Combat Maid Harem

Chapter 34 - Shock Arc

Lawrend opened his eyes and looked around. He noticed the cold and squishy purple blob in front of him- It was Allen, the slime he took as a pet.

"Is it morning already? That was some good sleep."

Lawrend yawned as he sat up on the bed.

"Goodmorning, Young Master."

There was a smile on Aleshia's face as she greeted Lawrend. She had already changed back to her maid uniform.

"Oh, good morning to you too."

Lawrend answered in reflex.

"Wait, I didn't touch you last night, right?"

Lawrend widened his eyes as the memories of what happened last night came to him.

"You did. Haha"

Aleshia replied with a short laugh.

"I did!? F***!"

Lawrend cursed hard in frustration. He couldn't believe that he did something without him even realizing it.

"I was joking, Young Master."

Aleshia giggled at Lawrend. She was having fun teasing him.

"Really? That's a relief."

Lawrend was immediately overjoyed when he heard her say that it was a joke. He was finally able to show his sincerity to her.

"But you'd have to endure more days before I could fully trust you."

Aleshia was very casual today. She just slept on a soft bed, and Lawrend kept his promise. It was a bit scary for a young maiden like her to sleep on a bed with a man she doesn't know well.

"I understand."

There was a serene expression on Lawrend's face. It was to indicate his seriousness towards earning her trust.

"Alright, we have to go now, Young Master."

Aleshia urged Lawrend, and they ate a quick breakfast at the inn's dining area before leaving. What they didn't know was that a black-cloaked figure was watching them silently.


Lawrend was finally able to have time to read the beginner magic spell that he got. He opened the scroll and started to read its contents.

'Shock Arc: A beginner electric element spell that releases a short burst of electric magic. It could reach up to 5 meters before dissipating into thin air.'

"Hmm… that sounds so cool..!"

Lawrend's eyes lit up in amazement as he looked at the description of the spell. Its name was so cool, and his imagination ran wild because of it. He imagined himself shocking monsters with it while chanting its name.

"Hehehe, I could finally start using magic!"

There was a mischievous grin on Lawrend's face as he laughed to himself.

Lawrend opened the cloth curtain covering the back of the carriage and sat facing outside.

"Uhum, I'll start chanting now…."

Lawrend prepared himself as he glanced at the scroll below him. He stretched his right hand out and started to chant the spell.

"O' great, Amber, be my electron and shock my enemies, Shock Arc!"

Lawrend felt his body tingle as sparks gathered from all over his body. It was the most simple and basic of spells, but Lawrend was able to feel the power of magic for the first time.

A sharp tingling pain came from Lawrend's hand as a long arc of electricity connected his hand to the ground. It greeted him with a loud explosive sound akin to a thunderclap.

"Wh-what was that!?"

Aleshia pulled the reins and stopped the carriage in panic. She looked towards the source of the noise and found that it was from behind the carriage. She jumped from her seat and ran to the back.

She saw a Lawrend that she has never seen before. There was a stupid grin on his face as he laughed to himself and looked at his hand that was still sparking with electricity.

"Young Master?"

Aleshia called out to Lawrend. Her heart was beating fast because, for some reason, the Lawrend in front of her was giving her chills.

"Aleshia, I did it! I casted a magic spell!"

Lawrend's face was overflowing with joy. He couldn't describe the feeling that he felt just now. It was a feeling similar to power. And it changed his view of the world at that instant.

"You did that?"

Aleshia glanced at the boiling hot hole on the ground. The beginner electric magic spell dug up that part of the ground several inches deep, and it melted the soil like glass.

"Yes, and it's so cool! Magic is awesome!"

Lawrend became even more interested in magic when he saw Aleshia's shocked face. He felt proud that he was able to make her shocked.

"Was that your first time?"

Aleshia asked him as she gulped heavily. That spell could easily kill her with one strike.

"Yes, is there a problem?"

Lawrend tilted his head in puzzlement.

"N-no, but… I'm sorry to have disturbed you."

Aleshia stuttered. Her heart was beating fast for some reason, and she couldn't think straight when she looked at Lawrend.


Lawrend became even more confused after she left. He glanced at the melted ground, and a smile formed on his mouth.

"Allen, did you see that? I created that hole using magic!"

Lawrend picked up Allen and pointed him towards the hole. His voice was filled with pride as she boasted of his achievements to a slime.

Allen glanced at the hole and nudged Lawrend's hand. Just as Lawrend patted him, his body suddenly felt weak. His eyelids felt heavy. It was like all of the energy inside him has been drained.

But then, a warm and soothing stream of energy entered his hand. Lawrend opened his eyes and watched as Allen glowed with a faint light. A tiny stream of energy was being transferred from Allen's body to his.


Lawrend widened his eyes in shock. The tired feeling from his body quickly disappeared,

"Thank you."

Lawrend rubbed Allen's top in gratitude. His body felt much better. Although he was still tired, it was enough for him to go through the day.

Aleshia used her right hand to feel her rapidly beating heart. It just wouldn't calm down no matter what.

"What am I feeling?"

Aleshia was in a daze as she tried to make sense of this new emotion bubbling up inside her heart.

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