Cultivation! My Augmented Statuses Have Unlimited Duration

Chapter 19

Chapter 19: Choosing Another Manual

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“Not bad, not bad. I didn’t expect you to be such a smart and courageous disciple.”

The Lecture Elder thought about it. If that was the case, this method really originated from his teachings.

With just a few words, he was able to make a medium-grade spiritual root disciple surpass several high-grade spiritual root disciples. Which other Lecture Elder could be stronger than him in terms of teaching ability?

As he thought about this, his gaze towards Jiang Li became even more gratified.

“Come, let me see your spiritual qi.”

Jiang Li did as he was told. He pulled out a wisp of spiritual qi from his Qi Sea and released it from his palm. A misty streak of azure light rotated a few times in his palm before dissipating due to lack of control.

The surrounding temperature plummeted, and Yan Hong, who was sitting beside him, could not help but shiver.

When the Lecture Elder saw this scene, he was even more certain that relying on the Qi Nourishing Pills would not allow him to cultivate this kind of spiritual qi.

“Good, you have a very pure spiritual qi. In the future, the power of your spell techniques will be stronger than others. That troublesome graveyard is quite a good place for you.”

“What you did was very correct. You didn’t let me down. However, this method is far too risky. If you weren’t an internal martial artist, you would have died by now.”

The Lecture Elder even gave him a casual lesson. Jiang Li also acted as if he had been taught a lesson, making the other party even more satisfied.

“Are you guys seeing this? Listen to my class, but don’t just listen. You have to use the knowledge flexibly.”

“Jiang Li is the best example. In the future, all of you must be more flexible in your thinking. Cultivation also requires thinking.”

After the elder took the opportunity to educate the other disciples, he once again looked towards Jiang Li and Yu Banxia with a gentle gaze.

“Yu Banxia and Jiang Li, since you’ve already broken through to the Qi Refinement realm, you don’t have to come here anymore. Just go to the Cultivation Hall next door.”

“All outer sect disciples who have reached the Qi Refinement realm will study there. The knowledge taught there is more profound and will be more helpful to you.”

“You can even learn some simple spell techniques there for free.”

The “study hall” they were currently in targeted disciples who had yet to enter the Qi Refinement realm. Most of them had just entered the sect this year, and a small number of them had yet to successfully draw qi into their bodies.

The Cultivation Hall next door, on the other hand, targeted the Qi Refinement realm disciples. They would really teach them how to use spiritual qi and some harmless utility techniques.

After all, there was a huge difference between having spiritual qi and not having it. It was just like how summer insects could not stand ice. How could they sit together in class?

In the study hall, the purpose of the Lecture Elder was to let the disciples enter Qi Refinement as soon as possible.

In the Cultivation Hall, the Skill Imparting Elders hoped that their disciples could master a skill as soon as possible. For example, planting spirit herbs, cultivating spirit fields, and excavating spirit mines.

This was the only way they could enter production as soon as possible and contribute to the development of the sect.

Jiang Li had already expected that the new class would be available. However, it was said that there would still be rewards if the new disciples performed well every year.

As expected, the Lecture Elder continued.

“Every year, among the new disciples, the top ten disciples who break through to the Qi Refinement realm will be rewarded. Naturally, you will also be rewarded.”

“Take these two talismans. The two of you can use them to go to the first level of the Scripture Storage Pavilion after class and choose a spell technique.”

The Lecture Elder lightly stepped forward and two pieces of yellow paper landed on the table in front of them.

“Thank you, Elder!”

After the two of them thanked him, they put away the talisman paper under everyone’s envious gazes.

The hundreds of disciples present all had fervent eyes, secretly determined to double their efforts. But with their spiritual roots, what was the use of working ten times harder?

These rewards were prepared for the disciples with better talent and more resources.

After class, the people in the circle surrounded and kept flattering them.

Lu Qianqian said: “Banxia, Jiang Li, you guys have kept it a secret for so long. You guys broke through without telling us.”

The petite lady kept complaining, but it was not uncomfortable to hear at all.

Qu Qianfan also added: “Don’t be too pleased with yourself. I can feel it. My breakthrough will happen in a few days. When the time comes, I definitely won’t lose to you.”

“Brother Yu, Brother Jiang, do you have any tricks to teach us!”

After a long while, the two of them finally finished dealing with everyone’s goodwill and walked towards the inner sect area together.

“Leave the inner sect immediately after you have finished choosing the spell technique. You are not allowed to wander around or stay here.”

This time, when they passed through the inner sect passageway, there was no elder leading them. After they were stopped, they showed the talisman given by the elder and were allowed to pass.

“Tsk, stop putting on airs. I, Yu Banxia, will become an inner sect disciple one day. What’s there to be arrogant about?”

Yu Banxia was very unhappy with the disciple’s attitude.

“Right, Jiang Li, you’ve given everyone a shock this time. What sort of technique do you intend to choose for this reward?”

Jiang Li realized that Yu Banxia’s attitude towards him had changed. Previously, because of his medium-grade spiritual root, he was actually a sidelined character in their circle.

But it was different now. Jiang Li could rely on the graveyard to cultivate. That place was not a one-time use place, and it would not vanish after being used. This meant that his cultivation speed would always be extremely fast in the future, and his status in everyone’s hearts would naturally rise along with it.

“You’re exaggerating too much. I just happened to be lucky enough to succeed. Didn’t the Elder say that if I wasn’t an internal martial artist with powerful blood vitality, I would have died before I could draw qi into my body.”

Jiang Li did not point out their change in attitude, he only replied modestly.

“I don’t know what technique to take either. I guess I’ll choose a Wood attribute spell technique.”

As they chatted, they soon arrived at the Scripture Storage Pavilion.

After handing over the talisman paper, the metal door of Scripture Storage Pavilion opened for them again.

The Spell Technique Area was the same as the Cultivation Method Area. They were all labeled with attribute categories.

Jiang Li naturally started searching for Yin and Wood spell techniques again.

As expected, there were very few Yin-Wood attribute spell techniques.

These few books were a set with the “Coffin Burial Art” in the cultivation method section. It was the legacy handed down by the corpse manipulation rogue cultivator clan.

In terms of attributes, he should be able to use it as well. However, as expected of the corpse manipulators, these spells were all related to zombies, leaving Jiang Li helpless.

Those who were related to zombies would often end up in pitiful situations like being lonely and crippled, right? Those unlucky Taoists in the movies in his previous life, as well as the corpse manipulation clan that had once been wiped out, were the best proof.

Jiang Li was a little repulsed by things that would harm his luck.

However, it was too practical to give up.

In the end, Jiang Li chose the most expensive spell technique from the available choices.

[Zombie Puppet Technique]

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