Damn it! You Call This Beast Taming?

Chapter 35 - A Difficult Task

Chapter 35 – A Difficult Task

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“Wild Bear,” Chu Feng said calmly.

Boom! The Wild Bear charged once again. A Green Leaf Monkey died every time it struck.


A sharp sound came from the depths of the forest. A Green Leaf Monkey bigger and more powerful than the rest charged toward them.

[ Green Leaf Monkey (leader)]

[ Level: Sovereign Level 2 ]

[ Bloodline: Advanced Extraordinary-Level ]

[ Talent: Mid-Level Plant Talent, Mid-Level Speed Talent ]

[ Skills: 1. Plant Grass, 2. Speed, 3. Leaf Blade, 4. Green Leaf Laser ]

Chu Feng couldn’t help but be surprised. The Green Leaf Monkey was at sovereign Level 2, but its bloodline was low. Otherwise, its strength would be higher than the Shadow Ghost.


The Green Leaf Monkey looked straight at Chu Feng. He knew well that the Wild Bear was only following the Beastmaster’s orders. It would be easy to deal with the rest once they took down Chu Feng!


The Wild Bear let out a low growl and suddenly charged, smashing a fist towards the Green Leaf Monkey leader. It dared to attempt to attack Chu Feng. That was the greatest insult to the Wild Bear! There was no meaning to the pet beasts’ existence if they couldn’t protect their Beastmaster.

Twenty times of great strength! Boom!

The Wild Bear and the Green Leaf Monkey Lord tied in the first round.

The Wild Bear was very displeased with that. It let out another low growl.

Twenty times great transformation! Ten times wild body! Ten times wild domain!

Suddenly, the Wild Bear turned into a huge bear. Then it smashed its fist at the monkey.

It terrified the Green Leaf Money. Everything before its eyes had exceeded its imagination. The Wild Bear could erupt such a terrifying strength! It began to doubt if that bear was only an extraordinary-level pet beast.

The Green Leaf Monkey thought that he could easily crush the Wild Bear, but the situation was out of its expectation.

The Wild Bear had smashed the Green Leaf Monkey into a lump of meat.

Chu Feng was speechless, “Can you make it the battle cleaner next time?”

He used his telekinesis power to remove the beast core from the flesh.

Chu Feng thought to himself, “Although the beast core of a sovereign-level beast is quite rare, it doesn’t seem like it worth much. It will at most cost only half a million.”

Although it wasn’t much, it was a good start. If Chu Feng could kill a sovereign Level 10 beast, he could sell it for at least two million!

“Huh?” Chu Feng lifted his eyebrows.

His telekinesis power detected a sovereign Level 10 beast rushing over towards them from a nearby mountain peak!

The ground began to tremble as a huge wild boar that was ten meters tall appeared in front of Chu Feng.

[ Wild Boar (leader)]

[ Level: Sovereign Level 2 ]

[ Bloodline: Advanced Extraordinary-Level ]

[ Talent: Mid-Level Great Transformation Talent, Med-Level Strength Talent ]

[ Skills: 1, Hardening, 2. Teeth Colliding, 3. Great Transformation, 4. Boar Leaps and Bounds ]

The Wild Boar leader saw the lump of meat on the ground and the Wild Bear larger than him. Terror struck him. It instantly realized what had just happened.

The Wild Boar and the Green Leaf Monkey were the leaders of their races. The battle between the two beasts had been going on for decades. But there had been no victor among them. Now that the Wild Bear had easily crushed the Green Leaf Monkey, the Wild Boar had no confidence that it could fight better than the Green Leaf Monkey.

The Wild Boar immediately prepared to escape. It regretted coming there and not seeing that danger was ahead. It even thought of picking up scraps.


The Wild Bear was excited. Fighting such an enormous beast was going to be fun.

A few minutes later, Chu Feng picked up a large beast core.

