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Chapter 175 - A Battle of Wits and Courage Against the Air

Chapter 175: A Battle of Wits and Courage Against the Air

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In the command room, the people sitting in their seats whispered to each other and commented on the two teams in advance.

On the other hand, the members of the red team in the exercise area were all nervous and hesitant.

“Captain Shen Qing, what should we do now?”

“The scout just said that he was attacked by a sniper, which delayed the military intelligence.”

“The blue team’s team one has entered the red zone. They’re less than a kilometer away from us. We still have time to intercept them. Captain, please give the order!”

In the dense forest where the red team’s first group was hiding, the six members were currently looking anxiously at Shen Qing, hoping that the captain would give them a good solution.

Everyone’s eyes gathered and suddenly found that Shen Qing’s forehead was exuding a layer of fine sweat.

It seemed that the captain was also a little nervous at the moment.

“Ahem, ahem, don’t panic.”

Shen Qing wiped the sweat from her forehead and continued,”Team one, follow me. Team two, gather in my direction immediately. Let’s catch a turtle in a jar.”

At this point, a cold glint flashed in his eyes as he said fiercely, ” as for the other members of the blue team behind us, don’t worry about them for now. We’ll deal with them after we’ve dealt with those small fries.

When Captain Shen Qing’s words came out, the other six people in the group immediately showed a surprised expression.

Under such circumstances, they had thought that their Captain would order them to return to the camp immediately.

Unexpectedly, the captain’s plan was to directly face the blue team head on and eliminate them in the shortest time possible.

One had to say that this plan was really too risky, but previously Captain Shen Qing had also given a similar risky order. Previously, he aimlessly fired a few ion cannons and directly caused one of the blue team’s snipers to be eliminated.

Therefore, even though everyone felt that it was inappropriate, they did not voice out their objections.

They immediately packed up their equipment and marched through the forest.

At the same time, he contacted the scouts through the walkie-talkie and asked them to keep an eye on the left side of the red zone and try to find the seven members of Team Blue one who were deep in the red zone!

On the other side, the remaining three snipers and other members of the blue team saw that there was no movement from the red zone and could not help but guess what the other party would do.

let’s not worry about that for now. Other than the scouts, have the rest of the people wait at the edge of the Blue Zone. Be ready to invade the red zone at any time.

The blue team’s leader immediately gave the order. The snipers hiding in the corners immediately rolled to their feet and gathered with the rest of the team members.

Other than the scouts who were in charge of the camp, the rest of the people headed towards the edge of the desert.

They were carrying a lot of individual equipment. Two ion cannons were carried by four soldiers and they were almost flying.

The weakest of the two groups of soldiers was a four star xiuzhe. Their bodies were strong and could almost lift a thousand Jin cauldron. Lifting the ion Cannon was naturally not a problem.

The blue team was shuttling through the dense forest at high speed.

As for the red team’s Scout, he was still a little worried because he was almost hit by the blue team’s sniper earlier and did not dare to show his face.

As a result, the blue team members who were sprinting in the dense forest were not discovered at first.

In the exercise area, the battle situation changed rapidly.

The remaining players in the Blue Zone were all hiding in the bushes near the desert.

Meanwhile, team one, who was at the forefront, was now constantly venturing deeper into the mountains, planning to find the red team’s camp hidden in the mountains.

Their mission was to destroy all the equipment in the red zone, and then eliminate the remaining members of the red zone.

However, the red zone didn’t sit still and wait for death. They immediately organized a counterattack.

At this moment, there were only two people left in the campsite. They were disguising the campsite as fast as they could so that they would not be discovered by the enemies!

On the other side, a group of red zone members was rushing towards the camp.

Like a sharp knife, they were ready to cut off the path of the Blue Zone team one.

The speed of the two parties increased, and at the same time, they were getting closer and closer.

Now, everyone was extremely nervous. They were on full alert, constantly looking for hidden threats.

This encounter with the red and blue team one would definitely affect the outcome of this exercise. No one wanted to be the cause of the failure, so they all brought out their best state.

“Si si.”

All of a sudden, a rustling sound could be heard, as if someone nearby was slowly moving in their direction.

The sound of shrubbery scraping against clothes was the source of the strange sound.

When they noticed that there might be people nearby, the seven people in the Blue Zone suddenly became serious.

At this moment, their bodies were hunched over, and they were hiding in the weeds that were half the height of a person.

His body was like a statue, not daring to move at all.

The rustling sounds around them were getting closer and closer.

It seemed to be 40 degrees to the North.

Everyone perked up their ears and listened carefully to the sound.

The people not far away from each other exchanged glances and found that each other’s index fingers on the trigger were slightly pressed down, showing an extremely nervous mood.

“Crack crack.”

The dead branches on the ground were broken, which made everyone’s heartstrings even more tense.

However, this did send them a message. It was likely that there was only one enemy member walking towards them. It should be a sniper from the blue team who was looking for the best hiding spot.

The thought of being able to kill a member of the red team ahead of time made them extremely excited.

Especially the leader of team one. He had already picked up a semi-automatic rifle. As long as the other party revealed half of his body, he would immediately eliminate him.

Suddenly, in the bushes not far from them, the originally leisurely footsteps suddenly became hurried.

“Oh no, could it be that someone has been exposed?”

He thought of the red team’s sniper, who had probably discovered the ambush ahead and ran back.

He was anxious and immediately climbed out of the Bush.

He raised his gun, subconsciously estimated the enemy’s position, and pulled the trigger without hesitation.


The sound of the gun instantly broke the silence around them. The sound echoed in the sky above the forest, startling some unknown birds.

The remaining footsteps instantly panicked. Just when the leader of the first team thought he had hit the target …

Not far away, a silver hedgehog scuttled out and ran into the distance in a panic.

Hearing that extremely familiar rustling sound, everyone was instantly petrified.

“It seems like they were fighting with the air and were fooled by a Hedgehog?”

Especially the team one leader, who was so embarrassed that he wanted to find a place to hide.

Not only did he waste his bullets, but he also exposed team one’s location. Even if they retreated now, the red team could estimate their approximate location and surround them.

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