Divine Emperor of Death

Chapter 3271 A Good Night's Sleep?

Chapter 3271 A Good Night's Sleep?

Davis was in his master bedroom.

He had a big bed the size of four king-sized beds stacked together, all to himself, making him feel rather lonely.

'What are they thinking…?'

He was glad that Evelynn and the others understood his position and wanted to let him take a rest, but surely, at least one of them would like to share intimacy with him as soon as possible, no?

He was in the mood as well, but with Evelynn saying that he should rest and the others automatically agreeing with her, he could only nod and be brought to this room.

'Well, the harem is quite strange in its unity… it's also binding and secure but could also be restrictive at times…'

Davis felt like he should concern himself with their decisions more, but at the end of the day, he lacked time as the number of things he had to do in order to protect the family and remain strong enough to not be vulnerable grew day by day.

Haphazardly intervening in their decisions would only cause problems.

'Fortunately, World Master crushed the seeds of those three retards…'

He heaved a huge sigh, thinking how good that was to him as he could finally take a breather.

Otherwise, he could only spend a day or two with his people before leaving to deal with those retards.

'I should meet with Drake as well, see what he's up to, not to mention also visiting the Starlight Jade Wolf Clan, Golden Crow Clan, and the Obsidian Crystal Turtle Clan before issuing a formal apology to the latter…'

The Obsidian Crystal Turtle Clan lost so many soldiers because of his father getting captured by the Accursed Warlock. He was willing to shower them with compensation, but a formal apology would also be in check as he didn't think they would incur so many causalities with him already making some moves to make sure that it wouldn't happen when he told Master Deathseeker and Niel Bladeheart's parents to protect his people in various ways.

'Ah… there are things to do, and they should know it too, but they still force me to rest…'

Davis thought of sending his soul body, but that would be too insincere. For that very reason, he rarely used his soul body to interact with his own people, particularly for intimacy.

But eventually, drowsiness hit his soul that he couldn't thank them enough. After all, he had expended his soul essence a lot. Although he quickly recovered and was even comfortable, the exhaustion still reveled in him, making him gradually close his eyes.

He felt like he was falling or drowning as he shifted into sleep.

It was unknown how long he was in a state of sleep.

But suddenly, there were two disturbances over both his sides as some small creatures snuggled onto him.


A whisper gently landed on his ear, causing Davis's lips to curl as he moved his arms and embraced his two lovely daughters.

Eterna and Celestia giggled softly.

"You two…"

Davis opened his eyes, looking at the faces of his adorable children with his heart swelling with love. He leaned slightly and kissed their foreheads before patting their heads.

"Did your mothers tell you to come here?"

"Hehe~" Eterna's face was playful, "Not telling~~~"

Celestia looked like she was about to answer, but looking at Eterna, she kept her mouth shut.

"Papa, let's play some time…" instead, she pouted.

"That's right." Eterna's big, cute eyes widened as though she remembered, "You came back, but you have yet to play with us."

"Of course." Davis smirked, "Let's play sometime later. Papa will stay for the week but-"


Their eyes narrowed, causing Davis to blink, "Your mothers will also want to play with me. They waited for so long, far more than you two. Therefore, it would be better if you two princesses could allow us to play."

"Why not?" Eterna grinned, "We can play together!"


Davis almost tripped while still in a sleeping position when he heard her cheerful voice. He revealed a light smile, "Yes, we can play together. However, there are unique games that only your mothers and I are allowed to play. It is very secretive and cannot be shared with others as it also helps us in our cultivation."

"Ah… it's training." Celestia looked as though she realized before turning to look at Eterna.

"It's that thing where our mothers placed a hand on our backs and helped us circulate energy."

"Celestia is smart." Davis's smile became profound.


However, Celestial took that praise earnestly and giggled with reserve, appearing to be delighted.

"Peh~" Eterna revealed her tongue as though she was not amused, "That's not playing at all. Papa is lying…"

"Oh my. You're already bored of cultivation, are you? Where did all that excitement go when you claimed you were going to be as strong as your mother, Shirley?"

Davis pressed on Eterna's head and ruffled her crimson hair, causing her to flail around.

