stand guard in Enies Lobby and responsible for guarding Portgas D. Ace, Sabo, and others, as well as collecting information from all over the world.

In the headquarter of the CP department.

Kakashi put down the Den Den Mushi, pulled his mask, and whispered, “Hey, Tenzo, open Enies Lobby’s Gate of Justice. For the next few days, there should be no need to close it. A few of our guests are coming soon…”

“Yes, Kakashi-senpai.”

A man sitting opposite Kakashi slowly nodded. It was Yamato, the wood release ninja, and now his code name was Tenzo. 

(TL note: Yamato, also known as “Tenzo”, are both code names for this Anbu-turned-jonin of Konohagakure. Yamato when he was a Jonin Instructor and Tenzo when he was an Anbu.)

Tenzo nodded slowly and said softly, “Then the first person to rush over should be Vice Admiral Garp, right?”

“En, I will personally welcome him!”

Kakashi scratched his head, stood up, and slowly said, “Be careful. Don’t talk too much to avoid being discovered. I heard that this Marine Hero once saw Uehara’s photo and realized the danger of that guy…”

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