Combat Maid Harem

Chapter 28 - Aleshia's Confusion

"It's nothing."

Aleshia replied with a straight face.

"I will go get grass outside."

Lawrend stood up and left the slime on the chair before he walked outside. Aleshia also stood up and followed him outside. It was her duty to protect him after all.

Lawrend didn't have to look far as there is grass growing all around the house that they rented. It was obvious that no one lives here anymore as the grass was left long and free to grow.

Aleshia stood beside him and watched him pluck the grasses.

Lawrend had already grabbed a bundle of grasses when he stopped and looked at Aleshia with an odd look on his face.

"Aren't we forgetting something important right now?"

Lawrend asked. He just realized something but he couldn't put it into words.

• •

• • •

"You should be the one doing this. Not me."

Lawrend stood up with an awkward smile on his face. It took a while but he realized that as her Young Master, she should be the one doing such menial tasks. He got too nervous earlier that he forgot about it.

"I understand, Young Master."

Aleshia bowed. She has no complaints. It was her job to be his maid after all. As long as Lawrend does not do anything against her she will fulfill it to the end.

"Thank you."

Lawrend entered the house and released a huge sigh of relief. Speaking to her after what happened earlier took a huge toll on his mind. He became afraid that she was gonna pull her dagger once again.

Lawrend picked up the slime and sat on the chair as he waited for her to finish. He picked up a book and started reading a book about magic.

This room was actually a dining room. As this house was very small, when you enter through the door, you would be in the dining room. There were 4 chairs on the small square table.

The slime was on the table while Lawrend rested his arms on the table while reading the book in his hands.

A few minutes later, Aleshia came inside with a huge bundle of grass in her hand. She was holding onto it by clamping it down with both of her hands.

Aleshia glanced at Lawrend with the slime on the table. She walked towards him and caught his attention.

"Young Master, where should I put this?"

Lawrend turned his head towards her.

"On the table."

Lawrend pointed in front of him and Aleshia dumped the huge bundle of grass on it. The slime saw the bundle of grass and bounced towards it.

There was a smile on Lawrend's face as the slime moved towards the grass. Aleshia glanced at Lawrend's face and couldn't help but feel that this Young Master of hers was getting more mysterious and mysterious the more she got to know him.

Her first impression of him was that he was a coward. Then that was proven wrong by Lawrend's bold attempts to insist on taking her as his maid. She thought he was actually very smart to use her weaknesses against her but seeing this scene right now, only broke that last impression of hers.

Right now, she doesn't know anymore. Lawrend is now an enigma to her. She doesn't know what he truly is capable of.

"I'll name you Allen."

Lawrend named the slime that was dissolving the grass on the table. It released a corrosive substance that melted the grass and it was absorbed by the slime for nutrients.

The slime turned towards Lawrend and bounced towards him as if it understood that it was just named. It stopped in front of Lawrend and he patted it.

After getting patted, the slime bounced back to the grass and started eating it more.


Aleshia didn't know what to say after seeing that interaction between Lawrend and that slime. Her previous beliefs that slimes are just mindless creatures were blown to pieces. That slime clearly showed signs of intelligence.

"I will go cook our food for tonight."

Aleshia informed him before she left the house and grabbed some cooking utensils inside the carriage. There were only enough cooking ingredients for a couple of days and after that, they will either hunt or buy their food.

Aleshia cooked up a quick dish and they both ate together. Aleshia wanted to insist that she does not want to eat together with him, but Lawrend insisted that they eat together to save time. Aleshia could only nod her head and disobey the rules that Albert has taught her.

And so, the night passed peacefully. They left the village and headed for their next destination.

Lawrend was observing the slime as he read a book about magic.

"So it says here that electric magic could be observed from other things and you could learn how to use it that way. But how? Allen is not releasing any electricity."

Lawrend was now in a dilemma. He wanted to learn the magic that he has once seen in his dream. A small spark of lightning from a small black rope.

He continued reading ahead and found a passage that caught his interest.

'There are spells that could induce the natural phenomenon to create what's called, [MAGIC].'

Lawrend was not from a family of magicians and his father has never hired any magician as his tutor so he was not aware of something like this. This was his first time reading it. From the books he read in the past, they only mentioned some basic mysteries of magic. This was the first time that Lawrend has read a book that has gone this far into the subject.

"Aleshia, have you heard of spells?"

Lawrend shouted just enough for Aleshia to hear it from outside. Aleshia glanced at the back before she replied candidly.

"Yes. I heard beginner magicians use them."

Aleshia shouted back towards him. The carriage was quite loud after all. The wheels make so much noise on a rough road like this.

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