Big Shot’s Reincarnation Sweeps the World

Chapter 40

Chapter 40: She Would Win

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Kang Weizhen frowned. So Sheng Yuxi sold his younger sister for two pots of tea but felt that he had picked up a huge bargain. This idiot!

Poor little boy. Sheng Yuxi was surprised to discover that his mother was angry but he knew she was suppressing her anger because Yi Juncheng was still here. He shivered but couldn’t figure out the reason for her anger.

This was his sister’s decision. Now he and Yi Juncheng could teach his sister together. Wasn’t that wonderful?

After a while, Sheng Yang came back. Yi Juncheng smiled politely. “Auntie, excuse me, we’re going to the study.”

“OK, ok.” Kang Weizhen folded her hands and smiled like a kind old mother, but when the two disappeared at the end of the stairs, her expression instantly changed and she pointed at Sheng Yuxi and shouted grumpily, “You idiot!”

She stomped her feet while yelling.

This was literally like preparing the wolf to eat the sheep!

“Mom, what did I do to make you so angry?” Sheng Yuxi felt wronged. He didn’t do anything.

“Forget it.” Kang Weizhen felt a headache coming on with her anger. Now that things were already in motion, she would just let it take its course and see what would happen.


A few days later, in the playground at Yan City High School.

After their morning exercises, the students returned to their classrooms in threes and fours.

Sheng Yue and Lou Shu walked together. Although the two were still often seen together like before, something had changed and they weren’t as close as they once were.

Several girls’ voices suddenly came over from behind.

“The school celebration is coming up soon.”

“Yes, I saw Sheng Yue going to the principal’s office that day to discuss it with the principal.”

“Every year, God Han plays music with her. She plays the piano and God Han plays the violin. Oh, I envy her!”

“Hmph, in fact, there are people at school who can play the piano better than her, but they aren’t as good-looking as her nor do they get as good grades as she does.”

“Then it’s probably going to be her again this time.”

“Then will she be the host of the school celebration too? Sh*t, the host is her every time. I’m tired of seeing her face every year.”

“Exactly. But I heard that the class teacher of Class Seven wants the new transfer student in her class to be the host of the school celebration. She’s so beautiful and popular. It may not be Sheng Yue this time.”

Lou Shu glanced at Sheng Yue’s sullen face. Finally, she found a topic to break the ice, so she pursed her lips and tried to comfort Sheng Yue. “Yueyue, don’t take it seriously.”

However, Sheng Yue ignored her, quickening her pace and walking on.

Lou Shu stomped her feet, aggrieved. Her family wasn’t any worse off than Sheng Yue’s, but for more than two years, Sheng Yue treated her as if she was her little henchwoman. How could she treat her like this?

However, the news came in the afternoon that the host for the school celebration this year had been decided, and it was still Sheng Yue.

Everyone congratulated Sheng Yue.

“That math exam was just a fluke. Sheng Yue is still the goddess in our hearts. Cheer up, Sheng Yue.”

“Sheng Yue is Sheng Yue. Every year, you’re the host of the school celebration.”

“And your performances at the school celebrations are amazing! Sheng Yue, I still remember the evening gown you wore for the school celebration last year. I’ll never forget it in my lifetime.”

No longer with a long face, Sheng Yue cracked a graceful smile, but she just said, “I’m flattered, but it hasn’t been decided yet. It’s too early to talk about it.”

But her deskmate, Lou Shu, had noticed that she was already reading the host manuscripts from previous years.

Sure enough, when the second class was over, the teacher responsible for the school celebration came up to Sheng Yue.

The other students weren’t very surprised. As they expected, Sheng Yue would still be the host of the school celebration this year.

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