Divine Emperor of Death

Chapter 3154 Encounter With Powerful Assassins

Chapter 3154 Encounter With Powerful Assassins

In the heart of a dense, ancient forest, where the towering trees intertwined their gnarled limbs to form an impenetrable canopy, a group of black-robed assassins moved with a silent grace.

Cloaked in shadows and concealed by the ethereal veil of the forest, they had become one with the night itself. The leaves rustled softly beneath their leather-clad feet as they advanced towards a clearing bathed in moonlight, guided by a sinister purpose.

They saw a group of young geniuses preparing to feast as they cooked Feral Beast meat.

It appeared like they were celebrating something, but the assassins didn't care, wanting to make this feast something that these people wouldn't dare to forget, even if they were to somehow escape.


However, the enigmatic voice of a woman echoed.

The leader of the assassins' gaze fell on a white-robed woman who stood apart from the rest.

Naturally, he had already seen her but deemed her to be someone who was skilled in healing, perhaps proficient in Wood Laws, so he didn't deem her to be a priority target. Instead, he could see the other women who exuded powerful undulations similar to that of a Kingly Monarch, although he could also sense that they weren't Transcendents.

In fact, he knew what kind of people he was dealing with, causing him to echo out with disdain as he walked out of the forest and revealed himself.

"Oh…? There's someone like you in the realm of the weaklings?"

He looked at Myria closer, his heart shuddering as he was taken aback by her serene elegance, a stark contrast to the overflowing undulations of her comrades. Her white robe flowed like a cascade of silk, pristine and luminous against the pitch-black night, causing her to appear as though she transcended the air of immortals, a goddess.

Nonetheless, following his actions, the other black-robed assassins stepped forward, their forms materializing from the darkness as they emerged from the veil of the forest. Their faces were concealed by ominous masks, their eyes like pools of infinite darkness that seemed to devour the very essence of light. Each assassin bore weapons of death – strangely shaped blades, poisoned darts, and daggers gleaming with malevolence.

Silence reigned in the moonlit glade, broken only by the faint rustle of leaves and the soft breath of the forest.

A soft breeze brushed past the two groups, causing their hair to dance and robes to sway.

In that timeless moment, the leader of the assassin group disappeared from the gaze of Tina and the others, causing them to be alarmed.

But unbeknown to them, a jet-black wolf, with fur as dark as the depths of the night sky and purplish-black wings that gleamed like polished obsidian, crouched on a thick branch. Its eyes, orbs of molten gold, glinted with a purplish predatory instinct.

Its expression wasn't amused, to say the least, as its feast time was interrupted.

This wolf descended like a ghost, practically wisping through the branch that it crouched on. With uncanny stealth, the wolf unfurled its wings, stretching them out to their full span. The wings whispered through the air, their movement almost imperceptible. It bore an eerie resemblance to the forest's shadows, a testament to its mastery of concealment.

Myria noticed this faint movement from Nadia and didn't even opt to move.

With a swift and silent movement, Nadia split from one to three entities, rushing in different directions, her main body heading towards the leader. Her purplish-black wings sliced through the air with obsidian grace upon the unsuspecting assassins who were blind to their unexpected peril.


By the time they realized it was already too late.


The leader of the assassins turned around, noticing a dark wolf enveloped in a pitch-black deathly air raise its claws on him. He was planning to inflict the greatest damage on the brightest woman present here by stabbing her forehead, the golden-robed woman. However, with the wolf descending on him, he was forced to take back his dagger.

As for his fellow assassins, he saw them that they barely had time to react before a tail flashed past them and claws ensnared them right in its big paws as it sank its claws into them, sealing their fates as it destroyed their dantians while cutting off their lower body.

However, the leader of the assassins suddenly felt an incredible force impact him from the side.

Bylai's eyes flashed with a golden light. Her fist moved like the wind, tearing through the assassin leader's concealment, unleashing the force of gold with deadly precision as her fist connected to the rib of the assassin leader.


The assassin leader was sent flying towards the side like a kite that had its strings cut. He shot through numerous trees that were as tall as a mountain and as thick as an Immortal Stage Earth Dragon's arm, crashing through each tree like he was born to break barriers and clear all obstacles.

Nadia stopped her claw as it was about to hit Bylai's fist, but since she used her full power, not holding back in her attacks since she was facing assassins who moved to kill, she was unable to stop it in time, causing her to sway towards the right. But in the end, she managed to stop her claws before they hit the ground, displaying her skillful control over her powers before her gaze fell on Bylai's tremendous metallic might.

Even Garoe Rynn blinked as he felt she surpassed him in comprehending Gold Laws at this point, although his sword intent was focused on sharpness while hers seemed to be blunt.

He had gathered a lot of resources in the volcanic mountain region, so he had been given a share of Molten Goldcrust Core that Davis's people collected, so he felt that he had made a lot of progress, but seeing her undaunting prowess visually, he was completely taken aback.

On the other hand, Niel Bladeheart didn't even feel the need to make a move at this point, having felt never useless even though he was still confident in his sword intent. He felt like he needed a bit more time in order to perfect his Imposing Sword Laws to the next level, but these people were growing too fast for him.

Nadia flickered, her figure moving at incredible speeds as she weaved through the giant broken trees and reappeared before the assassin leader.

His body seemed to be torn apart from the inside out, blood and organs staining the ground at the point of the final crash. However, she turned to look around, spotting a soul hidden as a bark on the giant tree.


The assassin leader was shocked at this beast's senses.

Common sense dictated that Transcendents couldn't leave their bodies, so he went as far as using a forbidden escape art to forcefully segregate his soul from his body to survive, never to be able to regain his body for a few years until his soul could heal back but instead, he was quickly caught, causing him to be horrified.

He had killed so many Immortals from the First Haven World and even soulscoured them, but there was not much information to be gathered as he wanted to know where the entrance to their realm was and focused on getting such information by inducing memories by using certain words that awaken those memories.


Almost as quickly as he was caught, his soul shot like a ray of dark light, its speed immense, but suddenly, he felt himself traversing a dark world. He fled at the top speed he could muster and had never flown so fast in his life, but even then, he couldn't exceed the borders of this dark world.


As though he was a star floating through the dark expanse of space, a giant paw grabbed him, sealing him in its soft yet threatening deathly aura. He quickly reacted with an explosive might, wanting to escape, but he felt like his consciousness was being robbed from him, causing him to blank out almost instantly.

Outside, the veil of death receded, and Nadia returned to Myria with a light smile on her face.

She had successfully caught five assassins, all alive but completely rendered unconscious and, most importantly, crippled. With this, she knew Davis would praise her since this meant that she successfully held back enough from allowing death energy to seep into their souls and kill them.

Her specialty was concealment, but now she had finally mastered external control while using three of her bodies simultaneously!


Myria watched this all go down without moving a single inch.

Because she had noticed the assassins and they revealed their presence, she already knew it was all over for them.

It was unfortunate that they were underestimated, but she felt like she could do nothing about it as they were fearless throughout the Lower Realms and even the Upper Realms, especially when considering this assassin group was from a Minor Realm known as the Sky Pursuit Minor Realm, knowing that complete enmity was going to be established as each of these assassins had a soul jade that would imprint the figure of their last thought upon their death.

As the Sky Pursuit Sect would know who killed their disciples, they would relentlessly and vengefully assassinate their targets and avenge their fallen disciples.

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