Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 3423: Backlash of the Ways

Chapter 3423: Backlash of the Ways

Senior Feng, won’t there be any issues? After all, the Saints’ World is so large, while the Martial Soul Mountain drifts through it without a fixed location. Logically speaking, with sister-in-law’s strength, she’s completely incapable of finding the Martial Soul Mountain. If it is a coincidence, then isn’t it a little too coincidental? As a result, we’re worried that someone is intentionally scheming something behind her,” Hun Zang communicated to the Wind Venerable. After all, this had to do with the fate of their little junior brother. He did not dare to be careless at all.

He had already grown so cautious that he wanted to nip all risks, no matter how small, in the bud.

“Don’t worry. I’ve already checked her countless times. It was a complete coincidence that Shangguan Mu’er managed to find the Martial Soul Mountain. Perhaps it was fated for them to meet this time. But that works too. Jian Chen is about to leave the Saints’ World. Before he leaves, letting him meet with his partner will relieve him of any regrets,” the Wind Venerable said with absolute certainty. As he said that, a force of the world had already spread out silently, covering the entire Martial Soul Mountain.

“Call out Jian Chen,” the Wind Venerable said to Hun Zang and the others.

With that from the Wind Venerable, Hun Zang and the others obviously had no more objections. Afterwards, they sent one of them into the place of legacies in the Martial Soul Mountain to contact Jian Chen.

Shangguan Mu’er took note of this, which immediately brought back some colour to her deathly eyes. She stared at the Wind Venerable excitedly and said with a trembling voice, “Senior Feng, is Jian Chen still alive? Is he really still alive?”

“The answer to whether Jian Chen is dead or alive is something you’ll find out soon enough. You better just wait here for a while,” the Wind Venerable said nonchalantly.

The wait felt particularly long for Shangguan Mu’er. At that moment, she felt like each day passed like a year. She paced around where she was with eagerness, nervousness, and uneasiness, constantly glancing towards the depths of the Martial Soul Mountain. She struggled to find peace.

In the places of legacies in the depths of the Martial Soul Mountain.

“I’ve completely absorbed the golden core of the Laws of Strength. With the help of the golden core of laws, my Laws of Strength have already broken through to Infinite Prime successfully.” Jian Chen opened his eyes slowly with a faint smile.

By now, he had already absorbed five of the seven golden cores of laws in his soul. All that remained were the golden core of the Laws of Space and the golden core of the Laws of Creation.

The Laws of Strength, the Laws of Curses, the Laws of Corrosion, the Laws of Fire, and the Laws of Destruction had all reached Infinite Prime already.

“Little junior brother, you’ve finally roused. Your cultivation partner has come to find you. She’s on the Martial Soul Mountain right now. Come and see.” At this moment, Qing Shan’s voice rang out from beside him.

“What? Mu’er has come to the Martial Soul Mountain?” Jian Chen’s expression immediately changed slightly when he heard that. He turned around to look at Qing Shan and said, “Seventh senior brother, when did Mu’er come? How long has it been already?”

“Not too long. Less than half a month,” Qing Shan said lazily. He just sat right next to Jian Chen as if he had already waited there for a very long time.

“Less than half a month? So much time has passed already? Seventh senior brother, why didn’t you wake me up sooner?” Jian Chen said in a vexed manner.

“Little junior brother, you can’t blame me for that. You’re the one who entered the deeper levels of cultivation and completely sealed off your senses. It’s impossible for you to awaken unless you face life-threatening danger. I tried everything I could and still couldn’t awaken you.” Qing Shan felt wrongly accused.

However, before Qing Shan could finish what he was saying, Jian Chen had already vanished. He appeared on the rock layer of the Martial Soul Mountain and immediately noticed the beautiful, violet figure.

“Mu’er!” Jian Chen cried out. With a single step, the Laws of Space rippled as he immediately appeared before Shangguan Mu’er.

When Shangguan Mu’er heard that familiar voice, her entire body stiffened suddenly. She followed the voice and looked over with a trembling gaze, immediately spotting the man who had constantly been on her mind during the past few days, as well as the person who had made her grieve.

At that moment, the person who was rumoured to be dead a long time ago was standing right before her, alive.

Shangguan Mu’er’s eyes gradually moistened as clear tears rolled down her cheeks uncontrollably.


In the depths of the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng on the Prosper Plane, the Anatta Grand Exalt radiated with blinding light, enveloped in the laws as the surroundings boomed with the sound of ways.

At that moment, she seemed like a god from the heavens, imposing, lofty, and valiant.

But at this moment, the laws around her began to pulse violently. Two of the laws collided and produced a violent collision, immediately destroying the space she resided in.

In the next moment, the laws around her began to collapse in swathes. All of her light shattered like a porcelain vase, gradually exposing her true appearance.


Suddenly, the Anatta Grand Exalt opened her mouth and blood sprayed out. Her absolutely charming face turned sheet-white; her eyes were wide open, filled with disbelief.

“Impossible, t-this is impossible…” the Anatta Grand Exalt cried out, filled with shock and disbelief. She completely lost her composure, filled with franticness and helplessness.

Shortly afterwards, she spurted blood again and began coughing heavily. Her presence declined, becoming extremely feeble.

The two ways that collided together were like water and fire, which immediately made the Anatta Grand Exalt face a severe backlash, leaving her heavily injured.


On the Martial Soul Mountain, Jian Chen and Shangguan Mu’er strolled on the rock layer leisurely.

Now that the entire Martial Soul Mountain was enveloped by the Wind Venerable’s force of the world, they did not have to worry about the senses of souls from other experts.

“You don’t have to worry too much about Shangguan Aojian. He has the Innate Chaotic Body and is richly endowed by nature. Since the world birthed him, it wouldn’t let him perish so easily. He has his own opportunities and fortunes.” Jian Chen comforted her.

“As a mother, my heart works differently from you men. As long as I haven’t seen Aojian myself, I will never find peace.” Shangguan Mu’er disagreed with what Jian Chen said, but she did not argue too much with him. Instead, she changed the topic and asked, “I heard you’re leaving the Saints’ World and venturing to the Immortals’ World. Is that true?”

Jian Chen nodded sternly. “There’s nothing I can do about that. There’s nowhere I can seek shelter in the Saints’ World anymore. I can only go to the Immortals’ World now.”

“And, I have always believed that I belong to the Immortals’ World.”

“You have no friends or family in the Immortals’ World. Won’t you face danger there?” Shangguan Mu’er looked at Jian Chen in concern.

“Mu’er, you don’t have to worry. With my current strength, no one can kill me unless Grand Primes make a personal attempt at my life. Moreover, even if they are Grand Primes, as long as they’re slightly weaker, I might not be able to defeat them, but they can’t stop me from escaping either.” Jian Chen smiled confidently. Not only had his Chaotic Body reached the seventeenth layer, but he also possessed the high quality god artifact twin swords and the high quality god artifact Divine Armour of Heavenflight, as well as a sovereign god artifact, the Source of Life.

With all of this combined, he was confident that even if he faced a First Heavenly Layer Grand Prime, he could put up a fight.

He had killed a First Heavenly Layer Grand Prime in the past, Nan Potian, but Nan Potian was not at his peak condition back then. He was greatly weakened, so he obviously could not be treated as a proper Grand Prime.

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