Combat Maid Harem

Chapter 26 - Aleshia's Wariness And Lawrend Takes A Pet

The time has come for Aleshia and Lawrend to leave together. They were in front of the Horiel mansion. Ella was holding onto Albert's hand as Aleshia rode in front to drive the carriage and Lawrend rode inside.

"Ella, remember what I said."

Aleshia bid her farewell to Ella while Lawrend nodded his head at Albert. There were no guards with them. Which was something that made Albert very concerned.

"Yes, Big Sister. Come back safe…"

Ella sniffled as she also bid her farewell to her big sister. It will be a short parting that would surely change their life after they return. Who knows what development will happen after Lawrend and Aleshia spend a long time on a journey alone together?

Albert secretly glanced at a guard watching over them. The guard responded with a nod of his head before he ran off and disappeared.


Aleshia flicked on the reins on the two horses and the carriage started to move forward. Soon, they were gone from Ella's point of view.

Lawrend was sitting inside the carriage as his nervousness slowly mounted upwards. This was his first time spending alone with a girl, and it was even a maid of his. His hopes were great for this journey.

While Lawrend was nervously thinking of the future, Aleshia was glancing inside the carriage from time to time. She was very wary of Lawrend. He always had plans for something inside his head. There was no guarantee that he doesn't have any sinister plan for this journey.

Aleshia drove the carriage with great familiarity. This was one of the things that were taught to her by the assassin organization. It is a very helpful skill if you want to pretend to be a coachman.

After passing through the merchant district, the carriage arrived at the exit of the city of Lanika. There were city guards in front looking inside the carriages before letting them pass.

Aleshia and Lawrend waited for their turn.

A few minutes later, it was their turn and a city guard glanced at Aleshia with confusion on his face before letting them pass without inspecting them.

Aleshia and Lawrend are now officially out of the city of Lanika. They were at the south gate of the city. Their destination is just down south.

Currently, they were traversing through the Vanhan Plains. It was a huge expanse of plains. There are many different types of monsters roaming around the area. The most notable of which are the slimes.

Slimes come in different colors and shapes. Bigger slimes are stronger than smaller slimes. Their colors are influenced by the element that they use.

For example, a fire element slime would be colored red, and a water element slime would be blue in color. Although slimes are hard to kill for beginners, they are very easy to kill if you know their weaknesses.

Lawrend was browsing through a book about magic. Currently, there is a small pile of books with him on this journey.

The carriage stopped just as they got farther from the city. Lawrend peeked outside the window and saw a mass of colorful blobs bouncing around. Many of them are concentrated in the front, blocking the way for the carriage.

"Young Master, there are slimes blocking our way."

Aleshia informed him after seeing him glance from inside. Aleshia was already accustomed to calling Lawrend 'Young Master' after serving him these past few days.

"Can I take one inside?"

Lawrend asked Aleshia with an excited face. He has never seen a slime ever before. It was his first time outside of the city after all.


Aleshia was still wary of Lawrend but she became confused when he asked if he could take one inside. She never knew anyone who wanted to take one as a pet.


After getting Aleshia's permission, Lawrend jumped down the carriage and walked towards a small slime nearest him. It was a purple-colored slime. The slime turned around and looked at him with its deep purple eyes.

Lawrend smiled at it and picked it up into his arms. The slime didn't struggle but stared at Lawrend with eyes full of curiosity. It was about the size of Lawrend's palm.

There was a bigger purple slime, albeit bigger by a few magnitudes. The slime bounced toward Lawrend to chase after him, but before it could get nearer, a dagger sliced it open.

"Thank you, Aleshia."

Lawrend thanked Aleshia before entering the carriage with excitement. He looked at the slime in front of him like it was his baby. He placed it on the carriage floor and crouched in front of it. He poked it with his finger and it repelled his finger just like jelly.

"You look so cute."

Lawrend laughed after seeing that the slime was just staring at him. It was not bouncing or looking around. Only staring straight into Lawrend's eyes.

Meanwhile, Aleshia was going around the carriage and slicing open all of the slimes. They burst into colorful liquids that melted to the ground. After going full circle, Aleshia wiped the sweat on her forehead. Killing all of these slimes was easy but it was a chore.

She was still wearing her maid uniform. The short skirt worked to Aleshia's advantage. She could move easily and the skirt does not impede her movements that much.

"We'll continue on ahead."

Aleshia spoke from outside before the carriage continued moving. Soon, the sky slowly darkened and a village was in front of them.

Aleshia glanced at the map in her hands and made sure they were in the right place by looking at some landmarks.

"We arrived at a village, Young Master."

Aleshia voiced into the carriage. Lawrend peeked his head and looked around. These past few hours, he had been observing the slime. He had only read about them in books and seeing it in person really filled him with curiosity.

"Young Master… why are you hugging that slime?"

Aleshia looked at Lawrend with a weird face when she saw him hugging the slime as he exited the carriage.

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