He thought, “Although the Wild Boar’s beast core is larger, the energy contained within is not much different. It’s only worth half a million too.”

Facing the Wild Bear’s full strength, the Wild Boar died in a single punch.

Chu Feng casually placed the two beast cores into the beast space.


The Mirage saw the two beast cores falling from the sky and was envious. It knew that Chu Feng and the Wild Bear were hunting beasts, and they were both sovereign-level beasts. It also wanted to fight alongside Chu Feng, but it was too weak and could not participate in any battle yet.


The Mirage Worm decided to become stronger and eat as much as it could eat!

A while later, the Mirage Worm burped and laid on the leaves. It couldn’t move anymore because it was too full.

Chu Feng had been paying close attention to the situation in the beast space. It amused him to see the Mirage Worm’s cute reaction.

He thought to himself, “After I get the Mirage Grass, I’ll add some enhancement points to the Mirage Worm.”

The growth period of the Mirage Worm was too long, even with the Mirage Grass as a foundation. Adding points was the most direct way to level up the Mirage Worm. Not only could its skills be strengthened, but its growth level would also increase.

Chu Feng returned to Li Siyu’s side and said, “Let’s continue our journey.”

That evening, Chu Feng looked a distance away from them.

[ Three-Tailed Fox ]

[ Level: Extraordinary Level 10]

[ Bloodline: Elementary Sovereign Level ]

[ Talent: Advanced Illusionary Talent, Mid-level Charm Talent ]

[ Skills: 1. Bewitch, 2. Illusionary, 3. Illusory Realm, 4. Misty Eyes ]

Chu Feng gazed at the distance. There was a hollowed-out mound with a six-tailed fox guarding the entrance.

[ Six-Tailed Fox ]

[ Level: Sovereign Level 7 ]

[ Bloodline: Elementary Commander ]

[ Talent: Advanced Illusionary Talent, Advanced Seducing Talent, Mid-level Flame Talent ]

[ Skills: 1. Bewitch, 2. Illusionary, 3. Illusory Realm, 4. Misty Eyes, 5. Six-Tailed Illusion ]

The Six-Tailed Fox suddenly felt its hair stand on end. It stared at Chu Feng. Even though it was far away, its attack power was still great. Chu Feng almost fell into its illusion at that moment. It would be difficult for Chu Feng to snap out of the illusion cast by the Six-tailed Fox if it weren’t for his telekinetic power and the distance between them.

“A sovereign Level 7 Six-Tailed Fox is indeed powerful,” Chu Feng lamented silently. It seemed that Principal Gao had given him a difficult task.

“Chu Feng, are you alright?” Li Siyu asked worriedly.

Their current situation was dangerous. If the Six-Tailed Fox were to chase them, they would have to face it directly. Li Siyu wasn’t sure if she could survive the Six-Tailed Fox’s attack.

“I’m fine,” Chu Feng shook his head and said, “don’t worry. I’ll help you obtain the Six-Tailed Fox’s pet beast egg.”

“Junior,” Li Siyu hesitated. She said in a low voice, “why don’t we go back? That Six-Tailed Fox’s aura is too terrifying. It’s at least a sovereign Level 6. We might die.”

Chu Feng smiled. “It’s a sovereign Level 7.”

Li Siyu was instantly flustered.

Chu Feng patted her head when he saw her panicked expression, “Don’t worry. I said I would help you obtain the Six-Tailed Fox’s pet beast egg. I’ll do it.”

Li Siyu stared at him in a daze. It took her a long time to react that Chu Feng had patted her head. Her face flushed red and her tongue-tied.

It amused Chu Feng to see Li Siyu flush. He felt that her dazed appearance was somewhat cute.

Chu Feng was just about to think of a plan when he saw a few people at the other end of the mound. They were about twenty years old and seemed to be discussing something. Chu Feng had a feeling that their target was also the Six-tailed Fox.

“Let’s hide first,” Chu Feng pulled Li Siyu and hid in the bushes..

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