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Chapter 547: Enies Lobby Prison; The Brothers Who Discussed Their Escape...

Chapter 547: Enies Lobby Prison; The Brothers Who Discussed Their Escape…

On Enies Lobby’s port.

The gate of justice had been opened. Kakashi and a few CP agents rushed here, waiting for Vice Admiral Garp’s arrival.

After a long time.

A dog-headed warship slowly drove in along the sea flow and stopped at the dock. A burly old man jumped directly from the ship without waiting for the warship to dock.

It was Garp who rushed over from Marineford.

Garp jumped to Kakashi’s side and quickly walked to Enies Lobby, “Where is Ace? Take me to see him!”

Garp has never had a good impression of the CP department under Kabuto because the bad things that these agents have done were no less than some brutal pirates…

These agents have always been helping the World Government do dirty work, not to mention that the CP department was also the main force in capturing Ace!

It was said that when this group of CP agents arrested Sabo in Loguetown, they almost arrested both Dragon and Luffy, the father and son.

Even if Garp has a big heart…

It was impossible to have a good impression of the CP department!

Kakashi pulled his mask and slowly followed, “Oh, actually, Vice Admiral Garp doesn’t need to be so worried. Portgas D. Ace is doing well here because he met his brother here…”


Garp’s expression became even uglier.

If not necessary, Garp still didn’t want to pay attention to these CP agents.

Kakashi also didn’t care. He slowly continued, “If we hadn’t caught them, they wouldn’t know when they would be reunited, but a new problem has arisen between Portgas D. Ace and Sabo…”


Garp frowned and couldn’t help but look at Kakashi. He then said coldly, “What is the problem? Did something happen to Ace?”

“How should I put it…”

Kakashi thought for a while and continued softly, “Portgas D. Ace and Sabo have been in the prison cell talking about the past of their three brothers…

Among them, it seems that Vice Admiral Garp’s grandson Monkey D. Luffy is missing. We have been discussing whether to capture Straw Hat Luffy and let the three brothers reunite…”


Garp’s face suddenly turned cold.

Did this white-haired agent speak human words? In front of his grandfather, do you want to arrest all the grandsons he raised and send them to the execution platform?

As expected of Kabuto’s subordinates!

Inside Enies Lobby’s prison.

During this period of time, Ace had been living quite well. The CP department agent did not make things difficult for him. They even prepared adjacent cells for him and Sabo.

When Ace and Sabo first met in Enies Lobby’s prison, the two brothers were somewhat surprised and sad about the other party’s encounter.

In the end, they stayed here for the past few days…

It seemed that Enies Lobby was not a living hell.

“Hey, Sabo.”

Ace held a piece of straw in his mouth. He glanced at the cell next door and suddenly leaned over, “What do you think Luffy is doing?”

“I don’t know.”

Sabo supported the back of his head with one hand and leaned against the wall. He looked up at the ceiling and suddenly revealed a smile, “He is probably still arguing about becoming the Pirate King! Now we have no way to compete with him!”


Ace smiled and suddenly said, “But I have given up on becoming the Pirate King. Now that I think about it, I still feel a bit sorry for Sasuke!”


Sabo nodded slowly and sighed softly, “I have heard of his name. Ace, your companion is a very strong person! I heard it back then, the Spade Pirates is the most likely to become the new Yonko(Four Emperors) Pirates…”

“Ha, it has already passed!”

Ace then asked, “What about you, Sabo? Is there anyone you miss? How is the Revolutionary Army?”

“It’s good.”

Sabo’s lips curled into a smile, and a hint of nostalgia appeared on his face, “I miss every single one of them very much. Those like-minded comrades… But, Koala won’t have to look for me everywhere and won’t also be angry in the future…”

Sabo missed a lot of people.

Especially his teammate, Koala.

Now that he was imprisoned in Enies Lobby’s prison cell, Sabo could not help but think about how Koala would feel when she learned that he was arrested.

Although Sabo said that Koala would not be angry because of him anymore, he knew very well that Koala would be very anxious now…


She will cry, right?

Thinking of Koala crying, that little girl once lost her instinct to cry because of fear, but sometimes she will cry for him…

Just as Sabo was reminiscing about Koala, Ace suddenly leaned over and whispered to Sabo, “Hey, Sabo, let’s try jailbreaking! “

When Ace spoke of jailbreaking, his eyes were full of hope, “Just like when we were young, we will work together to escape this prison. As long as we can unlock my Seastone shackles, the two of us will definitely be able to escape from here together. At least you have to escape…”

The two brothers…

They still have a dream.


Sabo smiled and whispered, “Don’t worry, Ace, the two of us will definitely be able to escape!”

