Cultivation! My Augmented Statuses Have Unlimited Duration

Chapter 45 - Fire Element Peak, Sword Cultivator

Chapter 45: Fire Element Peak, Sword Cultivator

Drenched in mud and water, Jiang Li carried a rock that was half the height of a man from the river and walked up step by step.

Spit! Spit! Spit!

Jiang Li spat out. As soon as he got ashore, he began to clean up the large amount of sand in his nose and mouth.

He was dressed in rags and had a dirty look on his face. He was covered in mud and grass, and there were a few plump snails on his forehead.

He looked just like a water monkey.

Right when he was about to vomit, Jiang Li’s movements suddenly stopped.

The muscles in his arms suddenly bulged. He threw the rock that he held with all his might.


Halfway through the flight, a stream of light flashed and the rock exploded into pieces.

After piercing through the rock, the momentum of the stream of light decreased slightly. With Jiang Li’s dynamic vision, he could barely capture the flying trajectory of the stream of light.

However… he could not dodge it!

Wood Armor! Armament Hardening!


Jiang Li’s hands that were covered in wooden armor and spiritual armament grabbed the stream of light tightly in its path.

A huge force assaulted him. Jiang Li’s legs did not move, but he was still pushed back by the stream of light, creating two ravines on the ground.

The thing clutched in his hand struggled and radiated intense heat. It sought to plunge into his body and burn his heart.

The wooden armor covering his hand was quickly burned through by the intense heat.


The dark skin covered by Spiritual Armament touched it directly.

A burning pain came and wisps of burnt fragrance floated. However, unexpectedly, this temperature was still within the tolerance range!

The status [Cool Skin] allowed him to resist the flames very well. The pitch-black hand grabbed the stream of light and forcefully resisted it.

With the enhancement of the status [Blood Bursting Force], Jiang Li’s brute force was astonishing. He forcefully grabbed the moving light and slid for more than 20 meters.

He did not stop retreating until he was pushed back to the edge of the river.

In his hand, the dazzling light seemed to have exhausted its strength and dissipated. What remained in his hand was a long, dark-red sword.

“F*ck! It’s a flying sword!”

Jiang Li cursed before he felt the flying sword in his hand burn again.

“Still not stopping?! Let me quench the fire for you!”

He looked at the turbid river behind him. In the next second, he hugged the red flying sword and turned around, throwing himself into the river.

A large amount of bubbles surged, as if the water surface was boiling. Steam continuously turned into white smoke.

“Damn it! My flying sword!”

A moment later, a figure in white arrived on a tree crown.

However, when he landed, he looked so anxious that those who did not know would think that his wife was having difficulties giving birth.

The white-clothed person looked to be very young, not much older than Jiang Li. His face was handsome and clean. In a few years, he would probably be another elegant Casanova who could make countless young girls go crazy.

On the chest of his white clothes, there was a small fiery red sword embroidered.

This meant that he was a disciple of the Shu Mountain Five Elements Peak’s Fire Element Peak!

“Red Sky Sword! Retrieve! Retrieve! Retrieve!”

“Why isn’t it working?”

The Shu Mountain Five Elements Peak’s disciple made gestures at the boiling water. However, his precious flying sword was nowhere to be seen.

“Is it broken?! Damn this demon!”

He scratched his head anxiously.


From under the water, a chain shot out, wrapping around him at an astonishing speed.

The disciples of the Shu Mountain Five Elements Peak were all skilled in the way of the sword. At this moment, his flying sword was snatched away and he was suddenly attacked. Before the disciple could react, he was caught in the chains.

The chain dragged him toward the water.

Although this disciple was at the late-stage Qi Refinement realm, his body had not been specially tempered, and his strength was far inferior to Jiang Li. Under the pull of the chains, he continuously slid towards the river bank.

Under the water, Jiang Li felt that victory was in his hands. He just had to drag the person who ambushed him into the water and give the other party an unforgettable beating.

Then, at the next moment, extreme joy turned to sorrow!

Sword Light Art!

On the finger of the Five Elements Peak disciple’s right hand, a blazing red sword light that was two feet long suddenly appeared.

With a wave of his hand, a thin sword light and a chain that was two fingers thick crossed each other.

Without any resistance, the first part of the chain was cut off.

Although this chain had some background, in the end, it was only a mortal item.

The original material was too low-grade. It was fine when used normally, but once it collided with spells or even artifacts, the only outcome was destruction.

Jiang Li’s heart ached. He had spent three whole spirit stones on this chain.

He immediately jumped out of the water, his hand already grabbing the hilt of the Red Sky Sword. He pounced towards the Five Elements Peak disciple who was only three steps away.

“Return my artifact!”

The disciple of the Five Elements Peak was shocked!

“What! That thing is actually an artifact?”

After saying that, Jiang Li had already arrived before him.

Jiang Li’s momentum was like a ferocious tiger pouncing on its prey. He held the sword in one hand and formed a claw with the other. What was hidden in his strong body was a monster-like brute force. In just a moment, he could tear a weak Sword Cultivator into pieces.

However, the Shu Mountain Five Elements Peak was indeed the leader of the four great sects of the Great Mountain Region. Their disciples were truly not cowards.

The white-robed Sword Cultivator did not dodge. Instead, he raised his finger and faced it head-on.

The two figures collided abruptly, and the slightly older Five Element Peak disciple was instead powerless like a child. Jiang Li grabbed his throat and forcefully pressed him to the ground.

However, Jiang Li’s actions stopped abruptly.

Because the tip of the Red Sky Sword that was originally held tightly in his left hand had turned 180 degrees at this moment, and the extremely sharp blade was pressed tightly against Jiang Li’s neck while emitting a slight burning sensation.

The air suddenly turned silent. The two of them faced each other, maintaining a distance that allowed them to kiss at any time. The stalemate lasted for seven to eight seconds.

During this period, Jiang Li’s left hand continuously exerted strength as he attempted to use brute force to regain control of the flying sword. However, after a few tries, he confirmed that the strength of one hand was really unable to fix the flying sword in place.

A few seconds later, Jiang Li suddenly smiled brightly and broke the silence first.

“Senior Brother, do you think there’s a misunderstanding between us?”

“I’m a disciple of the Scripture Storage Valley, Jiang Li. I accidentally fell into the water just now and had just come ashore. Why did Senior Brother use a flying sword to stab me?”

Jiang Li called out to him affectionately, but his hand was still tightly holding onto the other party’s throat, and he had no intention of letting go at all.

However, after he said that, the other party finally came to his senses. It seemed like he had stabbed the wrong person.

The four great sects could not be said to be related by blood, but they were at least on the same side. Under normal circumstances, some small conflicts would not warrant fighting and killing.

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