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Chapter 481 - 481 The Calm Before the Storm

481 The Calm Before the Storm

After the old chief and a few military officers learned about Life Second, they immediately requested to be the first batch of test subjects.

The Life First injection had been proven to be safe since it had no side effects. The benefits of Life Second were even more shocking.

During this exciting moment, everyone could not wait to become the first to try Life Second.

However, it was still a challenge for Wu Mo to develop such an unprecedented product in the field of biotechnology.

Even though it was a big switch from the military field to biotechnology for Wu Mo, it was more like a means to continuously upgrade military products, rather than the ultimate goal.

At this moment, he finally wiped away the cold sweat on his forehead.

The reagent before him made him feel uneasy not because Life Second could not achieve the desired effect.

Everything just suddenly seemed too perfect to Wu Mo, and there would inevitably be challenges awaiting him in the near future.

By now, several officers in the Institute of Special Biology could not wait any longer.

“Chief Engineer Wu, can Life Second really give us another sixty years? That’s unbelievable!” an officer asked excitedly.

He was already in his fifties. If he could add another sixty years to his lifespan, he would only have lived less than half of his life.

Imagine how emotional and exciting it was to know that he could live longer than the first half of his life at this age!

What was even more unbelievable, after he received Life Second injection, he could look like he was thirty years old again. Everything felt like a dream.

This officer became the first person to receive the injection as his heart beat nervously.

While he appeared calm on the surface, it was difficult to hide the slight trembling in his body.

Following the injection, he entered the observation room. Initial observation was set at seventy-two hours because Life Second was slightly different from Life First.

Wu Mo estimated that if there were any abnormal reactions, they should be exposed within seventy-two hours.

Soon after, the other officers also received the Life Second injections.

The old chief could not make it for now because he was occupied with work. However, he was prepared to receive the injection later.

Thanks to the popularization of Life First, Life Second gained enough of a reputation and credibility. No one doubted Wu Mo’s words.

Sixty years of extra time and looking thirty years younger were now within their grasps!

Feeling excited, all who received the injection entered the observation room.

Right then, Wu Mo knew that he could finally give himself a good break and relax while the sea monsters were still missing in action.

Today, Wu Mo did not rush to Shanghai. Instead, he went back to his parents’ home to have a good meal with them.

This time, Wu Mo was not going to be a freeloader. Instead, he took the initiative to visit the market for ingredients and decided to cook a delicious meal for his parents.

Wu Mo had always been somewhat skilled in cooking. Although his skills were not heaven-defying, they were enough for him to make delicious food.

Early in the morning, he got up and went to the market to buy the freshest ingredients.

Ingredients were fresher at the market, so Wu Mo could choose the most delicious ones to cook a sumptuous dinner for his parents.

Wu Mo bought the vegetables that his parents liked, a fish, two pig’s trotters, a strip of pork belly, a slab of beef, and all kinds of snacks. He returned home with a full load.

Mr. Wu and Mrs. Wu were incredibly happy to see Wu Mo. Their son was actually cooking dinner for them despite his busy schedule, and it made them very emotional

Their son was truly mature and sensible.

Wu Mo smiled and said, “No matter how busy I am, I have to find time to keep you company. Besides, I’m always acting like a freeloader and eating your food for free. I’ll feel bad if I don’t cook for you.”

Mrs. Wu glared at her son. How was that considered freeloading?

Wu Mo immediately entered the kitchen to begin cooking. Mrs. Wu wanted to go over and help, but Wu Mo politely rejected her offer. He just told her to sit on the couch and watch TV while she waited for the delicious food.

In the kitchen, the knife and chopping board worked seamlessly together as they created a pleasant tinkling sound.

Not long after, Wu Mo started preparing a stir-fry. The fragrance quietly filled the air, like a warm hug that surrounded the entire living room.

The rich fragrance came from the perfect fusion of beef, cumin, and coriander. It was intoxicating and irresistible.

This coriander beef dish was a great test of one’s cooking skills. It was simple but extremely unique and tempting. It was enough to make a person eat three big bowls of it in one sitting.

Wu Mo had prepared five dishes in just forty minutes. The three of them had dinner together and fully enjoyed the joy of family.

The dining table was filled with laughter and banter as they chatted about recent interesting events.

Mr. Wu and Mrs. Wu enjoyed this rare family time together. They had seen on television that the world was facing the threat of sea monsters. Being a pillar of the country, their son would soon go to war.

They knew that such beautiful moments would be even more precious in the future.

After the meal, Mr. Wu smoked one cigarette after another as he fell into deep thought.

Mrs. Wu held Wu Mo’s hand and sat on the couch. “Son, when you go to the coastal area, you have to keep yourself safe. Don’t put yourself in dangerous situations, okay?” she said with concern.

Wu Mo nodded and consoled her, “Mom, don’t worry. I’ll do as you say. I won’t make you worry.”

Wu Mo observed his parents for a while and found that they still showed visible traces of Life First in their system.

He wanted to inject his parents with Life Second, but he was worried that their bodies would reject it.

After all, the trials for Life Second had started with the soldiers. It would gradually spread to the young people before finally reaching the middle-aged and elderly people. That was the safest route.

Thus, Wu Mo temporarily pushed the thought to the back of his mind.

Good times were always fleeting.

After he spent the day off, Wu Mo remembered that he had to make plans for what might happen next.

Suddenly, a sense of urgency welled up in his heart. He realized that he had to return to the base as soon as possible to prepare for the upcoming battle.

At this moment, Wu Mo could only send a text message to Shen Qingya. He could not fly to Shanghai to meet her in person.

Nevertheless, he believed that his future with Shen Qingya was still full of hope. The two of them would spend a long time together, hand in hand for the rest of their lives.

Shen Qingya understood how busy Wu Mo was too, so she did her best to be a top student on campus.

Wu Mo’s first task upon returning to the base was to continue perfecting Life Second. This would ensure that its potential flaws were eliminated in time.

After all, its test subjects were all military officers, and their safety could not be compromised.

The arrival of the sea monsters brought unprecedented challenges to mankind.

Now, more than ten sea monsters had appeared, and there would be new discoveries every few days.

Wu Mo knew that the old man’s prophecy had come true. A brand new era had arrived.

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