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Chapter 1122: Seeing Golden Savage Great Elder Again

Chapter 1122: Seeing Golden Savage Great Elder Again

“Liu Ming, it’s you!”

At this moment, the woman in a golden robe on the right seemed to remember something, roared angrily, and emitted golden light all over her body.

Liu Ming was astounded. He felt a sudden surge of spiritual pressure locked on him.


Seeing this, the old man with hanging eyebrows on the left launched a giant gray sand hand to pull Qin Yifan away from Liu Ming’s side.

Then, an afterimage flashed, and a golden figure appeared in front of Liu Ming like a teleportation. A golden claw shadow was attacking Liu Ming’s heart at an incredible speed.

Liu Ming’s mouth twitched, then his figure disappeared.

The claw shadow flashed past the afterimage left by Liu Ming.

The next moment, Liu Ming appeared behind the woman in a golden robe in a flash.

The woman in a golden robe reacted extremely quickly, she closed her hand and turned sideways, clawing toward Liu Ming who was behind her.

Liu Ming moved forward instead of dodging. His arm enlarged and grabbed the hand of the woman.

The woman in a golden robe only felt a huge force coming from her arm. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t pull her arm out of Liu Ming’s grasp for a while. She said furiously,

“Junior, you actually destroyed my avatar that day! Now pay with your life!”

The woman in a golden robe swung her head, and her dense green hair immediately came alive, turning into green venomous snakes that rushed toward Liu Ming.

“Golden Savage Great Elder!”

Liu Ming finally recognized the other party’s origin. Immediately, black mist rolled out and condensed into a giant black palm.

A loud muffled noise!

In the entire hall, green light and black air collided constantly. In the stone hall, the stone walls around the hall were impacted, and small cracks appeared one after another, but after a flash of gray light on the surface, they were restored.

The 2 powers quickly dissipated. Although the impact was extremely powerful, the Celestial State cultivator and Liu Ming who had a tyrannical physique were of course unscathed.

At this moment, Liu Ming stood there calmly.

It was only 3 seconds after Golden Savage Great Elder assaulted him. This sudden change surprised the 3 Celestial State cultivators in the main seats…

As a Real Pellet State cultivator, Liu Ming was able to easily take a blow from the Celestial State. This made everyone in the hall stunned.

When Golden Savage Great Elder saw this, she was also quite surprised, but she was even more enraged. She made gestures with both hands, and her eyes released golden light.

Immediately afterward, golden light dots appeared with thunderous cracking sounds.

Liu Ming only felt a strong wave of spiritual power coming from the nearby space. The golden light formed a net and covered him.

He was startled. The black mist tumbled, and a few dragon roars sounded. Several black mist dragons rushed out of the black mist and slammed into the golden net.

When the 2 collided, golden light and black air intertwined, emitting a rumbling noise.

Immediately, the golden net shone. The black air was scattered like the ice melting.

But the golden net was also stopped in mid-air by the endless black air.

“You 2, stop!”

At this moment, a gray shadow flashed between them. It was the grand elder of the Chedi Sect. He launched a silver silk in between the golden net and black mist dragons.

In an instant, whether it was the large golden net or the black mist dragons, dense silver silks appeared on them at once, then they were forcibly separated.

“Mr. Feng, are you trying to stop me from taking revenge?” The woman in a golden robe said angrily when she saw this.

“Mr. Jin, what enmity do you have to do with this junior of Taiqing Sect? You even fight in my Chedi Sect’s discussion hall?” Elder Chedi Sect asked indifferently.

Hmph, this boy once killed my avatar and robbed my treasure, so I have to kill him to vent my hatred.” The Golden Savage Great Elder said angrily, but she was obviously a little bit afraid of the middle-aged man with a jade crown as she didn’t continue to attack.

“Miss Golden Savage, it is now a critical period of alien race invasion. You should put see the bigger picture beside everything else. Besides, as the representative of this Alliance, we can’t bully a Real Pellet State junior.” Sand Morph Sect’s old man in a gray robe also stood up at this moment and said slowly.

Liu Ming was not surprised that the 2 Celestial State powerhouses would dissuade her. After all, they needed talented people. Although he was only at the Real Pellet State, his strength had far surpassed the same level. Besides, his status as a Taiqing Sect disciple was enough to make other Celestial State cultivators win over him.

“This is the first time I’m fortunate to see the great elder of the Golden Savage Tribe. I really don’t know why Senior Jin attacked me just now. You said that I took your treasure, but may I know where did I meet your avatar and how did I steal your treasure?” Liu Ming asked without blinking.