At this moment, a naive smile flashed across Sabo’s face. He glanced at his shackles and said with a smile, “Ace, in fact, they don’t know that I am not a devil fruit person. I have been pretending to lose my strength because of the Seastone…”


A hint of joy flashed across Ace’s face.

Sabo raised a finger to signal Ace to be quiet. He looked at the cell and continued in a low voice, “But I still want to slowly find out where the other members of the Revolutionary Army are. The CP agent commander, Kabuto, has captured many of our companions…”

This was also Sabo’s plan.

From the moment Sabo was caught, he had thought of using this opportunity to try to rescue the other Revolutionary Army members who were caught by the CP agents.

Who would have thought that Sabo had not been able to find out where the members of the Revolutionary Army were locked up in Enies Lobby’s prison and instead met his good brother…

It’s really…

A coincidence.

Just as Ace and Sabo thought that their conspiracy had succeeded, there was a rustling sound of metal rubbing the floor.

The thick iron gate of the prison slowly opened.

A burst of footsteps echoed in this gloomy prison.

A group of people walked toward Ace and Sabo’s cell. They were Garp and Kakashi, who came to visit.

Kakashi led the way in front, Garp walked behind him, and the two slowly stopped outside Ace and Sabo.

“Old man…”

“Vice Admiral Garp…”

When Ace and Sabo saw Garp, their expressions were slightly stiff. The two of them looked at the old man outside the prison cell.

After all…

Garp treated them very deeply.

However, soon, Ace and Sabo restrained their emotions because they had the confidence to escape the prison. When they escaped from here, they believed that Garp’s face would be very interesting!

Garp didn’t know all of this.

The old man clenched his fist, looked at Ace, and then looked at Sabo. His face gradually showed a trace of defeat. He said weakly, “Give me the key to the cell. I want to go in and see them…”


Kakashi nodded.

As Kakashi searched for the key to the cell on his body, he slowly said, “By the way, Vice Admiral Garp, there is something I need to say. Portgas D. Ace is bound with 100% purity Seastone shackles. It will definitely make the Mera Mera no Mi(Flame Flame Fruit) person lose his strength. He can’t leave here…”

Kakashi took out the key and handed it to Garp. Then his voice becomes slightly solemn, “But Sabo, the Revolutionary Army’s chief of staff, is not necessarily the case. Because he is not a devil fruit person, the Seastones shackle that we bound on him is ineffective. He may escape from prison…”


Sabo’s expression changed in an instant.

Ace’s expression was also a little ugly.

Even Garp’s expression was a little surprised.

Sabo slowly restrained his emotions and raised his head to look at Kakashi, “You already knew that I am not a devil fruit person. Aren’t you worried that I will escape?”

“No worries.”

Kakashi shook his head and said lazily, “No one can escape from Enies Lobby’s prison, and no one can escape our surveillance…”

This sentence does not only refer to the CP department.

It was also referring to the Akatsuki Organization behind the CP department.

Kakashi looked at Sabo and slowly continued, “Oh, right, before Kabuto left, he told me something. There have been too many things recently, and I seem to have forgotten to tell you.”

Kakashi spread out his palm and said in a bored voice, “If you secretly escape, even if you didn’t successfully escape, you still have to pay the price for breaking out of prison…

In the past, all the members of the Revolutionary Army who were secretly arrested by us, including ordinary members, will immediately be sentenced to death. And in the future, when we catch the members of the Revolutionary Army, we will not leave any survivors. “


Sabo’s expression suddenly changed. This group of CP agents was really worthy of being Kabuto’s subordinates. The way they acted was really despicable!

Fortunately, Kakashi said this…

Otherwise, Sabo really doesn’t know how much he will suffer if countless official and ordinary members of the Revolutionary Army died because he hastily escaped…

After Kakashi finished, he looked at Ace, “Portgas D. Ace, your situation is the same. When Kabuto encircled Whitebeard Pirates’ 2nd division, he caught many of your subordinates…”

“… bastard! “

Ace’s face also flashed a touch of anger.

When Kabuto encircled Whitebeard Pirates’ 2nd division, Garp was also present to help. The entire 2nd division was caught by the marine; only Ace, Sasuke, and Teach escaped…

Even if the 2nd division has been rebuilt.

Ace still couldn’t ignore the life and death of his former companions.

After Kakashi threatened Sabo and Ace, he looked at Garp and said, “Then, I’ll go first. You guys have a good chat… But I hope Vice Admiral Garp doesn’t talk too long because before you came to Enies Lobby, I received a message.”

Garp frowned and looked at Kakashi unhappily. He couldn’t help but say, “What kind of news did you bastards receive…”

“Oh, a piece of news that we are all very interested in.”

Kakashi slowly looked at everyone present and slowly said, “Two hours ago, the Straw Hat Pirates robbed a sea train in Water 7 and rode it in the direction of Enies Lobby…”

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