Divine Hint: Reporting An Escaped Convict From The Start

Chapter 555 - 555 Where Did You Pick Up This Card? Earl Kahn

555 Where Did You Pick Up This Card? Earl Kahn

Li Hao really could not help but be angry.

It was merely a hotel, but it depended on his identity.

“By the way, I have a card here! I wonder if I’m qualified to be considered a noble…”

Suddenly, at this moment, Li Hao remembered that he still had a black card.


The black card rewarded by the system was known as the “King of Cards”. He wondered if he could open a room here using the card.

“Card? What card? Our hotel doesn’t have a membership card! Other than the few black cards we have, the other cards are,” said the waiter in surprise. Before he could finish, his mouth seemed to be blocked by something, but he could not make a sound.

At this moment, he saw a black card appear in the young man’s hand.

There were some strange patterns on the black card. It did not look as dazzling as the Diamond card, but it was inlaid with gold and had a texture, giving off an extremely noble feeling.

“This is… the Centurion’s Unlimited Supreme Black Card!”

The waiter’s eyes were fixed on the black card in Li Hao’s hand and was instantly shocked.

He did not expect that the other party really had a black card in his hand. Moreover, it was a top-notch black card. It was known as the Unlimited Supreme Black Card.

Those who had this Unlimited Supreme Black Card could enjoy top-notch honor, customized exclusive services, and unparalleled global rights in various places in the world, including the concierge service of “accepting all requests” all day long, the VIP seats for various grand events worldwide, and the treatment of the top private clubs in the world’s major cities.

At this moment, the beautiful customer service staff beside him and even some of the other people living in the surrounding shops were shocked by the waiter’s voice. They immediately looked over and then at the black card in Li Hao’s hand.

“What? The Centurion’s Unlimited Supreme Black Card?”

“This card of his is the Unlimited Supreme Black Card of the Centurion? How is this possible?”

“Are you serious? The kind of black card that’s known to grant every request? The king of cards?”


There was an uproar. The people around them were shocked.

“It’s actually him?”

“And Princess Linda!”

“They actually came straight to get a room?”

At this moment, figures in luxurious clothes walked in from outside the hotel. Their gazes landed on Li Hao and Li Hao, and they were stunned again.

Wasn’t this the guy who had destroyed the engagement ceremony and taken Princess Linda away domineeringly in front of the Queen and the four Dukes?

These figures were the nobles who had just left the royal castle. Some of these nobles lived very far away, so they came to stay at this noble hotel for the night. After the engagement ceremony was ruined and canceled, they came here directly. At this moment, they did not expect to see the guy who suppressed the four Dukes and took Princess Linda away.

When these nobles saw this scene, they could not help but feel strange.

As expected of the man who had slept with Princess Linda. After taking her away from the royal castle, he came here to get a room immediately.

“Sir, can I take a look?” At this moment, the waiter said to Li Hao again. His attitude towards Li Hao had changed 180 degrees. One of the two people in front of him was a princess, and the other still had the Unlimited Supreme Black Card. This was not something he could afford to offend.

Li Hao handed the black card to him.

A moment later, the waiter handed the black card back to Li Hao with both hands.

“Hello, sir. This opening is indeed the Centurion’s Unlimited Supreme Black Card! The presidential suite has been booked for you. You can bring the lady up to stay now!”

Immediately, the waiter spoke to Li Hao again. His voice was filled with extreme respect, and his expression was solemn.

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The person who had the Unlimited Supreme Black Card was a true big shot. He could not be offended.

“It’s really the Unlimited Supreme Black Card of Centurion Express!”

“As expected of the Sect Master of the Holy Church of Light. He even has the Unlimited Supreme Black Card!” When the nobles saw this, they could not help but exclaim again.

“Wait a minute! Brat, where did you pick up this card?”

However, at this moment, a discordant voice suddenly sounded, causing everyone to be surprised. Then, they looked in the direction of the voice.

Immediately, everyone looked over. A young man in his twenties walked out of the hotel with two blond women in his arms. He seemed to have just come down from upstairs.

The man exuded a proud aura. The two women beside him were good-looking and curvaceous beauties. Moreover, they were dressed sexily.

The next moment, this person hugged the two beauties and went straight to Li Hao.

“Brat, where did you pick up this card? This card looks like mine!” The man looked at the card in his hand again and said directly to Li Hao, in front of everyone.

“It’s Earl Kahn!”

“The youngest Earl of the United Kingdom…”

“What is Earl Kahn doing?”

“He doesn’t know that this guy in front of him is…”

“By the way, Earl Kahn didn’t attend the ceremony…”

When the surrounding nobles saw this man, they immediately whispered and recognized him.

The man in front of him was the youngest Earl of the United Kingdom, Earl Kahn.

This Earl Kahn was also one of the 18 Earls and the youngest Earl. He was not even 30 years old and was already a sage-level expert. He was very arrogant. Even during the engagement ceremony between Viscount Walker and Princess Linda, he could not be bothered to attend, so he did not know Li Hao.

Kahn had just come down from upstairs and had a deep conversation with the two beauties. He did not expect to see a guy holding a Centurion Unlimited Supreme Black Card in his hand. This Unlimited Supreme Black Card was a black card that he could not get. Kahn had been begging for this card for a long time, but he had not obtained it. At this moment, he saw a guy who did not even seem to be a noble holding a Centurion Unlimited Supreme Black Card in his hand. Moreover, he was Chinese. Immediately, some thoughts appeared in Kahn’s heart.

Hence, this scene happened.


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