Divine Emperor of Death

Chapter 2529 Mystic Ice Sect’s Bite

"Yes~" Bing Luli giggled.

Shirley was a bit dumbfounded at this turn of events. However, she slightly became happier that Myria was cooperating in her own way. After all, everyone thought Myria went to do missions by herself but to think she had the same idea as them... Shirley felt heartened.

'I guess this is his influence...? After all, it's rare for Myria to follow someone else's plan...'

Feeling more prideful, Shirley inadvertently grinned.

"Is that so? Then I know I can depend on Myria to come off victorious and have Mu Bing turned into a true disciple. This way, we'll now own the entire island."

Now, the need for Nadia and Eldia to reveal themselves disappeared out of the blue. If they had more time, perhaps, they could even discreetly instate them into the true disciple roster. The need to rush became undone.

'Actually, an Emperor-Tier Beast should easily be recognized as a true disciple. The same goes for a top-ranking Heaven-Tier Spirit... but Eldia's spirit race is probably completely vague and new, so no one would know how to categorize her...' Shirley pondered.

Still, it was just recommended disciples needed to enter the Proving Grounds and at least battle one time so that they could be ranked. This was the rule. There was no way around it, even if they were an Emperor-Tier Beast with a prowess that was at least six levels higher.


Suddenly, the three of them noticed the undulations appearing from a distance, causing Shirley to break out into an excited smile as he saw the white-haired beauty along with a blue-haired one. Both appeared quite stunning in their white and icy-blue robe.


"That was fast."

Shirley uttered as she waved at Myria and Mu Bing descending towards them. It was as she expected. Mu Bing also possessed the status of a true disciple as she wore the new emblem on her arm.

"My Mu Bing is just that good." Myria indifferently replied, "However, she needs to train more as she is not more powerful than my friend over here."

"What? I'm just an old lady who had a head start." Bing Luli's voice turned mellow as she lightly smiled, "How can I compare to our top disciple Mu Bing?"

"Really? Luli'er, there's no need to act like the pig that eats the tiger. With the Nascent Frigid Aurora Essence Seed I gifted you, it puts you on par with top-ranking Emperor Grade Spirits and combined with the Heaven Immortal Vessel and your Supreme Immortal Uniqueness, you're capable of battling-"

"Ah~ Don't ruin the fun, Myria. If not, how can I garner some awe amongst you monsters?"

Bing Luli appeared in front of Myria and waved her hand in front of her face, "This is not the slightest bit fair."

Her pitiful appearance caused Shirley and Nadia to laugh as they shook their heads silently. Never did they imagine that Sect Master Bing Luli would be an easygoing person. Perhaps, being with Myria made her loosen up a bit as the protection and resources she provided were, without a doubt, first-rate, like they experienced from Davis.

It was harder not to improve instead.

Still, Shirley knew that making improvements above a prowess that's five levels higher was not easy either. She couldn't help but admire both their convictions to not only become stronger but devote their lives to Myria by choosing to follow her.

She mused that they had probably faced Destructive Heavenly Tribulation like she did since they accepted the graces of an Anarchic Divergent knowingly. She could also tell the reason why they're able to grow in cultivation base so quickly had to do with the fact that Myria knew how to speed time, although she was not sure by how much since it was hearsay from Ellia.

"Bing Luli and Mu Bing. It's excellent that you have become true disciples, so you two are both up for sealing the island, right?"

With Shirley asking them both, Bing Luli and Mu Bing put on serious expressions as they nodded.

"That goes without saying."

They responded with an agreement, causing Shirley to break out into an overjoyed smile.

"Wonderful~ Davis would also be glad to hear this matter. For now, I have used up the contribution points I gained, but we'll soon go buy the necessary formations required to seal and operate the island. I'll also consult the others to assign a person to bring in the workers so that our Reaper Soul Legion can continue to patrol and watch the island for us. What do you all think?"

"That's fine with me but is that Yotan girl trustable?" Myria's eyes narrowed, "Isn't she the Legion Commander of his personal army? I have interacted with her a bit, but it was mostly Ellia. She seems dependable, but I know from a single glance that she doesn't have enough experience."

"That..." Shirley hesitated, "I haven't interacted with her much either, but so far, I think she has a reason to stay loyal and will eventually grow sharper and stronger while following the orders decreed by Davis, her Legion Master. Even though I don't have Enigmatic Heart Intent, I think I'm a better judge of a person most of the time."

"..." Myria glared at Shirley with her jet-black eyes before she shook her head.

"Fine then. I'll also share my residence's formation plate with Yotan. If any problematic situation arises, then..."

"I'll take responsibility."

Shirley patted her bosoms with all seriousness, causing Myria to nod.

"Good. I trust the others also don't have any trouble with this arrangement."

"Of course, master~"

Bing Luli and Mu Bing echoed out in chorus, causing Myria to frown, but she didn't say anything.

"Myria, I'm truly glad to have you by our side."

Looking at this scene, Shirley couldn't help but giggle lightly before she cupped her hands. The latter smiled with a profound look behind her veil.

"Do you want to come to Divergent Peak? A few of my magical beast pets have yet to break through to the Immortal Stage."

"Well, Ellia has already gone there with Evelynn and Isabella. I'm sure they would've already completed their tribulations and are returning by now, but I'm done with everything here. Nadia and Eldia have also lost the reason to reveal themselves soon, while I don't have contribution points to continue the work, so I guess... I can come. Let me inform Natalya before I come with you all."

"Go ahead. Mu Bing, go bind your residence."


Shirley and Mu Bing left in separate directions while Myria and Bing Luli stayed, leaving Schleya, who kept staring at Myria as though she was leering at her. However, Myria paid no heed to her gaze and remained carefree, sometimes instructing the workers to do a better job in renovating the place.

To Schleya, Myria was practically an empress respected by all. Just being in her presence made her feel like she was unworthy, as though she couldn't blaspheme a sacred being. The more she stared, the more the feeling of worship would try to swell in her, causing her to look away.

Soon, the separated parties met up again, but Shirley brought with her a few people. There were Sophie, Niera, Tanya but most importantly, Clara and Tia with her.


Schleya instantly greeted Tia as she cupped her hands, causing Tia, who was no longer little but still a bit shy, to blush lightly.


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