Cheonma Wants to Live Quietly

chapter 37

Mdm Rogue looked around at the decently seated prostitutes from the white flower brothel.

There were five of them, all of great beauty. They did not know any battle skills but were more observant than any others.

They were Mdm Rogues’ direct reports.

Mdm rogue received the money from Cheon Geum Ryeon to support the Haomoon branch, and she was in charge of this branch.

Also Mdm rogue was a student of the Haomoon leader.

“Anything new from Cheon Geum Ryeon?”

The one seated most right answered her question.

“No. They’re collectively agreeing to step back and observe the situation for now. I’m sure they are taken aback. Nobody would ever have imagined the golden wall clan to be so powerful.

Mdm rogue nodded her head.

Haomoon had played nearly no part in this incident. The only thing they supported was to create the white flower brothel, gather information on the black thieve, and find a way to get to them.

And they had accomplished that task brilliantly.

The problem was what came next, which was planned by Cheon Geum Ryeon and the Jong clan.

And they got played out.

The problem arose when Cheon Geum Ryeon provided the information on the golden wall clan.

More than half of the information they provided had been wrong.

The golden wall clan had avoided the crisis with the help of the doctors, but at a glance, it would be blamed on the wrong information.

“Did you check to see if it was similar to the information we gathered?’

“Yes. Even if it had been us we would not have been able to avoid the problem entirely.”


“They are not to be taken easily.

Mdm rogue nodded her head. Even from the start she never thought they were easy, but now she was more defensive than ever.

And now they had to investigate very carefully.

Because a monster lived in that place.

“Baek Taesan…what is his identity?”

He was impossible to understand.

Mdm Rogue who had taken a moment to gather her thoughts then looked up with bright eyes.

“Start investigating the Golden wall clan form today.”

The five ladies looked to Mdm Rogue. They seemed to want a more specific steer.

“Investigate on all the information about the battle skills the golden wall clan adopt.”

The five ladies looked a little surprised.

The goldenwall clan were interested in their forces but even without investigating they already knew as much as there was to know.

It wasn’t something to be this conscious and focused about.

“You have to be extra careful.”


The five ladies grew even more curious. Of course, they had to be careful. But to be cautioned to this extent meant they had to be even more careful than usual.

For example, even when they were told to investigate Cheon Geum Ryeon, they were told to be careful.

But now they were told to be extra careful so it was difficult to compare, making them confused further.

“How careful should we be?”

“Adopt the same amount of caution you would have if you were investigating a royal household.


The golden wall clan were great, but they were clearly different from a royal household.

The five ladies were unable to hide their surprise and continued to look at Mdm Rogue.

“And don’t even go near the second prince, Baek Tae San.”

The five ladies’ expression’s finally turned serious.

Taesan had been here yesterday. Cheon Geum Ryeon and the Jong clan had a confrontation.

The one who resolved that had been Taesan, Gyongwasn, and Yoo, as well as the doctor that was found in their company.

Now it seemed like that was not the only case.


As Mdm rogue opened her mouth to speak, the other ladies tensed up even more. Things were already confusing as it is, what more could she say?

“Dig deeper into Cheon Geum Ryeon. And try to find out more about the organization backing them up. This is also dangerous, you know that right?”

“Yes. We are well aware.”

It was an organization that used the mighty dark moon sword as their messenger. It wouldn’t be easy to look into an organization like that.

There may be consequences.

But they had to do it regardless. Because the Amyeongbo was at stake.

Mdm Rogue’s face turned serious as she thought of Amyeongbo.

‘I think it’ll be best…to call for backup.’

The Haomoon’s future may depend on this.


“My Prince, the Dongho foundation have reached out asking for further advice.”

“The Dongho foundation? Tell them to figure it out.”


“They’re not widely known, and they’re already professional.”

“Even so…The Jong clan matter depends on them….”

Taesan smirked.

“Do you think the Jong clan can survive this?”

“No. I’m sure it will be absorbed by Cheon Geum Ryeon. So you intend to step back and watch?”

“If I interfere any further it will expose the Dongho foundation.”

“Well, you can always relocate them. They’re good at that kind of stuff. Going missing in action for a while then relocating.”

“Maybe it would have worked some other time. But for now, it’s best to remain in the status quo.”

“What??? Ah…!”

The doctor finally grasped Taesan’s intention.

Had it been another time, they would have been able to resolve things easily with the help of the Cheonma followers.

But right now because of Hyeon Cheon Jin, the Cheonma followers were unable to fully expose their skills.

“But such a situation…will be resolved soon, don’t you think?”

Had it been a normal situation it would have. But their current situation was far from normal.

In the history of the Cheonma clan, it was the worst they were in.

It would take a long time until the next leader Cheonma was found to destroy Hyeon Cheon Jin.

Because those that made a good candidate were already killed.

There was a similar incident a few hundred years ago. Although it wasn’t recorded.

Even then a Cheonma went mad and killed everyone around him but it was not as bad as it was now.

Ever since that incident, not many people stayed near Cheonma.

But this time things were different.

Those folks had planned and strategized ahead to eliminate me.

‘Did those fools really think that they could win over me?”

They probably did. That’s why to increase their chances they came attacking in a big group.

The elders, his subordinates, and each lead from the sub packs came together. And he killed every single one of them.

So Hyeon Cheon Jin was not bound to open up for some time.

At least until things were figured out and a new Cheonma appeared.

But I wonder how long that would take.

