Combat Maid Harem

766 Making The Family Worried

His Desolate Darkness Mana was so black it was nauseating to look at. It was like he was peering into the endless void within his mind or in the darkness whenever he met the Goddess.

With the three Divine Magic, Lawrend felt more confident about himself. An idea to combine them together appeared in his mind. He had the Golden Divine Lightning, the Divine Fire, and the Desolate Darkness.

These three were the parts of Veronica’s Corrupting Fire.

Lawrend closed his eyes and lifted his right hand with the palm facing up. He controlled the three unique manas together and intertwined them.

The Divine Fire was used as the base, the Desolate Darkness was added to fuel the flames, and then the Golden Divine Lightning energized the overall flames.

A black flame with tints of gold and violet in the center flared up in Lawrend’s hand. The air of the demon world sizzled just by coming into contact with it. It was a Divine Corrupting Fire.

A faint smile formed on Lawrend’s face.

He felt satisfied with himself for planning things this far. He had his children learn how to combine spells, and they delivered him ideas that would have taken him a long time otherwise.

The mind of a child is truly different from that of an adult.

“Fufufu! Master, congratulations!” Aezel shouted and flew over.

Elena: “Congrats, Master!”

Ember: “You’re even more powerful now. Congrats!”

The black fog dissipated, and the bloody mess was revealed to everyone. The red blood of the demons tainted the lake water, making it redder. It was a carnage scene out of a horror movie.

Various burnt body parts bobbed up and down as the lake’s water was slowly returning to calmness.

“I have a lot to digest. Let’s return for now,” Lawrend said.

Lawrend’s group returned to their house(Grevan’s). Aleshia and the others were waiting for them outside.

“Master!?” Aleshia screamed in disbelief.

“Who?” Ramiela asked and blinked her eyes repeatedly.

The others also sported hilarious faces as Lawrend’s appearance was so different compared to before.

“Do I look more handsome?” Lawrend calmly asked and landed on the ground.

“What happened?” Aleshia asked with her eyebrows furrowed.

Something was telling her that he had done something outrageous again.

Lawrend smiled wryly and turned to Aezel behind him.

“Master tortured himself again and came out better than before,” Aezel promptly explained.

“You did it again!”

Aleshia hit Lawrend’s chest repeatedly.

“I told you not to do it…”

Tears started pouring out of her eyes, and her hits grew weaker and weaker. She embraced him and took a big sniff of his scent. She confirmed that it was really him that was before her.


Ella put her hands on her hips in disapproval. She didn’t like it that he made her Big Sister cry in front of everyone.

“I had to do it… It was painful, but I always succeed, right?”

Lawrend beamed a smile at her. Aleshia pushed him back and stared at his smile before continuing to hug him. She didn’t want to let him go just yet. “Stupid,” she whispered.

“Mother…” Zio awkwardly called out.

Seeing his Father and Mother like this out in the open embarrassed him a lot. He wanted to bury his head under the ground just like an ostrich would. He could already feel the odd gazes coming from his brothers and sisters.

“Shut up, Zio. I’m spending my time with your Father,” Aleshia responded and glared at him.

She was like a kitten that didn’t want its food taken away from it.

“Ahaha…” Zio laughed dryly.

Ramiela giggled, seeing their interaction. She walked up to Lawrend and hugged him from behind.

“I caught you too, My God!” Ramiela giggled.

“You two get off of him! I need to embrace my master!” Humility said and tried to tear the two away from Lawrend.

She pulled their shoulders and hands, but they were stuck to his body like that one sticker that wouldn’t peel off no matter what you do.

“Sister Humility, we can all share master,” Aleshia said while looking at her smugly.

“You can embrace My God’s side, Sister Humility,” Ramiela said.


Humility had no choice but to do just that. She embraced Lawrend’s left side. Lawrend stood there with an awkward smile on his face.

“My turn.”

Ella confidently strutted over and hugged Lawrend’s right side. She was much taller than a few years ago, so she couldn’t just embrace his leg.

“Nyahaha! We’re a big family!” Amene said with a large smile on her face.

She walked over and embraced Aleshia and Humility.


Grape agreed with her. She also embraced the group from the outside.

“Sister Nao, you can embrace Master,” Aezel said.

She, Elena, and Ember were watching from the side. They had already gotten their worries blasted away earlier, so they didn’t join in on the fun.

Nao nodded her head and embraced the group.

“Sister Aezel, you all need to join, too,” Aleshia said.

“Fufufu. Why not?”

Aezel looked to Ember and Elena beside her and nodded her head. They walked over and hugged the group.

“All of you, join too,” Elena beckoned the children watching on with looks of incredulity on their faces.

“No!” Veronica shook her head.

Inferno turned his head away. The others either tried to pretend they didn’t hear anything or chatted something random with each other.

“Okay. Enough!” Lawrend shouted.

He was already deeply embarrassed. He didn’t want it to continue anymore.

“Yes, Master. Hehe,” Aleshia chuckled.

They released him one by one, except for one woman.

“Hahaha! I have you for myself now, Master…” Humility laughed out loud while keeping her bear hug.


Lawrend glanced at Humility beside him and at the demons on the road watching them. They wanted to interfere since there seemed to be humans within their group, but they also didn’t because the scene was too fluffy for them to do something like that.

“C-Carry on…” an old demon grandpa said and turned around to leave.

The others followed suit. Seeing that Lawrend was a demon, they assumed the maids were his slaves.

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