Earth's Greatest Magus

Chapter 1825 Dive

Chapter 1825 Dive

The countdown reached its climax with the final seconds ticking away:

10… 5… 3… 2… 1…

And then the moment they had all been anticipating arrived with a resounding announcement:

[The Celestial Ruins has opened]

Simultaneously, as the notification resounded, the teleportation ring came to life. A massive surge of all 2000 magus dash towards the ring, eager to step through. But as part of their planned strategy, Jinkan held them back for a few crucial seconds, building up the anticipation and tension. Then, with resolve, she called out, “Let’s go!!”

The teleportation process was swift and immediate, whisking them away to the teleportation gate on the vast, dark expanse of space that hovered ominously above the immense celestial construct. As they emerged on the other side, Emery couldn’t help but feel as though his very being was being probed by the enigmatic energies that emanated from the construct itself. In the midst of this surreal experience, a mechanical voice penetrated his thoughts:

[Detected Magus life – 8 years, access granted]

[Welcome to the Celestial Ruins]

[Your current points are: 0]

The notification was like a badge of initiation into the unfolding expedition, signifying Emery’s role in this grand venture. As he flew closer to the celestial construct, he noticed the emergence of two other groups coming from different directions.

Emery’s attention was drawn to the left side, where he observed a sizeable gathering of elves, numbering around five hundred. All three major elven factions: dark elves, wood elves, and high elves. Each subgroup had its own separate factions and their presence together signified the rarity of this grand convergence.

Unlike the alliance that had made use of prepared portals for their arrival, the elves had made a journey from their nearest spaceship some of them sported peculiar devices attached to their feet. These devices hinted at their mastery of elven technology and magic, designed to enhance their agility and mobility in the air.

On the right side, Emery beheld a significantly larger assembly of more than 5,000 magus. This magus represented a diverse mix of individuals, each wearing a unique outfit and displaying a range of distinctive features. They shared a common distinction: they hailed from the neutral zone, were classified as rogue magus, or simply held no allegiance to either the human or elven factions.

This gathering exuded an air of disorganization and chaos, in stark contrast to the more regimented groups seen thus far.

Notably, some members of this eclectic assemblage had attempted to bring spaceships along with them. However, the moment these vessels drew near to the celestial construct, they malfunctioned and broke down. Emery recognized this as part of an ancient defensive system, meticulously prepared by the celestials to prevent any spaceships from approaching the construct. It was a reminder of the ancient power and technology at play within this enigmatic realm.

Despite the chaotic nature of this group, some of the magus among them exhibited a daring spirit, and maneuvered their way through a menagerie of space creatures, all with the shared objective of rushing into the celestial construct.

A pivotal moment occurred when the celestial constructs suddenly came to life, their intricate mechanisms awakening to release a torrent of thousands of flying drones. It seemed that these drones were meant to serve as the unconventional welcoming party for the incoming magus, an unexpected and formidable challenge.

With a fierce resolve, magus from all three sides began to respond. Spells were cast with precision, and weapons were swung with a singular purpose: to annihilate the incoming drones. It was a chaotic scene as the magus from the humans, elves, and the unaffiliated groups joined forces to battle these unexpected foes. Their goal was clear: get closer to the celestial construct while fending off the drones.

These drones were identified as the Avalonian drones, creations imbued with the power of magus. Some magus possessed the rare ability to instantly dispatch these drones, while others opted for a more coordinated approach, ganging up on them to overcome the challenge. A few, perhaps the most agile and resourceful, relied on dodging the drones’ advances and made a beeline for the celestial constructs.

While there had been an agreement among the three groups to avoid unnecessary conflict with one another, tensions inevitably escalated as they drew closer to the constructs. Some individuals, whether intentionally or not, launched friendly attacks that resulted in skirmishes breaking out between the groups.

This was precisely why Jinkan had made the strategic choice to keep her group away from the frontline, seeking to minimize the chances of unwanted conflicts and maintain cohesion among her allies.

Jinkan’s prudent decision to keep her group from taking the frontline became increasingly apparent as the chaos unfolded around Emery.

In the midst of the drone onslaught, he witnessed several Imperial black templars employing their formidable weapons to eliminate several rogue magus who had been obstructing their progress. The flames of their attacks seared the air, leaving a trail of destruction in their wake.

Meanwhile, a group of Arcanum magus used their expertise to establish a coordinated formation. This formation created a pathway through the swarm of drones, allowing their contingent to advance toward the celestial constructs relatively unimpeded.

As the human magus continued to close in on the celestial constructs, the elves recognized the urgency of the situation and hastened their own progress. They unleashed their magical powers, sending torrents of energy to blast apart the drones that blocked their path.

Simultaneously, Emery’s group found themselves engaged in a fierce clash with the Avalonian drones. Neo, using his impressive array of multiple swords, acted as a protective shield for the group, defending against the relentless drone assaults. Eeshoo, on the other hand, harnessed his magical prowess, employing his [soaring shuttle] to crack the drones with skill and precision. Not to be outdone, Emery activated his [attraction] spell, pulling one of the drones closer to him, and alongside Mahinder, they bombarded it into pieces.

A notification promptly appeared in Emery’s mind, marking his achievement:

[You destroy Avalonian drone]

[Your current points are: 5]

This marked the beginning of their point accumulation of the ruins, and it was a testament to their effective teamwork and resourcefulness in the face of the unexpected challenges that lay ahead.

Earning those initial 5 points by destroying an Avalonian drone alongside Mahinder filled Emery with a sense of excitement and accomplishment. It was a reminder of the stakes and challenges reminiscent of his previous Andora mission, and the pursuit of these points kindled a renewed determination within him.

However, as more and more drones continued to converge, encircling their group and the other 20 magus, it became clear that the danger was far from over. In response to this escalating threat, Proxima and Albatross magus joined forces, pooling their strengths and magics to combat the relentless onslaught of drones.

Jinkan remained silent, her watchful eyes carefully assessing the situation from her position behind the protective guard of the 5 full moon magus. She keenly observed the progress of the other magus as they delved into the celestial construct. After a tense minute of monitoring the situation, and realizing that a substantial number of magus had managed to pass through and make their way inside the construct, Jinkan locked eyes with Emery and conveyed the long-awaited signal.

As soon as Jinkan gave the signal, Emery sprang into action, casting his [Spatial Gate] to facilitate the swift transit of all thirty magus in their group. In a matter of moments, they had traversed through the gate and found themselves right behind the Arcanum magus, following in their wake.

The collective group, their spirits filled with anticipation and resolve, made their way towards the heart of the celestial construct. Their destination lay at the center of the massive structure, where a colossal metallic gate, stretching for a mile in width, loomed before them. The gate’s surface was adorned with intricate glowing runes, and it was an awe-inspiring sight.

As they approached this monumental gateway, it began to open up, as if responding to their presence. Without hesitation, the magus in Emery’s group and their Arcanum counterparts dived into the opening. In that decisive moment, they became the very first group to enter the [Light Vault].

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