"Ah~ Stop it… I'm going beat you up, papa!" 

Holding his wrist, she tried to get his hand off of her head, but it was in vain.

"Ha!" Davis let her go, sitting up as he tickled her over her waist and underneath her arms, "Where did you learn these words from? You're becoming a bad girl…"

"Ah! Ahahaaha! Stop-ahaha…. No… It's sixth mother!"

Eterna couldn't resist the tickles that she spilled the beans quickly, still laughing while Davis's gaze flashed.

"So it's Mingzhi again. Looks like I have to punish her before she teaches you all sorts of things."

"Papa, you cannot do that!"

Eterna reached her hands out to him and pouted, "Don't bully sixth mother."

Davis's lips curled as he wanted to tease them but guessed that he would make them cry in the end as they didn't know what he was thinking about.

"Alright, if that's what my sweet Eterna says, I'll listen."

He nodded, causing Eterna's adorable eyes to light up as she leaned and kissed his cheek.

"Thank you, papa!~"

She echoed, but Celestia also didn't want to be left out as she joined and kissed his other cheek, the both of them warming his heart before he couldn't take it anymore and fell on the bed again.

"Sleep… sleep…"

They caressed his head with their small hands, causing him to feel comfortable, but then he lazily spoke.

"I'll sleep soon, but sing a lullaby for me."

"Eh? Papa should do that for us…" Eterna complained with her eyes narrowed.

"Then tell a story… even your daily lives would be enough… or your interactions with your mothers… I want to hear what I missed…"

However, Davis was relentless as he kept demanding, causing Eterna to pout with a cheeky smile.

"Papa, you're even needier than us, but fine~ It can't be helped, so listen closely~"

"The other day just before you arrived…"

Eterna started speaking. She was extremely talkative and had a good imagination, her words flowing out like a vast painting, causing Davis to be able to easily imagine what happened. He was delighted to know that her vocabulary was good.

On the side, Celestial also listened like a good girl.

These two fought a lot for the elder sister position, but it could be seen that Celestia accepted Eterna to be her elder sister somewhere in her heart with, how she didn't bother to compete anymore.

Eterna told many stories, and even Celestia added a few snippets from time to time. They laughed together over many incidents that he wished he was there to see directly.

The two adorable girls even asked him to tell a story of his recent adventures, which stumped him because he already told a few things when they were there with the others.

He guessed that they didn't understand much. Therefore, he began to recount his heroic feats of slaying Feral Beasts that attacked his group time after time, causing them to be full of awe and temporarily reigniting their passion for cultivation.

They also asked him about Calypsea, as they seemed curious, and he had to explain that he didn't get them a new spirit mother like Iesha, although he did say that Myria would become one of their mothers. Naturally, they knew of Aunt Myria, who was Ellia's elder sister, as they were given a few treats from her, although they were slightly scared of her, so they quickly rejoiced, planning to bully her as soon as possible right in front of him, making him speechless.

They continued to talk a lot about more things.

However, Celestia fell asleep soon, and even Eterna started yawning. He put the both of them to sleep by the side and tucked them in bedsheets, kissing them goodnight as he smilingly looked at them.

For a moment, he found himself wondering what he was doing as he was full of happiness. He wished for a life like this, but having finally had it, he couldn't even believe he had reached this point that he almost wanted to thank the World Master for not taking his life.

Eventually, he also slept by their side, having a good sleep for nine hours straight.

Considering the time he spent with Eterna and Celestia, he spent around twelve hours in this room.

Of course, foreseeing his duties, the Harem Council seemed to have already set up a high-quality time chamber in his master bedroom, so the time that passed was nothing more than three hours outside.

'About four times faster…'

That was what they could achieve with a high-quality time chamber for Immortal Emperors, and the more people at similar levels were in there, the more High-Level Immortal Crystals it was going to take.

As for the Nine-Treasured Immortal Ordeal Palace's time chamber, that was no longer useful to him or anyone whose prowess was at the Immortal Emperor level.

Eterna and Celestia already seemed to have woken up and left him since they weren't with him when he woke up, so he took a bath, readied himself, and stepped out.

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