Damn it! You Call This Beast Taming?

Chapter 41

Chapter 41

Chapter 41: Unfair Rules

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Chu Feng looked at the female Beastmaster representing the sovereign-level in the competition. She was beautiful, and her exquisite facial feature gave her a cold temperament. At that moment, that girl looked at Chu Feng with astonishment. Even she was shocked when she heard Chu Feng was so talented.

“I’m Liao Xuanxuan from the Liao family. The beast I’m going to use in the competition is Ice Kirin Wolf.”

“Hello,” Chu Feng smiled. The cold temperament of Liao Xuanxuan was probably because of her beast.

Chu Feng sat on the Frost Dragon and said, “Senior Wan, I’ll manage well in the extraordinary level exchange competition. What about the awakening-level and sovereign-level?”

Wan Wanqing shook her head. “The content of each year’s Dibei Region Exchange Competition is different. It’s hard to say that we can win it. I can only say that we will do our best.”

Chu Feng said nothing more. At the very least, he would win in the extraordinary-level match of the Dibei Region Exchange Competition. With that victory, Chu Feng would obtain the Mirage Grass. As for the rest, he could only try his best to help. There was nothing much he could do.

As the Frost Dragon flew up, ice crystals fell off it.

Chu Feng asked curiously, ‘With the Frost Dragon’s strength, it shouldn’t be difficult for it to control the ice crystals from falling, right?”

Wan Wanqing chuckled and said, “My Frost Dragon is still a baby. Don’t you think the scene of the ice crystals falling is beautiful?”

Chu Feng remained silent for a while before he gave a thumbs up and said, ‘Yes, it’s beautiful!”

He thought, “There’s nothing I can do about the Wild Bear. It is a combat-type beast. I wonder if the Mirage Worm will be beautiful after it evolves?

“The weather is nice,” Chu Feng sat on the back of the Frost Dragon. Even though the sun was high up in the sky, he did not feel hot. It was comfortable.

Wan Wanqing nodded. “That’s right.”

The Frost Dragon was a fast flyer. It flew across a rainbow. Suddenly, Chu Feng saw the three-tailed fox clan below. They had lost the six-tailed fox and could only migrate.

From that, Chu Feng could see the importance of possessing a powerful ability. The new leader of the three-tailed Fox clan did not have so much power, so they could not stay in a strategic geographical position. If they did not migrate, stronger clans would sooner or later kill them.

Wan Wanqing pointed ahead. “There are some areas you should try to stay away from in the wilderness. For example, the area ahead is an overlord-level fierce beast’s territory, the Raging Flame Dragon.”

Chu Feng’s gaze turned serious. An overlord-level fierce beast and it was a dragon. It would be terrifying if they entered the territory of the Raging Flame Dragon and encountered it.

Wan Wanqing smiled. “Don’t worry. The Raging Flame Dragon doesn’t have wings, so it can only walk in the air. It can’t catch up with the Frost Dragon.”

Chu Feng nodded. As long as one could reach the king-level, they could walk in the air. Of course, the overlord-level could do it as well. However, those with wings were faster.

As the Frost Dragon flew past the Raging Flame Dragon’s territory, it increased its flying speed.

Chu Feng didn’t say anything, but he couldn’t help thinking, “It is an overlord-level ferocious beast. There are not many beasts of that level in Dibei. The Frost Dragon doesn’t want to be chased after by an overlord-level Raging

Flame Dragon. ”

Wan Wanqing said, “There are three overlord-level ferocious beasts in the vast wilderness area adjacent to the Diming base city and the Dibei base city. Other than the Raging Flame Dragon, the other two are the Purple Celestial Cloud Fox and the Nether Tiger. They’re both in the wilderness area of the Dibei base city.”

The last two were famous overlord-level beasts. They were among the totems that humans used to worship. At first, humans thought that those beasts could protect them as long as they worshiped them. But later, they realized that they only made the situation worse for humans instead of protecting them. They were not only cruel rulers, but they also always ate humans!

It wasn’t until the rise of the humans that the two magnates searched for a long time, but they still couldn’t find where the two races were in the alternate dimension. Now that it was an era of peace, it was undoubtedly ironic that they could occupy territories in the human’s area.

However, that was all classified information because the two magnates didn’t want the future humans to live in hatred. Chu Feng only knew this because he had Teng Yue’s memories.

“If I become an overlord-level Beastmaster, I’ll kill these overlord-level ferocious beasts!” Chu Feng thought with murderous intent in mind.

Wan Wanqing didn’t see his expression and said, “We’re about to arrive at the

Dibei base city.”


The Frost Flying Dragon let out a low roar and landed at the Dibei base city’s city gate. The extremely high walls and powerful barriers formed the Dibei base city’s powerful defense. Chu Feng could only feel a majestic aura surging over them.

He thought to himself, “No wonder the people of the Dibei base city are so proud of this city. If they could live here, it would be safe. They wouldn’t have to worry about the beast tide invading them.”

Chu Feng saw a large crowd at the city gates. Most of them were extraordinary-level Beastmasters and very few awakening-level Beastmasters. Most of them were old.

An Shuisheng sighed. “The Dibei base city is indeed powerful. I heard from my father that in Dibei base city, one has to be at least an extraordinary-level Beastmaster to go out of the city to hunt fierce beasts. For awakening-level beastmasters, they will capture some weak fierce beasts and make them into a training misty illusionary realm. They can go in and hunt fierce beasts as long as they could afford to pay.”

Chu Feng smiled. “You know a lot.”

An Shuisheng didn’t dare to be cocky in front of Chu Feng anymore. They had started their awakening-level at the same day, but Chu Feng’s beast was already at Extraordinary Level 10. The difference between them was unimaginable.

Moreover, Wan Wanqing valued Chu Feng very much. An Shuisheng didn’t dare to act rashly just because of that. The upper echelons of Diming base city were all afraid of Wan Wanqing. She was strong and decisive, and no one dared to provoke her.

An Shuisheng said, “My father is a general of the city guards. He told me about it before, so I know about it.”

Chu Feng was a little surprised. The general of the city guards was a king-level Beastmaster. It turned out that An Shuishengs family background was better than he had thought. No wonder his Dragon Butterfly grew so quickly.

Wan Wanqing said, “I heard that the Exchange Competition has something to do with the misty illusionary realm this time. But the specific rules haven’t been announced yet. ‘

An Shuisheng was puzzled. “The Dibei base city must have a huge advantage as their home ground. At the very least, their participating Beastmasters must be more familiar with the misty illusionary realm than us, right?”

Liao Xuanxuan said coldly, “The Dibei base city has the stronger advantage. They had been the host of the exchange competition for almost two hundred years because they can win every time.”

An Shuisheng felt a little helpless. “It’s unfair. Then wouldn’t we be defeated by the Dibei base city’s participants?”

Liao Xuanxuan said, “It’s uncertain. This kind of assessment method has the most variables. We will also have a chance to win..

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