Divine Emperor of Death

Chapter 2531 Immortalized Beauties


The ashen energy that crumbled abruptly twisted and churned, covering the lightning dragon before it corroded the destructive heavenly dragon, causing it to roar out. It struggled, reaching out with its dragon-like paws to strike Wisteria.

She retreated below, her purple hair and gray sleeves flailing in the air as she gained a safe distance.

Then, without even bothering about the heavenly tribulation dragon, she turned back and headed toward Evelynn. As soon as she got closer, the heavenly lightning dragon crumbled back into the dust while her aura abruptly went through an intrinsical change.

Heaven and earth energy rumbled around her, causing her to take a deep breath. Her ghastly pale face that was like a ghost's turned blood-red as her blood boiled. Her aura swelled around the mountains and struck Myria and the others as it caused their hair to dance in the breeze.


With an inaudible sound that echoed inside a spirit body, Wisteria successfully stepped into the Immortal Stage.

Wisteria's blood-red face became normal again, appearing ghastly pale. She flew back to Evelynn and curiously looked at her as her blood-red eyes blinked before she glanced at the others and repeated the same movements, seemingly remembering their faces.

"My mistress is recuperating. Don't disturb her."


Wisteria's voice was soothing, causing Shirley and the others to be surprised. They imagined that Wisteria's voice would be grating and hoarse as she appeared like a ghost, but it turned out that she possessed a good voice, although it still made them feel eerie.

"Jeez, what's with husband and big sister...? Choosing scary attributes over fiery ones..."

Shirley couldn't help but complain with a pout, causing the others to come out of their reverie as they giggled. They wanted to retort that she had a crazy and scary energy like icefire, but considering the place they were in, they held themselves back.

Meanwhile, Myria returned her gaze back to Evelynn and Isabella. Her eyes also perceived Ellia, and the fact that she was helping them meant one thing, that Ellia was also aware of their Earth Dragon Emperor-Tier Blood aura, which shouldn't have been possible no matter how she thought, at least, with their current position.

Even if the Aurora Cloud Gate possessed a resource that would help them achieve this feat, there's no way their scrawny amount of contribution points would be enough to obtain something monumental for an entire race.

'Had they gained another inheritance or something...?'

Myria had no idea, unaware this was the work of an Emperor-Tier Nine Lives Gracious Fox. In fact, even Ellia had no idea. She just went along with Evelynn and Isabella, asking nothing, even though she was shocked to witness their prowess encompassing the surroundings and causing the peak of the mountains to shatter during their immortal tribulation.

The sight of it was truly astounding and heart-shaking that she had no doubt that the two had surpassed her easily.

Lowering her hands, Ellia saw that their injuries had healed. Accompanied by her life energy, she found that their regenerative prowess was truly high. It hadn't been even ten minutes from the time they completed their tribulations, as most of the time was just spent exploring the surroundings, confirming that no one was here to the best of their ability.

It wasn't like they didn't want to be seen undergoing Destructive Heavenly Tribulations as only Divergents and probably a few higher-ups of the Aurora Cloud Gate knew of this place but still, they felt that a little bit of privacy would help them stay secure. As they followed and looked up to their man, they felt that it was his way of doing things and gladly adopted it into their style, not to mention Ellia was the one who suggested they remain vigilant first, while Evelynn and Isabella nodded without hesitation.

Nonetheless, confirming that the injuries caused by tribulation that wanted to destroy them rather than to test them, she heaved a sigh of relief. Since she was looking after Evelynn and Isabella by taking them here, she felt that it was he responsibility to bring them back home safely.

Turning around, her lips curled as she smiled at Myria and the others.

"Elder sister, Shirley... you're all here. Could it be that most of you are here to undergo your immortal tribulations or have just come to see how it is going? As you can see, Evelynn and Isabella have successfully stepped into the Immortal Stage. You all should've seen their immortal tribulations, especially Evelynn's."

"Elder sister, if Evelynn's immortal tribulation wasn't a Destructive Immortal Tribulation, it would've been on par with yours."

Myria's beautiful white brows squinted.

"I can see why... adding onto her own karmic burden, she also has Emperor-Tier Blood. I'm truly curious how she managed to survive, and why did you, of all people, take these two here? If they died, would you be answerable? What if he blamed you? Even in the event that he didn't, he would form a subconscious bias against you."


"Ellia, since you're with him already, you should be more careful in what you do. Don't be playful anymore."

Ellia was stunned at Myria's chiding words.

However, she couldn't help but smile widely, knowing that Myria was the same as she knew her. After all, it wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that a certain part of her feared separation from Myria and, eventually, turned into strangers. However, Myria still cared for her like a mother, causing her eyes to almost tear up.

"Elder sis..." However, Ellia shook her head, "I'm not playful. In fact, I'm more vigilant and self-aware of my surroundings than ever before. Moreover, Davis and I believe in them. That's why we didn't wait nor ask for- "

"Obviously, Isabella is one thing, but husband didn't give permission for me to undergo the immortal tribulation."

Suddenly, Evelynn floated up as she turned around, her voluptuous bosoms swaying along with her movements before they came to a stop. Her purplish-green eyes gleamed with a sinister glint, but once she blinked, her gaze turned serene, even loving.

"However, he is meticulous and caring. Since he didn't forbid me, then that meant it was my wish to do it or wait for him, and I simply chose to immortalize without his presence. After all, rather than having his heart break while I get thrashed by the heavenly tribulation left and right and into the ground, possibly having him hate the heavens, even more, I'll endure it and gain victory, only to display my seductive and elegant beauty to him later on and see him break into a needy smile."

"Well said, big sister." Shirley's eyes gleamed as she heavily nodded.

"As expected. Truly worthy of being the first."

"In the future, we will obediently listen to the first wife!"

Niera and Sophie also piped in, seemingly energized by Evelynn's speech as they possessed excited expressions on their faces, wanting to undergo their immortal tribulations as soon as possible since their marriage was just around the corner.

They wanted to see the same smile on him that their big sister spoke of.


Meanwhile, Myria's brows lightly twitched. She always knew that his women were crazy in their heads. Even without having a real enemy like her, they were prepared to die for him. Rather than wives, she felt that they were his female bodyguards, but he already had some people like that, namely Yotan and Threelotus.

She shook her head, unable to believe how they could love him this much. Even with her warnings, even Ellia was head over heels for him. When she thought of it, a certain part of her couldn't help but throb with emotion.

Abruptly, she waved her hand a few different lights shot out from her body, appearing outside as they turned into humans. They appeared to be women with different hair colors, all of them entrenched in a mighty aura and appearing to be subservient as they bowed to Myria.

They were magical beasts, each one of them radiating a powerful aura, and one of them was even King-Tier.


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