“Maybe…around ten years?”

“Sorry? Ten years.”

“That’s the minimum as well. So tell them to figure it out on their own.”

The doctor scratched the back of his head.

“Oh…okay. Then I will tell them to tidy up as per usual and go back to their routine.”


“But…I have a question.”

“What is it?”

“The white flower brothel.”

“Figure that out on your own as well.”

“What? Me? I don’t even know what Amyeongbo is.”

“There’s something like that. It’s the key to Haomoon’s martial arts and form. In one book it contains all aspects from their belief, principles, swordsmanship, fighting skills. It pretty much sums up their unique martial arts form.”

The doctor stared at Taesan blankly.

“Then why do you have it?”

“I got it by chance. Purely coincidental.”

It really was a coincidence. That occurred when he was in the Cheonma clan.

Because the entire key members of Haomoon was now in the Cheonma clan’s prison.

The arrogant Haomoon members, not knowing their place, were snooping around the Cheonma clan for information. When they got caught by Cheonma himself.

I would normally have killed them, but they had the Amyeongbo with them so he had them locked up in prison to find out more about it.

He wasn’t curious to learn the skills of Amyeongbo but found it a form of entertainment.

And using that as a source of reference he wanted to confirm if there was any room for improvement in his own skills.

Overall it has helped him a tiny bit. And because of that, the Amyeongbo remained accurately in his mind.

He knew then how important the Amyeongbo was to Haomoon, and their future without it.

After that, he lost interest in it.

But going through this incident it had triggered him to remember it clearly.

“Then how did you know that the white flower brothel was Haomoon?”

“A few of them used cotton wools.”

The doctor opened his mouth widely.

“You found out just by that?”

Of course, it wasn’t just that. He saw that and observed them a little more attentively.

Which led him to find evidence of the Amyeongbo.

Of course, it wasn’t the real Amyeongbo but a replica.

For Taesan, who was aware of the real Amyeongbo, the replica was easy to spot.

“Then what should we do about Cheon Geum Ryeon?”

Taesan looked at the doctor as though he was a nuisance.

“As I said, figure it out on your own. If the white flower brothel gives us more information on them just pass it on to the golden wall clan. Then they’ll know what to do. I’m sure a clan can easily figure out how to deal with this right?”

“Well…that’s true….”

The doctor had an odd feeling.

Things were easier said than done. All the things he told him to figure out were rather tedious.

This was different from being a bystander. He was looking at things from a top view and making minor adjustments when needed. But let things run its own course most of the time.

This was exactly what Taesan was doing.

‘Or am I overthinking?”

Maybe he really found all this to be a hassle. But it was a very peculiar feeling.

“Erm…my prince then what will you do?”

“Me? I’m going to visit the brothels.”

The doctor looked blankly at Taesan.

Then he recalled something else he couldn’t make sense of.

“You visit the brothels so frequently so how are you recovering from your illness so well?”

Taesan smiled widely.

“It’s a secret. Something kids don’t know.”

The doctor made a face.

‘Who’s he calling a kid?”


The goldenwall clan was endlessly busy for a while

Everyone involved was busy fighting against Cheon Geum Ryeong’s attacks.

But now things were finally taking shape.

The goldenwall clan was strong.

No, the doctor and Haomoon that provided the goldenwall clan it’s information was very strong and skilled.

Cheon Geum Ryeong swayed as the goldenwall retaliated, and slowly conflict was arising internally.

From the beginning, it was a committee of several small merchants coming together so each and everyone had their own wants and needs.

When things become difficult, they are quick to blame the finger at others.

And as Cheon Geum Ryeong became tenser, the goldenwall clan became more relaxed.

The leader of the clan Byeok Taesoo turned his attention elsewhere during his free time, and the results of that were out today.

“My Lord. We’ve been able to make contact.”

Byeok Taesoo reacted happily as the head of the guards reported back.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes. And it seems like we’ve received a positive response.”


Byeok Taesoo was unable to hide his emotions.

“When are they available.”

“They are currently wrapping up other affairs but will soon come to visit. They said it won’t be too long until then.”

Byeok Taesoo nodded happily.

“That’s great. Thank you for all your hard work.”

“I didn’t do much. It was Jo Sugak who ran around like mad on his feet.”

“But it’s because of your close attention on the matter that resolved things swiftly.”

The head of the guard smiled at Byeok Taesoo’s praise.

It was impossible not to pay close attention when the lord of the clan, Byeok Taesoo was checking in on the status so regularly. So, how could he not pay attention?

“I heard that Taesan is recovering well and it’s reassuring, but in my heart, it wasn’t the case. I wanted to be nicer in any way possible.”

“Actually, his accomplishment with the doctor is enough.”

At the mention of the doctor, Byeok Taesoo looked proud. Taesan had gained the support of the doctor.

It was truly a joyful thing to watch his younger brother grow.

“Anyways since we have acquired another great doctor I am sure we will be able to cure Taesan soon.”

“If the two famous doctors came together, it would be in the blink of an eye.”

The head of the guard replied and thought back on their newly acquired doctor.

He was a ruthless doctor named single acupuncturist

The only reason he acceded to this request was because of the great doctor.

‘If we look at it that way, then this was again Taesan’s accomplishment.’

If Taesan had not acquired the great doctor, the single acupuncturist would never have agreed.

The head of the guard felt that things were finally going according to plan.

‘So…I guess it’s ever since Taesan started to visit brothels?’

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