Dragon Ball God Mu

Chapter 438

Chapter 438




All kinds of indescribable mysterious feeling rushed to his heart, Muyang continued to indulge in the realm of ascension. At this moment, he felt his mind was emptying, every cell was fully replenished, from inside to outside, he was breaking away from the level of a mortal.

Opening his eyes, a radiant divine light burst out from his pitch-black eyes, as if piercing through the void.

“It feels completely different from before, every cell is full of vitality.” With some joy in his voice, Muyang squeezed his fist and instantly had the feeling of squeezing the universe in the palm of his hand.

He had a feeling that when he integrated all the “power of the realm state” into his Base Form, he would have an earth-shattering metamorphosis, and that was when he would break the sixth limit.

Before the sixth limit, Muyang’s dimensional level reached up to the sixth dimensional level, which was the level of Grand Kai. After the sixth limit, the dimensional level would rise to the seventh level, which was the level of a Supreme Kai Apprentice or God of Destruction, which was a huge leap from the galactic level to a higher and more macroscopic universe level.

“After the realm was transformed into physical strength, the body strength also went up. I wonder how the destructive power is?”

After a moment of contemplation, Muyang suddenly clenched his fist and threw a punch towards the void.

Ha, boom boom boom!!!

The atmosphere boiled, the void exploded, and a tragic storm like the opening of the sky split the void and pierced the atmosphere running towards the universe. Layers of power kept stacking up, and all of a sudden, the cosmic stars beyond the planet were also affected. The satellites and asteroids running far away were disturbed by this and shifted their trajectories.

“This feeling is much stronger than before!”

“A simple punch has stirred up the planetary system.”

With his eyes looking into the void, Muyang grinned, and then landed the power of the Acceleration World, pushing those satellites and asteroids that were out of orbit back into their original orbits.

After Muyang’s power rose, the power inside the Acceleration World was also rising and could now project its power into the seventh universe to a greater extent.

After completing all this, Muyang clapped his hands and smiled in a soothing mood, with a feeling that the size of the universe was at his disposal.

Just at this moment, a beautiful figure appeared beside Muyang.

“Senior brother, the commotion you made just now was not small, the celestial system was disturbed.”

Muyang laughed, “I was just testing the power, I didn’t expect it to be quite powerful. By the way, did Muqiu and Amelia finish their training?”

April held a smile, “Sister Melia has taken them back to Planet Slra, I came here especially to find you to go back together.”

Next, April informed Muyang of her research results and her new research ideas. After listening, Muyang nodded his head in a slightly thoughtful manner. In fact, after breaking through the limit many times, he had already meditatively felt the connection between the earthlings and the Saiyans, and April’s research had just verified this point.

“About the S-cell research, April, you still have to catch up, maybe there will be unexpected results.” Muyang reminded emphatically.

April nodded, “I will catch up.”

“Right, we’ve been out for a long time, it’s not always a matter without a powerful expert suppressing the God Mu Force side. Wait a minute after we go back, you go and get Bardock, let him return to the God Mu Force first!”

“Well, I will send him back.”

The strength of Bardock had increased amazingly after turning into a Super Saiyan. With his power alone, it was enough to suppress the North Area and make the God Mu Force a big power. If not for the fact that the experts under the hands of Muyang was really not enough to bring the entire North Area into its management, otherwise there would be no room for the existence of King Cold’s forces.

The two of them were not really interested in forming a force, but since Muyang had instructed her to do so, she followed suit.

Then the two stayed in the high altitude, looked around the earth and lakes destroyed by the air waves, the two turned around, directly transient to Planet Sala.

On Planet Sala, Wayne warmly entertained Muyang and the others in the palace. After a sumptuous feast, April teleported away first with Bardock.

Wayne and the other Super Saiyans of Planet Sala gathered around Melia and Melis and asked them for advice on Super Saiyan transformation techniques. So far, the few Super Saiyans above Planet Sala were only the most basic first stage, not reaching the level of Super Saiyan 2.

Next to her, Millif carefully waited beside Melia as if she were a maid. Since she was captured by Melissa, she also knew that she could not escape at all and simply resigned herself to her fate.

Muyang sat beside him sipping wine, occasionally dipping his chopsticks into a few drops of wine and feeding them to Muqiiu and Amelia, looking at the two children with red faces, smiling comfortably.

Wasn’t that what life needs?


Unlike Muyang’s dashing and comfortable life, at this time on earth in a certain primitive forest, a reminder of a fat dinosaur-like demon race spread its wings and carefully guarded next to a giant white egg.

The name of this dinosaur demon was called Cymbal. It was created by Great Demon King Piccolo before he found the Dragon Balls. He was responsible for protecting the descendants of Great Demon King Piccolo Will.

“Click, click, click, click!” The large white egg shakes up, the surface of a few cracks, a few pieces of eggshell gradually peeled off.

This giant egg would not give birth to life until Great Demon King Piccolo died.

“Ah, the Lord Demon King is about to be born.” Cymbal’s two huge dragon eyes stared at the white giant egg, and the wings on his back kept flickering.

Newborn Piccolo peeled off the egg shell and crawled out, and after seeing Cymbal, a cold light flashed in both eyes. Cymbal was shocked by Newborn Piccolo’s appalling gaze, and his body prostrated on the ground, “Great Demon King Piccolo, I, Cymbal, have been waiting here for a long time.”

“Tell me what you know, and those who killed my father, tell me everything.” The newborn Piccolo was small, but the pressure from his body made Cymbal unable to raise his head.

“Yes!” Cymbal responded respectfully, and then told the newborn Piccolo what he had learned during this time.

“So that’s how it is, it seems that the earth now is different from the ancient times, there are too many experts stationed in the city, father was killed by those humans because he didn’t learn the detailed information.”

Newborn Piccolo’s face was full of chill, “Son Goku, this man is the one who killed father.”

“Great Demon King Piccolo, what are you going to do now?”

Newborn Piccolo glanced at Cymbal. “I’m going to improve my power. Only with great power, this Demon King can rule the world, as for you …… Cymbal, your goal is too obvious, find a place to hide yourself!”

“I’ll obey the order!” Cymbal obeyed the orders of the newborn Piccolo.


Piccolo nodded and viciously crushed the stone under his feet.

“Father’s failure is because the power is too weak, I can not repeat the same mistake. One day I will be strong enough to rule the entire world. The Martial Arts Tournament is interesting, Son Goku…. I will completely defeat you.”

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