Hearing the words, Golden Savage Great Elder opened her mouth and swallowed the words that came to her lips. She was completely embarrassed that she didn’t know how to answer.

As a result, the other people, who were originally curious about the enmity between them, turned their attention back to Golden Savage Great Elder.

Even the lion-faced man of the Sky Beastkin Valley looked at Golden Savage Great Elder with interest as if he was waiting for her to say something.

After all, in the eyes of everyone, even if it was an avatar of a Celestial State, the power wouldn’t be too weak. How could it be killed by a junior?

She could even bring up such an embarrassing matter thing and didn’t hesitate to attack a junior. It could be seen that the stolen treasure must be of great value.

“If Miss Golden Savage explains the whole story to us, I can give you a satisfactory answer in front of everyone.” Elder Feng of the Chedi Sect also asked meaningfully.

Hmph, boy, you are lucky today. Be grateful for my sensibility, now that we face the alien race invasion, I will put aside my personal grievances for the time being. After these monsters are expelled, I will get even with you for this. Elder Feng, I still have some personal matters to deal with, so I will leave first. If you have the result, just notify me directly.” After Golden Savage Great Elder’s face turned uncertain for a while, she finally stomped her foot, said a few threatening words and left the hall in a golden light.

Seeing this, the others couldn’t help but look at each other in dismay!

Seeing this scene, Liu Ming still stood aside with a blank expression, but he smiled slightly in his mind.

He had already predicted that on such an occasion, Golden Savage Great Elder would never dare to reveal such things as sneaking attacks the beastkins in the Sky Beastkin Trial and killing Venerable Kui Mu of the Sky Beastkin Valley. A Real Pellet State cultivator could make a Celestial elder swallow her words in humiliation, this was indeed a rare scene.

Hehe, Nephew Disciple Qin was able to escape from the besieged of giant insects due to Mr. Liu’s help. I heard that Mr. Liu crushed Real Pellet State’s giant insect by himself, which proves his extraordinary strength.” Sand Morph Sect’s man in a gray robe suddenly stepped forward and smiled at Liu Ming.

“Senior has overpraised, junior just happened to pass by. Now that Brother Qin has arrived here safely, I’m relieved.” Liu Ming smiled and cupped his fist to him.

“Listening to Mr. Liu’s tone, it seems that you want to leave here? Now that the alien race is invading, the outside world is full of dangers. Mr. Liu might as well stay and fight against the giant insects with us. After the giant insects retreat, the Alliance will definitely reward based on merits.” The Sand Morph Sect’s man in a gray robe said solemnly.

Elder Feng of the Chedi Sect also looked at Liu Ming, seeming to be waiting for his reply.

Sky Beastkin Valley’s lion-faced man looked indifferent, but he still had some thoughtful looks from time to time.

Liu Ming’s face was filled with contemplation, but his thoughts were erratic.

Now that he had formed an enmity with Golden Savage Great Elder, it would not be difficult for him to leave here for excuses, but Golden Savage Great Elder would definitely not let him leave easily. In addition, these overwhelming giant insects outside were indeed dangerous, so it was better to stay here to understand the situation first.

Just when Liu Ming hesitated, the lion-faced man, who had been watching from the side, finally spoke up.

“Liu Ming, I wondered why this name sounds so familiar. You are the Taiqing Sect disciple who ranked first in the last Tianmen Conference right. Now the alien race has invaded from another plane. Over time, it may endanger the entire Middle Sky Continent. We have also sent a letter of help to Taiqing Sect. If it is not necessary, Mr. Liu does not have to rush back to the sect. You can wait for the other elders of your sect to arrive first.”

The lion-faced man’s voice was like a loud bell sound with a powerful deterrent force. He left no room for Liu Ming to refuse.

“We only know the matters in the southern wilderness. We really don’t know that Mr. Liu was actually the disciple who showed a great performance at the Tianmen Convention. No wonder your strength is so extraordinary. With your strength, you can stay in this discussion hall. Why don’t you wait for us to discuss the way to deal with the giant insects before making other plans.” When Elder Feng of Chedi Sect heard this, there was a hint of surprise in his eyes. He immediately said.

After saying these, all the cultivators in the hall nodded. Elder Feng and the lion-faced man had no objection either.

Liu Ming was slightly startled.

Although he expected that the 3 Celestial State grand elders would ask him to stay, as an outsider, he really shouldn’t be involved in the core discussions.

After a few simple excuses, Liu Ming finally stayed and found an empty stone chair to sit down. The rest of the people quickly took their seats too.

TL: Maybe the lion-faced man senses the Sky Beastkin Blood in Liu Ming, hmmm…

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