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Chapter 779 - Chapter 779: Co-Development

Chapter 779: Co-Development

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“Oh, my God! We brought you to this primitive planet, yet you are so enthusiastic.”

Of course, these were all private comments and couldn’t be said openly. Otherwise, some people might not be willing to come!

At this time, Wu Mo had never expected so many people to volunteer.

But for him, this was a good thing, because he needed them to do a lot of things.

Soon, millions of people boarded a huge spaceship and set off for the mysterious planet.

On this land, Wu Mo had a grand vision. He wanted to turn this place into a high-level world.

One had to know that these local residents living on Earth were all proficient in science, mathematics, and technology. How could they not live a better life? On this planet, there were nearly a million volunteers. Soon, they were assigned tasks.

Not long after, some people began to farm, some planted vegetables, and some began to build houses.

This was the most basic step, and everyone was happy.

“Look at those guys, how do they work!” Someone commented excitedly. “That’s right. Even if they have to do some hard work, I can imagine how good Mr. Wu will treat them in the future.” Another person echoed.

“Haha, who cares if it’s fair or not? This is clearly working for someone else. What benefits do I get?” Another person mocked disdainfully.

However, many people did not think so, so they did not join this volunteer activity.

However, watching them work hard in the live broadcast, the audience was not tired of it, as if they were watching a wonderful performance.

Wu Mo led a group of people to explore.

The first thing he had to do was to investigate the geographical location of the planet and divide it reasonably.

Which places were suitable for planting crops, which places could be used to build houses, and so on.

His first task was to divide all the Urban area so that he could develop them better.

He did this because he wanted to make this land more beautiful.

However, not everyone could understand Wu Mo’s kindness.

Suddenly, a member of the foreign race rushed in and hurriedly spoke for a while!

Wu Mo finally understood their language because they were all using the common language.

It turned out that the person just now had said that their leader had some treasures buried underground.

Because he believed that Wu Mo was a good person, he planned to give these treasures to them!

Ah! I actually found a treasure. What a surprise.”

Wu Mo smiled and shook his head. Then, he asked the man to bring him to see their leader.

At this moment, although the old patriarch was old.

However, he still hunched over and walked step by step towards the location where the treasure was buried.

He kept babbling…

After a while, he finally expressed his feelings.

That treasure was the blood and sweat of their ancestors. It was buried here now to be given to a friendly person like Wu Mo.

“Yes!” Wu Mo replied. He called out to his two subordinates and started digging.

Soon, they dug out a box.

When he opened the box, the scene suddenly fell silent!

There was actually a tooth in the box?

His teeth were a little yellow, which meant that he had been through many years.

“What’s going on?” Wu Mo hurriedly asked in the common language.

However, he sounded a little serious when he spoke.

It was a strange alien that had visited this planet.

The aliens told them at that time.

One day, this planet would be conquered by a higher-level space civilization.

At that time, everyone would become stronger.

Since then, the foreign races in this world regarded this tooth as the most precious relic and had been collecting it until now.

Wu Mo was stunned when he heard this. Could it be that there was really a planet that said that they would descend here?

Then, what kind of races existed in this world?

“Mr. Wu, this is too strange. Does this mean that everything we do will be monitored?” Someone sighed.

Wu Mo nodded. He also had the same thought, but there was nothing he could do at the moment. He could only act according to the situation.

“In that case, let’s take your treasure first and then work together to excavate everything here!” he said.

The old chief had nothing to say and could only nod his head, letting his subordinates and Wu Mo’s people work together.

The first thing they had to do was to open up a vegetable garden and start planting all kinds of vegetables.

One had to know that these barbarians had never even tasted vegetables. They only knew how to eat wild fruits!

If a large piece of vegetables was placed on the table, what kind of spectacular scene would it be?

Everyone was excited, including Wu Mo.

Everyone focused their eyes and an even more shocking scene appeared in front of them.

There was only one reason for all this, and that was the rapid growth of vegetables!

Thus, everyone noticed this problem and was extremely surprised.

They all felt that the vegetables were growing too quickly. How could new vegetables grow so quickly?

Wu Mo used a new type of biotechnology to greatly increase the growth speed of the ingredients.

Even so, the taste and nutritional value of the ingredients did not decrease at all!

If it were anyone else, they would definitely think that this was a lie.

Because the growth cycle of vegetables was regular, shortening it might affect the taste and even be harmful to the body.

However, after hearing Wu Mo’s words, everyone else believed him.

This was because the drugs he had developed were all beyond their understanding!

The creatures living on the savage planets were ecstatic after tasting the delicacies of the human race.


He even said a bunch of strange things.

It was as if he had never tasted such a heavenly delicacy in his life.

“After tasting it today, I was extremely touched. I feel that this taste will never be forgotten for the rest of my life!” he said excitedly.

Wu Mo chuckled, thinking that this guy was too exaggerated.

It was just a few ordinary cabbages.

Wu Mo planned to grow more different vegetables here so that the indigenous people could enjoy more sumptuous food.

In addition, he also locked some wild animals in cages to ensure that they could continue to survive and provide adequate nutrition for these primitive animals.

This area was a hilly area, and many wild beasts lived in the dense forest.

However, these wild beasts were extremely hot-tempered, and it was not easy to tame them!

Wu Mo had his own plan. He was the first to lead an elite troop into the forest.

A huge wild boar was looking for food in the forest!

Soon, the wild boar sensed their presence and let out a low roar.

It was obvious that the wild boar was warning the intruders to get lost.

However, Wu Mo only smiled faintly.

He was not here to please this wild boar. How could he leave just like that?

Thus, he continued walking forward.

This action completely angered the wild boar.. It suddenly took two steps back and then rushed forward!

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